Interview with Stephenie Meyer in 'de Metro' (the Netherlands)

I was on my way to school when I found the next interview with Stephenie Meyer in a newspaper! I translated it for you guys, so ignore the grammar faults please ;) lol

Meyer: Specialist in difficult relationships

The worldwide success of the Twilight-saga (42 million sold copies) came as a surprise for Stephenie Meyer. It even makes the 35 year old writer, too busy to write sometimes.
But, during the rewriting process of Eclipse (that has just been released here in the Netherlands), she searched for another project to put her creativity in. This is how The Host (dutch title: 'Zielen') was created.

Was The Host just a project to keep you busy during the Twilight writing period, or did you decide to just start with another story?
I began working on The Host during the rewriting process of Eclipse. This process is not the most creative part of the writing process for me. At that time I had no idea that the story would become so long. It ended as my biggest book so far.

In the beginning of the book, you are as the reader, not completely aware of what is happening...
I really wanted to start the book from the perspective of the Wanderer, from the moment she wakes up, to get the experience so authentic as possible. I can imagine that it’s confusing for the reader in the beginning.

Is The Host a story about what it is like to be human?
Yes absolutely. But if you look at the aspects of being human from the perspective of an outsider, you get even closer to the core. From a science fiction perspective, it all becomes more clear.

In my opinion, The Host seems more like a love story than a horror or science fiction story...
It’s not a typical science fiction story. It all happens on earth, and it focuses on the elements that make us human.
It’s about all kinds of love, for example the love for the outsider.

Can we say that Stephenie Meyer is the specialist in writing about impossible love and difficult relationships?
All of my books are about handling relationships, though it is not always about true love as in Twilight. This book contains more things that adults can relate to. For example, the love that a mother feels for her child. But this doesn’t mean that thirteen year olds wouldn’t understand or enjoy it. Not at all.

The book became in the United States an enormous success. Where you nervous about that before the release?
It’s another genre and it is for another audience than I am familiar with. There's always a chance that no one would like it, so I was pretty nervous yes.

article: de metro
picture: google images
translation: Floortje

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