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Watching these ladies at the Twi-Tours... doing their thing... I am just in awe of how talented these two sisters are, and of their genuine and humble personalities. After the San Francisco Twi-Tour, we hooked up on Facebook, where they cheerily agreed to an interview. Can you imagine how stoked I was?!

It was a treat to learn more about the Hindi sisters - Hilly and Hannah. Don't forget to follow them on twitter at (see links below) - and stop and say hello when you see them at one of the upcoming Official Twilight Conventions!!

Psst! After the interview, why not take another peek at the parody - and one of my favorites... A Look Behind the Scenes of the Twilight Parody!!

Q. I’ve heard that you’ve both been dancing for several years now, and have even received honors from the Royal Academy of Dance as well as the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing in London , England .

What inspired each of you to start dancing?

A. We started when we were very young (around age 5). Our parents enrolled us in dance and it just sort of stuck as a great hobby!

Q. With your successes in The Hillywood Show, does that leave much room for any more dancing? Will we have an opportunity to see either of you perform at any upcoming concerts or competitions?

A. Well, we dance as often as possible but touring has kept us very busy! We have performed in concerts and competitions before, but as for now, we are focusing just on "The Hillywood Show."

Q. Hannah – in 2006, you entered the “Miss Nevada” contest and placed as one of the Top 10 finalists. What was that experience like? Tell us about your favorite part of the competition, as well as what you disliked the most.

A. It was definitely something I enjoyed experiencing! It was a lot of work though...especially the fitness part! The best part was knowing that I was competing for an honorable position and the worst part was getting in shape!

Q. Sometimes, something happens in life that stirs up different emotions for us. A song on the radio can take us back 10 years or a certain scent or smell will make us think of home, or a particular event.

At your site, I noticed that Hilly, your greatest fear is clowns. And Hannah, yours is sharks. I can relate to those both! Would you be able to share with us how those fears came about?

A. HILLY: I've just a lways had this fear of clowns. They seem to happy and it creeps me out! It could possibly have sparked something when I was little and watching "The Little Toaster" and they had a scary clown in it.

HANNAH: I have no idea! Sharks and the ocean have always just scared me. It's like a completely different world down there!

I believe the Twilight Parody took about 2 months to film, and 2 weeks to edit.

Q. When you’re not filming, editing, brainstorming, dancing, or booking your next event – what do you like to do for fun? And to unwind?

A. We love hanging out with our boyfriends, family, dancing, and going on vacation!

Q. When was the last time you took a vacation and what did you do?

A. We went to Disneyland and simply enjoyed ourselves!

Q. Any plans for your next vacation?

A. Hmmm...we would like to go to the UK! That would be amazing!

Q. You’ve filmed several different episodes, from Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Trek, Back to the Future and Twilight, and most recently, The Dark Knight – just to name a few.

Out of all the parodies you’ve filmed, which one was your favorite and why? Any particular scenes?

A. "Twilight Parody" was definitely our favorite! It was just so much fun and easy goin g!

A particular scene that was really fun to shoot in "Twilight Parody" was the scene between Edward and Bella with the red velvet where he bites her. It was so much fun to direct and shoot!

Q. When filming “The Dark Knight” – which was absolutely wicked!! – how did you prep yourselves to get into character?

Where did those amazing costumes come from, and where was the parody filmed at?

A. The Joker costume was purchased from a company in Japan and Harley Quinn was from a company in Canada. Everything was shot in Las Vegas, NV.

Q. What part of The Dark Knight parody was your favorite and why?

A. There are far too many to choose from! One of our favorites is the rain scene with the Joker and the mask in hand.

Q. How do you choose what you’ll be filming next? Do you have a list of projects you’d like to work on or do you prefer to make your choices along the way?

A. We make our choices along the way. Honestly, whatever sparks our interest!

Q. In the Twilight Parody, you have Jacob Jost starring as Edward Cullen, Drew Lorentz as Jasper Hale and Joseph Lewellyn as Jacob Black. ALL incredible, by the way!

Did you already have all of them in mind when you first started working on the Twilight Parody, or was there more to the casting?

A. We already personally knew all the Cullens. However, the Jacob Black was found through a model agency.

Q. LOVED Joseph as Jacob – but noticed a change for New Moon. What’s the story behind that?

A. The new Jacob Black is Kyle Dayton and we decided to recast because he already had the cropped black hair and was much more muscular for the role.

Q. I read somewhere that Jacob and Drew are your real-life boyfriends – is this just a rumor or is it actually true? True or not – tell us how you guys all met.

A. It's true! We actually all met before we shot for "Twilight Parody!"

Q. And what’s it like working together? Any idiosyncrasies or pet peeves? Or especially… any funny stories you can share with us?

A. It's so much fun working together as sisters. We finish eachother sentences and practically read eachothers minds. We really get along quite well! However, Hilly sometimes will change an idea at the last minute and it can stress Hannah out, but in the end it always works out!

Q. Most of us Twilighters have our favorite parts in the movie… the baseball scene, the fight in the ballet studio, the kiss…

What part of the movie was your favorite and why? How about the Twilight parody?

A. We really enjoy the baseball scene in "Twilight" and we also enjoy the baseball scene in our parody!

Q. To sneak a peek into what inspires or entertains you, please share with us:

What movies have you seen recently that you might call a new favorite? And what was it about the movie that struck you?

A. "Transformers 2" was pretty awesome! Shia is what made the entire film what it was. He's such an inspiring actor!

Q. Tell us about your classic, all-time favorites?

A. "Edward Scissorhands", "Lord of the Rings Saga", "Sweeney Todd"...we have far too many!

Q. Any new favorite books? Or classic, all-time favorite books?

A. "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King", "Twilight", and "Breaking Dawn"

Q. Having had the opportunity to see you guys in action, I think you guys do a superb job of hosting the “Twi-Tour” Conventions put on by Creation Entertainment.

Will you be appearing as hosts at all the upcoming Twi-Tours currently on schedule?

A. Yes, we are touring for the rest of 2009 and 2010!

Q. To give the fans a chance to meet the famous duo, could you let us know of any upcoming events you have booked and where to go for more information?

A. For more information on all our tours, visit our web site ( and check out all the cities we will be visiting!

Q. And lastly, we’ve seen the sneak preview to your “New Moon” – can’t wait! Any other ideas on the table of what fans might see next from The Hillywood Show?

A. Well, "The Hillywood Show" has its secrets! You never know what the show will bring you next!

The Twilight Parody:

The Twilight Parody - A Look Behind the Scenes:

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Comment by Frances on December 9, 2009 at 1:07pm
I LOVE the Hillywood Show!!!!!!!!!! They're soooo awesome!!! I can't wait for their New Moon parody.
Comment by Twilighter76 on December 9, 2009 at 1:12pm
I love these guys and I was sad I didn't get to meet them at Twicon. And I also love that their favorite books are Twilight and Breaking Dawn now that's cool.
Comment by Alina Cipriano Cullen on December 9, 2009 at 2:14pm
I love the Hillywood Show!!! They are amazing!!! I can't wait for New Moon parody!!! Twilight one was pure awesomeness. I want to meet them!


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