With Twilight the movie out and broadening an already large fan base, some may fear that the new Twilight-obsessed fans may be a little shallow or uninformed due in part to the fact that with a movie out, why do they have to read the book? Some dedicated Twilighter's who began reading and worshiping the series before the newly massed popularity, brought about from the movie, are some what offended when a fan of the movie seems to only think about how hot Edward is and doesn't value themes that the story represents.Some Twilighter's fear that the Twilight fan base is being lumped into a brainless classification. I myself am a little disappointed when I hear something like this happening, but I don't believe it is all bad.

There are wide ranges of people in our world,when something is as great as Twilight and grows and reaches other places,it is going to attract many different kinds of people. This is where we can compare Twilight to Christianity.

Christianity has grown exponentially from it's beginnings, it has reached many people all over the world. If you have seen from personal experience then you can tell that some people have taken their religious beliefs to extremes, either within themselves or within their community. Some take it upon themselves to know every detail of the Bible,every single aspect of the religion. And then some just follow what they have been taught by others, they don't think it even necessary to read further into it. There are ignorant people out there who don't take the liberty in trying to find the true meaning behind their worship, but then there are people who find the meaning and enjoy it within themselves.

Twilight has reached a point like this. Ultimately we are going to be faced with many different people with very different aspects of their personality's that view Twilight should be worshiped in different ways. Some people aren't reader's so they watch the movie, some people don't like movie's so they never even give the film a shot. It's like celebrating your religion only at your home and not going to church. That is perfectly fine to do. When someone believes in Jesus and chooses not to read the Bible, it is their own way of believing. Just as many other people will see Twilight in many different ways. They will either watch the movie, read the series, or skim over the books and watch the film.Does any of that sound disappointing to you? Well this is something modern religion is facing. At the bottom line of it all, Twilight will be known through different mediums and the people of our planet will set forth and find the tellings of the story in different forms. Cullenism is growing.

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Comment by Erika on January 3, 2009 at 12:36am
I think I see what you mean, that people see Twilight in different ways like they do with the Bible.
Comment by magicolour on January 3, 2009 at 5:39am
This is very true. I may say things about how gorgeous Edward is at times, but it was Twilight I fell in love with, not Edward. It's true that alot the people who joined the fandomn recently only look at these sort of things, but there are some (like me for example) who have only just read the books, and look at them from a literate percpective. I think it's great that so many people are getting into it, I just hope that it won't be talked about as 'that chick flick' or 'that girly book'. It's true that people view in different ways, and even when all the hype is gone- like, (don't kill me) Harry Potter, for example, it doesn't mean that all of its fans will just leave it for the next best thing. When the media does, I don't think the true fans will.

And I also can't seem to shut up...
Comment by Aimee on January 3, 2009 at 8:28pm
Of course I think that it is a religion--it's been named "Cullinism". After all we've decided to have Twilight Church on Sundays at 11:00 est.
Comment by Erika on January 3, 2009 at 8:46pm
lol aimee

yes twilight has truly become something in which many people can offer insight on what they think something means, or if there's something deeper or a message being sent. Like abstinence. This theme has been circulating on many articles concerning twilight. This book has sparked issues that are very common these days. So it's only natural that different people will have different opinions based on their ideals, which is what I think twilight offers. It offers real life (except for the vampire part) situations that some may think are too explicit, while others think it opens our eyes and helps us reflect on our own lives. We then see how those situations affect us directly.
People are different and are entitled to their own opinions, which is why Twilight will always face negative remarks, but will also be showered with praise.
Comment by TwilightTrinity AKA Shaun on June 3, 2010 at 11:48am
Thats interesting Lora,I would like you to read my blog and tell me what you think--its called "Twilight and Christianity" and here it is-- Twilight allows Christians like myself to explore the subject of vampires without feeling like I've betrayed my faith because, first of all,they don't drink human blood--at least the Cullen family don't(which is really the only inherently evil thing about vampires) and,unlike vampires in most vampire stories,they make a real effort to redeem themselves.Vampires are not evil unless the person was evil before he or she was turned-Evil lies in the heart of the individual.The Cullens clearly prove that.vampires in other stories usually either embrace the fact that they are vampires or,if they don't, they don't do anything to make up for it.Even Louis in Interview with a Vampire,as much as he hated what he was, didn't even make any effort to redeem himself.Stephanie Meyer has created the type of vampire you can respect-with dignity and integrity.Carlisle himself said in New Moon "By all accounts,we're damned,regardless.But,I hope,maybe foolishly,we get some measure of credit for trying."He also said "In the 400yrs since I've been born I have never seen anything that has made me doubt whether God exists in one form or another"This proves that Carlisle still has faith in God and that he and the Cullens still have a chance at redemption despite what they are-otherwise,he would just raise his family as other vampires-with no remorse or respect for human life.Also,considering the fact that Stephenie Meyer is Mormon(even though I dont agree with that particular form of Christianity.Because,frankly,it does what the bible says is forbbidden-adds and takes away from the bible itself),I think she intended for the vampire and the lust for blood to be a metaphor for the everyday temptations that we as human-beings face.And the Cullens not conforming to the vampire lifestyle of drinking human blood is a metaphor for Christians who don't conform to the rest of the world in order to follow a higher purpose.And,even though I am not a wolfpack fan,If you think about it,they are a metaphor for the gay and lesbian community who feel they didnt have a choice to be who they are(I myself believe eveyone has a choice,but then again,who am I to judge?.I firmly believe in "let he that has no sin cast the first stone"-I am certainly not without sin so I am not one to throw stones)You can see alot of Christian undertones in the Twilight story-including the Cullens belief in the exsistance and value of the soul.Atleast those 2 beliefs are the same as Christianity.Thats why I am a twilight fan


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