Hi guys. My name is Emily. So I've wanted to wait for my laptop charger to do this but I can't. Do you guys remember that contest Target had when they were selling the BD DVD? The win a trip to isle esme? I won that trip back in April and on October 19 at 10 pm I was on my way to brazil! It was the most amazing experience of my life. A loooooong trip but at the end it was worth it. When I say looooong I mean 10 hr plane ride, 4 hour car ride, and 30 min boat ride. So yeah Bella must have been EXHAUSTED after all that. When my best friend and I first got there it was just so amazing! The house was gorgeous and huge! Another amazing thing? We had the emigre island to ourselves and a Housekeeper. We spent almost a week in paradise. Everytime we walked into a room we said "this is where Bella and Edward..." (I had to run to the bathroom from the kitchen like Bella did, just for the fun of it). I also loved that you could hear potter patter of feet whenever you walked (weird I know). Anyway one room was locked upstairs (yes the house has 2 floors) and I was dying of curiosity. My best friend kept saying let it go but I couldn't. So finally one day the housekeeper (who we called Dorota like the one in gossip girl) left the room unlocked and we went in! It was Bella and Edwards room! Not the room where they did the nasty, no we actually got to sleep in that room every night! It was epic! The timing of this trip was perfect. I've been going through so much in my life and this was like gods way of telling me to relax and that there are good things out there. So I want to thank summit entertainment for giving me this amazing opportunity and for creating these new amazing memories. Isle esme was the best :)

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Comment by Alison Genet on December 1, 2012 at 12:57am

Congrats!  Sounds like a great experience.  Did you take a ton of pics?


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