Jack Morrissey Answers Fan Questions about Breaking Dawn on the Team Jack Twitter

Jack Morrissey, Bill Condon’s Partner,  answered alot of fan questions about BD and more on  Team Jack Twitter. 

Here’s what came up:

Question: @_Dana_09 Was wondering what your and Bill’s thoughts were about TwiCon.”

Answer: Here’s our reaction in four words: see you next year! We both had a great time! (JM)


Question: @Hazeleyedkell21 What has been the best part of the Twilight fandom so far for you and Bill?”

Answer: The raw, unfiltered enthusiasm for his movie, I’d say. The tweets from fans going back again and again. (JM)


Question: @BreakingDawnMov: logistically, what were the most difficult parts of the Brazil shoot?”

Answer: For sure the waterfall location, which everyone had to hike up to, carrying gear. No hand went up empty. (JM)


Question: @xJazzix: With the film having had some cuts due to ratings, do you think it still has the same effect as before?”

Answer: I’ve seen every cut and yes, absolutely. Btw, not one frame – not one – was cut from the birth in North America. (JM)


Question: @ingrydpattinson: Did you see the SWATH trailer? What did you think?”

Answer: We both loved it — how great does that movie look!? And there’s already a billboard for it by Universal! (JM)


Question: @RobstenCuteness: Did you[meaning Jack not Bill ] have any creative input on BD? at all? a suggestion or idea?”

Answer: Yes. ;-D (JM)


Question: for the last three movies the script was released. Do you think BD will be?”[Lexicon note: it wasn't officially released so much as versions leaked online]

Answer: In book form? I have no idea – I haven’t heard anything. (JM)


Question:� @Sashakrisbian27: Is there going to be an extra scene on DVD where B/E announce engagement to Charlie?” WB- was it even shot?

Answer: No, because it was never scripted or shot. Bill wanted that invitation sequence to carry that idea. (JM)


Question: @tlmfarmgirl will there be any fantasy wedding and/or Cullen family photo shoots? Would love a special ed. book w/ wedding pics”

Answer: Hmm, it’s possible, but again I haven’t heard anything. Sowwy! (JM)


Question: @AMB226606: How was the black carpet experience?”

Answer: Great and thrilling, ESPECIALLY knowing that every camper was getting in to the Nokia after the press was done! (JM)


Question: @tinkrbe1l3: Does Bill decide what deleted scenes are on the DVD?”

Answer: Somewhat. Not every deleted scene needs to be seen! (JM)


Question:� @ForRealBlog: Wolf fight after birth wasn’t in book. What was the idea they had for including it? was it an outake Meyer had…

Answer: I believe that was Bill’s concept – he felt that the siege needed to explode in movie terms. It’s all opera. (JM)


Question: @smurfy_tapz: Edward gets beat down by a wolf. WHY? Why is Edward always made a wimp in these movies?”

Answer: Uhhhh…conflict is drama, drama is conflict? (JM)


Question: @laramasen: why isn’t Bella wearing Bridal wedding shoes while dancing with Jacob? She choose to change to something comfy?”

Answer: I guesso. I dunno what the thinking was on that, sorry! (JM)


Question: @up4anything2: Were the flyover shots in Rio stock footage or 2nd unit?”

Answer: I believe that all the aerial material was shot for this film by the 2nd unit — no stock shots. (JM)


Question: @AMB226606: What does Bill think of fan response? Did you attend a midnight showing?”

Answer: He’s beyond happy with the fan response. We did not attend a midnight showing as he was in Barcelona. (JM)

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