Jack Morrissey Answers Fans Questions about Breaking Dawn part 2

I'm worried that the imprinting will prevent a lot of father-daughter screen time for Edward and Renesmee. Say it isn't so. 
It isn't so

Will Mackenzie Foy be available to promote the movie?
I would think so!

How do you feel about the final battle sequence? Do you feel it will live up to the hype?
What hype?! And I'm not sure what battle you're referring to -- battleSTAR GALACTICA?!
(ed. note: *cough* nerd *cough*)

Will Edward have a lot to do in Part 2? I feel like we haven't seen much of his creative side since the first movie (Twilight).
He'll have plenty on his hands, believe me. And in them. ;-P 

Will the movie have strong pacing and a good balance of action and romance?
Yessssss!!!! :-D 

Can we expect various Rob/Kristen photoshoots during promo time?
Why wouldn't there be? 

Will the posters present Edward and Bella as a united couple and as proud parents with Renesmee? I'm excited for this in the film
Too soon to tell! 

Have you seen any poster or photoshoot of Braking Dawn: Part 2?
I have not. Swear to God!!! Bill has, though. As you already read.

You gonna be visiting tent city again this year?? It was totally cool when you visited!!
Thank you and yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Or is it a thousand years? ;)

Can you tell us if we'll get to see Garrett's [American nomad] speech about the Volturi's bad intentions?
Too soon to tell! 

I'm most excited to see Bella's shield- especially after seeing the wolves minds and the imprinting in part 1 - Bill amazes me!!!
Thank you on his behalf. I'm excited to see the final shield as well -- so far I've only seen the rough version. 

And if you've seen the teaser, you already know you're gonna get a taste of what it feels like to be a hunting newborn. 

I wonder if we'll be able to see everyone's powers (like blurry waves described in book) or just the physical effects.
I think you'll be very happy.

Will we wee some E/B meadow scenes (missed in BD1)?
Too soon to tell. 

Will we see as much as romance in BD2 as in BD1?
Yeah of course.

Can't wait ... Super excited -how am I supposed to sleep now- teasers and tent city on my mind ... What's a twihard to do?!
 Start reading the novels again, then watch all the movies again, then all the special features and commentaries! 

''I'm excited to report that before too long...'' What is "too long"? Weeks, months? for the Mtv VMAs in June? 
It's really just a phrase. I don't make release date announcements for trailers and posters.

How did they shoot the accelerated vampire movement?
The effect is achieved through a variety of methods that vary from shot to shot, and sometimes within a shot.

Will the wolves be in human form or wolf when it comes time to face the Volturi?
Jack: What do you think? 

what's your favorite scene coming up in BD2? Tease us with it!
Jack: There's way more than one, but any scene with Peter in it.@erikodom

Animated gif poster for BD2! Just throwing the idea out there!
Jack: Well it's all Lionsgate now, so... 

Do you know if there are any plans for a Japan premiere? WB- If there were, would u go with? :P
Jack: I dont know of any plans for any premieres but L.A. - way too early - and would I go to Japan? It's sooo faar!

Will the scene with Denali's mother and newborn baby vamp be in Part 2?
Jack: You mean the immortal child ;-D

Should we try to talk to Jackson about getting 100 monkeys on the BD2 soundtrack?
Jack: Good luck! 

What was the funniest thing that happened during the recording of BD2?
Jack: I couldn't tell you - I was only there for a day of it. 

BD2 Trailer at Comic-Con? And Bill and Robsten? WB- And you, PLEASE! :P And @erikodom!
Jack: Way too soon to tell for any of it.

When will the site for BD2 be launched?
Jack: I have no idea, sorry. When are they usually launched?

Will the songs from the BD Target clip be on the soundtrack?
Jack: I think you only heard one song, no? And I suspect that one song will be, yes.

In Target preview Bella's eyes are not red nor reddish. What gives? Is it pre-colorization? Bella hides RED eyes.
Jack: Sometimes she wears contacts in the movie, but that was probably pre-coloring. (JM)
@twilidiot At that point in the book, Bella's eyes are described as no longer bright red.
Jack: Thanks, Gretchen. What she said!!! 

Are they working on the soundtrack now? And can fans make suggestions?
Jack: They are starting to work on it, but honestly I wouldn't spend a lot of time obsessing over it. 
(Ed. note: have you not met these people, Jack? Obsessing is part of the package!)

There are a lot of vamps with gifts in pt 2, some more difficult than others. How is Bill going to approach it?
Jack: Through the use of VISUAL EFFECTS! ;-D

What is the current and target running time for BD2?
Jack: Well there's no target per se, and there's not much point in announcing the runtime of a work-in-progress. 

Tell Bill to listen to "Come In Closer" by Blue October. Fits BD2.
Jack: If its already been released....

When will the premiere days be released? What about camping rules? Questions from Finland.
Jack: Probably very similarly to last year's announcement timetable, so anyone remember those dates?

The altercation between Emmett and Bella will be in the movie? It's so funny in the books.
Jack: Which altercation? I love answering questions with questions! #evasivemaneuvers 

How do you feel about the Lionsgate idea of more films?
Jack: ...so long as they're based on more novels, right? 

When are we gonna see a soundtrack list?
Jack: Not for months and months and months.

The Logo that will appear at the beginning of BD2 will be Lionsgate or Summit?
Jack: A bit early to know but certainly at least Summit, like always.

Will Charlie be told Bella died?
Jack: Well did she?

Is BD2 finished?
Jack: Shnope! 

Why are there 2 identical books on the shelf in the Target BD2 clip?
Jack: Obsess much? What are they?
(Ed. Note: see previous note.)

Will Edward play "Esme's Favorite song" on the piano?
Jack: Shnope. 

How were the other vamps chosen? Did they have to audition or did Bill already have someone in mind?
Jack: They all auditioned "on tape" - they were all recorded and loaded to a secure site online for viewing.

How were the other vamps chosen? Did they have to audition or did Bill already have someone in mind?
Jack: Might wanna ask @erikodom for his experience of the audition process. 

Will we see Bella give Renesmee the locket with the inscription on it in BD2?
Jack: What do you think? What's the inscription say?

Do you know anything about the BD2 soundtrack? Can we hope for Muse, Paramore, Linkin Park and Rob to be on it?
Jack: Way too soon to tell. It's March!!!

Will Jacob show Charlie his wolf?
Jack: (So to speak.) 
(Ed. Note: *giggle*)

Is this poster real? http://twitpic.com/92pepw
Jack: Shnope. Pretty, though, and pretty well done!

Do you know why the BD DVD isn't being released until the middle of the year in some countries?
Jack: I don't - various foreign distributors and their release schedules. 

plz tell me there's plenty of @noel_fisher @GuriWeinberg Romanian banter in BD2!
Jack: Yeeeep!

How kickass are my Demetri and Felix gonna be?
Jack: Pretty kickass. And with better costumes. 

Have you or Bill heard of 50 Shades of Gray? Thoughts about it starting as Twilight Fanfic? I assume Steph M. is aware?
Jack: 1. We've heard of it. 2. We have no thoughts of our own. 3. We have no idea as to what, if anything, SM thinks.

Whats up with Kristen wearing a long sleeved shirt on the beach during the honeymoon scene?
Jack: Uh.....? 

Why doesn't Bella sparkle in the trailer?
Jack: She's inside.
Jack: "Those people are crazy."

Will we see Edward teach Bella how to hunt?
Jack: Have you seen the teaser trailer?

Is it true "My Immortal" by Evanesence will be playing when Bella comes back to life?
Jack: NO.

Any chance of BD2 in 3D?
Jack: Shnope, no chance.
(Ed. Note: *whew*)

Will NY have a BD2 Premiere? I think it should just to be fair.
Jack: It's March it's March it's March.

What's happening in this picture? http://twitpic.com/92pgdq
Jack: A mother is talking to her daughter before a wedding.

Will you see SWATH? What do you think of the Cosmopolis trailer?
Jack: 1. Yes. 2. A giant rat? 

When are we gonna see the Target clip?
Jack: That's not that hard to find, is it?

Will there be a Twilight collection DVD with bloopers deleted scenes and tons of goodies? :D
Jack: Only time will tell! 

Jack, any news on more trailers, stills etc for BD2?
Jack: When do you think?
Probably Comic Con but we're being asked if there's anything before that so thought I'd ask :)
Jack: Hmmm, maybe.
LMAO that's cryptic. So nothing before Comic Con then??
Jack: That's as far as I go.

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Comment by BB Cullen on April 21, 2012 at 7:55pm
Soo can't wait for everything BD2!!
Comment by Kristen Kimber Colichia on April 21, 2012 at 8:26pm

i can't wait to see the final installment of the twilight saga ... the twilight saga breaking dawn part 2 on november 16, 2012 this year

Comment by Alter Ego on April 21, 2012 at 10:23pm
All movies should have Giant rats!!!
Comment by Robertfanxxxx on April 22, 2012 at 4:03am
Lmao some of his answers are Soo funny, but I 100percent agree with the one question we NEED that EPIC SPEECH. By the Amercian nomad about the Volutirs bad intentions thg speech is simply EPIC!! I wish Robsten a long, healthy and happy life and successful career. I will love you Robsten forever and always!! Xxxxxxxxx
Comment by Sallyann on April 27, 2012 at 8:44am

well that's better then not knowing anything at all.. but think it's a great idea to re read bd agian and see, I think we will all be pleasently surprised and I have toteal faith in Mr. Condon that all will be to our liking :)


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