Jack Morrissey talks more about Breaking Dawn



Is there going to be an UNEDITED dvd version of Breaking Dawn?

Hope Springs Eternal.

Will Bill do his commentary solo or with others...and by others i do NOT mean RK?


Why isn't Muse on the Soundtrack?

LINK: Muse Article on MTV 

And as for what I think about that, I would say that's extremely bad form.

The pendant that Aro gave to Bella as a wedding gift...will that make the movie?

I honestly can't remember if that was shot or not.

Why its shorter than the others?

Movies are movies are movies. Pacing, flow, rhythm. It's never about cramming every word in if it doesn't make for good pacing.
It's not about how many minutes the movie is - it's what happens during those minutes.


Jack, how will BD1 end? Will we see red eyes? Vamp Bella? Renesmee?  
You don't really want to me to give away the ending, do you? 

Does Bill have any plans to slip a little something at the end of the BD1 credits? Perhaps a glimpse of BD2?
Hope springs eternal!

Rob is going to speak Portuguese in the film, right?  

Do we get the "dog bowl" scene and blonde jokes in the film?
There are a few jokes in there; the food throwing scene will be on the DVD. 

Is Rob going to be on the BD2 soundtrack? 
I'm a bit unclear, but either Rob isn't doing anything with music at the moment or he wants to keep it separate. 

What are Rob and Kristen like?
They're both great people and Bill loves them both, but I have never met Rob, Kristen... or Bear, for that matter.  
Where in the film will "It Will Rain" play? 
You can guess all you like, but I can't say. Bill says wait and see!

Will Breaking Dawn come out in IMAX?
Shnope. HAPPY FEET 2 took all the IMAX screens. 

Is there a music video for Bruno Mars, "It Will Rain"?
So far as I know, there is no video yet. I believe they are shooting one, but I don't know when you can expect to see it.


thanks to teamjackftw

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