Jackson, Nikki , Elizabeth and Peter talk their twilight characters & more with TeenHollywood

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TeenHollywood interview with Jackson Rathbone, Nikki Reed, Elizabeth Reaser and Peter Facinelli..They talked about their characters in the twilight saga films plus Jackson talks of his band, dancing and new projects. Nikki speaks on baby cuddling, tennis shoe thefts, fame and Kristen in vamp contacts.

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TeenHollywood: We know there is more publicity and another film to come out but you guys have finished playing your roles. How do you feel saying goodbye to these characters?

Jackson: It’s definitely nice to hang up the white make-up and the wigs and the contacts. That was always cumbersome in the mornings when we were shooting but it’s nice because we have Breaking Dawn Part 2 so it still feels very much alive.

Peter: It doesn’t really feel like it’s over for me. A part of it is over. The filming process is over but we have one more year of one more film coming out so I think next year it will feel more complete because we see each other during press and we’ll see each other doing press next year. We still have another year together so it only feels like a part of it is over.

Nikki: We’re used to revisiting these projects a year later so I think everyone asks us what the last day of filming was like and I wish I was creative enough to make up a really dramatic tale. It was dramatic because we were freezing. It was six o’clock in the morning and we just wanted to get inside. There wasn’t a river of tears because we knew we’d see each other. Maybe in three or four years if I don’t have job.

Elizabeth: I think next year will be sad.

Peter: Also for some of us, we still had more filming to do. We had first unit wrap so that was kind of weird but I still had another two weeks of second unit stuff with Elizabeth so I think my last day with Elizabeth was two weeks later. I do remember hugging you (to Elizabeth) for it seemed like forever.

Elizabeth: We were hugging and I think I was yelling and screaming a little bit.

TeenHollywood: What have you learned from your characters?

Jackson:  I learned I prefer not to be a blonde. That’s definitely something I learned.

Peter: Staying out of the sun makes you youthful.

Elizabeth: I learned patience [laughs]. I’ve learned a lot from Esme. Esme is always looking for a way to love someone and a way to be kind and that doesn’t come naturally to me all the time so it was the practice.

Nikki: I guess I’ve learned that it’s okay if the world doesn’t like you.

Jackson: We like you.

Nikki: Sometimes playing a character that’s not the most likeable can be challenging because, a lot of times, people think that you are a reflection of who you are playing so I’ve learned to really stand by the character that I play but also find a healthy balance and separate myself from it; defend her but defend out differences.

TeenHollywood: Was it nice to be liberated from the physical demands required for your roles?

Peter: For me, I spent so much time trying to stay out of the sun because the more color you had, the more make-up you had to wear so it was put more coats of paint on your face to look paler. I remember going to my daughter’s soccer game and I looked like the Unibomber because I was all covered up. Literally, the sun would come out and I would find myself slinking into the shade so it was kind of nice that I went to the Maldives this summer and didn’t have to worry about that.  Just got in the sun.

TeenHollywood: Jackson, you were really dancing up a storm at the wedding. It looked kind of retro. What were you doing?

Jackson: It’s a little Jitterbug, a little old school swing dancing. When I was doing musical theater as a kid, I definitely did a lot of swing dancing and I was really into that kind of music so we definitely did a little choreography. They had a little different dance style for us and I was talking to our choreographer and said “Hey why don’t we do this old school flip?” which I was really nervous about because Ashley was in heels. I didn’t want to throw her and suddenly it’s the last day of filming and I kill her. That would be really bad. That would be terrible. It was really fun for me to call up the old style dance moves.

TeenHollywood: Elizabeth can you talk about Esme’s kindness toward Jacob so that he finally is a bit more friendly to her?

Elizabeth: I think he begins to understand the nature of our family and begins to see us for who we really are and not for, in a way, the color of our skin. There’s a scene with Peter and I where Jacob says “I think I get it now. You guys are really a family” and he sees that he, in a way, has become a part of our family and we care about him. And, I think Esme is kind of hard to resist. She’s just so good a loving and wants to take care of everybody although Leah is a little resistant.

TeenHollywood: Nikki, in this movie, you get cuddle time with Renesme. What was it like to take on that pseudo-mommy role and work with the baby?

Nikki: I loved it. I loved actually getting to love something and share that. This was the moment when I got to be totally raw and vulnerable and express that love for something else. It was a rubber baby a lot of the time, well-made but rubber and we also worked with a mechanical baby at different points in time so there would be a man between my ankles pushing a button and the hand would move up and sometimes it would grab my eye and pull and my hair goes down and I’m like “This is not part of the scene”.

Jackson: It was like Chucky [laughter].

Nikki: But I love working with kids. We had some great babies, the real ones. They didn’t cry as much as they would have I guess.

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