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The characters face situations with more maturity in Dawn Part 1 as marriage, birth and death. That changed the atmosphere on set?

You'd think the weather turned dark and heavy, but ironically it is the opposite. The cast is well connected - put us in a room and ask us to get serious and you will have problems. We definitely give our way in heavier scenes. 

How was it working with the director - Bill Condon?

 I'm a big fan of him, then work with a legendary director is a dream come true. He is a guy right up to personally and as a director. I would love to work with him again - anywhere, anytime. Call me and I'll be there. 

You lived in Norway, Singapore and Texas. As you spend time in these places?

 J: I like to travel, then grow with the opportunity to be in those places was great. I think part of me being so busy now. When I stand in one place for too long I want to go.

 It seems that you came from a very creative family. I heard that his sister is an artist?

 J: Yes it is! She makes ceramics and his work is amazing! You should see the next time you go to Texas! 

You are the co-producer and actor, an online series, Aim High, which is the first program of its style. How did you get involved in the project?

 J: The coolest thing of Aim High is that it has the production of a TV show but it's online - through the Cambio and Facebook - and many people today consume it in some way. As the first in this style, you can integrate and customize the episodes, just enjoying through their Facebook page. I love the innovative concept of the show and the tremendous opportunity to produce something of McG. So these were the main reasons for me to say yes to the program. 

There will be a season 2?

 I hope so. I think from here can only get bigger and better. As the first series of this type, we were inventing the rules as we went. I'm really proud of the result, but also want to get the knowledge and experience I gained this time and build on it if the series progress. So long as the fan support is there, I'd love to do a second season.

Music seems to be a big part of your life. How did this happen?

 I love art in all forms: acting, singing, composing, writing, producing, directing - what you want. Music just came naturally to me.One day I picked up a guitar and fell in love. I am constantly looking for new ways to combine passions. I recently finished a film called Live at The Foxes Den, where I got to play a musician. And I love to do the soundtrack of major films in the future. The holy grail would be to find a way to bring together all my passions into one project, although I do not know if this is possible! 

What was a prominent moment in your career? 

There were many outstanding moments for me personally.But I think you get the red carpet at the premiere of the first Twilight movie and be surprised by the insane number of fans who showed up to support the film and we have not seen one second of it yet, it was really surreal. 

Fashion is important to you ? 

I see fashion as another way to express myself, and I like to have fun with it. I know that I received some criticism of some of my clothes from the red carpet, but my theory is that I'll use what I use, not what they expect me to use.What's so funny to look like everyone else?

 Toybina Marina You've worked with on numerous occasions. Can you tell us what attracts you to design it?

 Marina has a great eye, and I'm impressed with his talent. One of the reasons we work so well together is that she understands my sense of fashion. Although we disagree sometimes, late in the day she knows when to yield. Those cowboy boots never go out of my feet, I say!

 With all the projects you have going on, what you like to do when and if you have some free time?

I honestly like being busy. But I think if I had to take time off, it would be spending time with family and friends, playing music, sleeping ...

If you could collaborate or work with anyone who would it be and why? 

I am a big fan of the Rolling Stones . I'd give my left arm to work with them.

 What are you currently working?What are your plans for 2012? 

I have some projects on the horizon - I finished two films that should debut next year, and some pre-production. I would love to work as a director, making a comedy, to the soundtrack of a movie. The list of things I'd like to do is endless, so I'm anxious to see what next year will bring.

 Q: What is your fault? (Referring to the magazine's name, which translates in Portuguese, "Guilt")

 Standing still. I get very restless if I'm in one place for long. Oh, and coffee.

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