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Jackson Rathbone interview with  About.com

Jackson  talked about Breaking Dawn's storyline, Bill Condon as director, and Jasper's evolution over the course of the Twilight book/film series.


"I think it’s fascinating. It's not like we are doing the same movie over and over and over. This isn't the redux, this is the evolution of a story. This is one of those thing. I mean, to play a character that develops is always what I do. In any role I pick, I don't pick a character with a through-line; I pick a character that develops and changes, has its ups and downs almost like a roller coaster ride. I love that aspect of it. I love the fact that we’ve had different directors for each film, and that there’s a different reception by critics and fans alike. Everybody is subjective in the way they view art, art is subjective in its basic nature. So, I love it."

The films have not only had different directors but have each had a different tone than their predecessor, which changes things up for you as an actor. Is their one in particular you prefer over the others?

Jackson Rathbone: "Honestly, to have a preference of tone when the tones are all different - that is really hard. I think they each hit on a certain atheistic value to me as an artist that I can’t really compare them."

And you also can't compare the directors.

Jackson Rathbone: "You can compare them, but they are all so varied and different.Catherine [Hardwicke] has more of a production standpoint. Her shots are visually filled, you know? They're almost like Phil Spector said the 'wall of sound,' she has this wall of visualization. Chris Weitz has this glossy feel to his films, very postcard-ish. It’s beautiful and it's almost nostalgic in the way he shoots. David Slade is very technical and visceral director. You feel like you can almost smell what you’re seeing; it’s tangible. I think with Bill Condon it’s very much an old-school, kind of very, very elegant Hollywood look. Even when it gets into the more horror aspects of Breaking Dawn Part 1, there's that old school. It’s really wonderful. I can definitely compare them in that aspect and say what I think their strengths are."


Can you talk about their approach to directing actors?

Jackson Rathbone: "They are all different. Bill was amazing because he is just such a gentle giant of cinema, he really is. He knows what he wants yet he is always opened to ideas. It's amazing. I’ve lived with Jasper so long now that I feel like it’s so easy now to step into the character. It really is. It feels like it’s a part of me. I know him inside and out. I’ve gotten to play him as a human now and I gotten to show how he evolved into who he is."

Do you like how Stephenie Meyer wrote Jasper and how he actually did evolve over those four books?

Jackson Rathbone: "Oh, definitely. Like I was saying before, I love characters that evolve. I can’t stand characters that just stay one way. Honestly, had Jasper been written that way I probably wouldn’t have taken the role. I wouldn’t have been able to be a part of this amazing experience. But that’s what I like, and I won’t take a part that I don’t like. I won’t take a role that I don’t feel that I can portray correctly and something that I enjoy. So luckily it was written in a way that I like to play characters."

We needed more Jasper in this movie. Were there scenes of yours that didn't make the final cut?

Jackson Rathbone: [Laughing] "Yes, there was a scene where Jasper follows them on their honeymoon. They are out boating and then Jasper comes by and I go, 'Oh, hey guys, how’s it going? Nice to be here, just staying in the villa down the way.' Then we go out for drinks and there is a Hangover moment. There is an entire section that is very reminiscent to the movie The Hangover that was cut out of the film. I mean, honestly, there was another film in and of itself."

That’s the R-rated version that will come out on the DVD.

Jackson Rathbone: "Oh no, that was the G-rated version, yeah. When Jasper parties, he parties like Barney: full of love and smiles."



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Comment by Jasper Whitlock Hale on November 13, 2011 at 2:14pm

Parties like Barney xD <3


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