Jackson Rathbone wants fans to know that he does NOT have a Twitter, Facebook or Myspace account.

Jackson Rathbone who plays "Jasper Hale" in the Twilight Saga wants his fans to know that he's not on Twitter, Facebook, or MySpace.

To prevent fans from being duped by fake accounts on these social networking platforms, Jackson Rathbone issued a video announcement of himself confirming that he doesn't have any of these accounts.

"I do not have a Facebook. I do not have a MySpace. I do not have a Twitter account," he says quite plainly. "If it says that they are Jackson Rathbone and/or 'JAction,' they are lying. I don't care how convincing they are or unconvincing they are . . . they are liars, and they are cheating you. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for their conduct, and I wish they would stop."

I get questions all of the time which accounts on Myspace and Twitter are real. I have even myself been duped by the fake accounts. Lets be honest, there are malicious people our there that like to get a kick out of "pretending" to be one of the Twilight stars and they get away with it. You can get on Myspace and search for the sites, it is amazing how many false accounts there are. Please refer to my other blog regarding the real accounts the stars have and follow them. If u are following a fake account, report it to myspace or twitter. Further, Twitter accounts that have been proven to be the "real deal" will have a BLUE CHECK on the top of the account saying VERIFIED ACCOUNT. Myspace also has an icon saying VERIFIED ACCOUNT, but unfortunately, I have seen the imposters copy and paste it into their page making it look real. Granted it took poor Charlie Bewley (@alchemission) forever to get his account verified, but that was due to a Twitter malfunction. It has been verified. Bronson Pelletier has a twitter account that is waiting to be verified, which is @sonofbrown. He was unable to use his real name due to imposters already using his name. You can also watch videos and listen to interviews of the stars and at times they are asked if they have a social networking site. If they do, they confirm or deny it.

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