Jacksons Girl Hits Twi/Tour Atlanta 2009 (Day One)

As you all may or may not know, I was at the Twi/Tour Convention in Atlanta, Georgia this past weekend with Ms_Monkey_Man, Aimee, Leonor, Twisuz, Zhaan King, Angel, FanOfBones and more. However, my weekend didn’t start out with such a bang.. In fact, it was quite stressful. I am generally a pretty positive person, but this weekend and getting to it stressed me out. For those that followed me on twitter, apologies for the several breakdowns I had. My weekend account will be slightly different from the others because I volunteered on Sunday, but I got a LOT of good stuff to share when we get there.

Now, on with the show..

I arrived in Atlanta at just about 3:45 pm. I was getting excited because that was about 15 minutes ahead of schedule and I need all the extra time I could get. The Atlanta Airport.. Is GINORMOUS! There aren’t enough words to explain the largeness of it. EPIC is the best one I can come up with right now. So, I am waiting for forever on my luggage. Finally, I get it and I jump on the MARTA transit system. Ok, MARTA is like a subway, but above ground. SUPER cheap to use, but kinda scary. Either way, it got me to my hotel (The Intercontinental Hotel in Buckhead). Checked in and ran to my room (ok, I took the elevator THEN I ran). Changed clothes, got all my stuff together and ran to the convention (Again, insert elevator ride here). Keep in mind, I have now missed not only Billy’s Q&A, but also Peter’s. Not too happy.

Anyway, I got up to the 4th floor and registered and called Ms_Monkey_Man. I asked her where she was, she says, “Turn Around”. I did, and sure enough, there she was. We hugged really quick and she LITERALLY dragged me down to where Aimee and Leonor were holding my place in line. I had told Monkey earlier in the day that if I didn’t make it, to use my photo op for me or it would just go to waste.

After getting in line and saying quick hellos, we step into the room where Peter Facinelli is standing, doing photo ops. I…. was… speechless! He is UNBELIEVABLE gorgeous. You see him on TV and in the movies and you think, yeah, he’s hot. It is NOTHING compared to in person hotness. WOW! Anyway, I was probably 20 people away (at most) from missing my photo op with him. How scary is THAT?! Anyway, the line is moving really fast. He is hugging everyone, of course. He seems to be having a really good time. He was even dancing at one point. There was music playing and he was just getting down. And I am not talkin just the side to side dance.. His hips.. Were MOVING.. In a very HOT way. Ask Aimee and Leonor.. They can verify.

So, it is FINALLY my turn and I am still quite breathless and shaky from the run. He turns to me and says hello and I must have had a look on my face that told him that I wasn’t doin so well. That I needed a little loving. I stepped up and told him that I had LITERALLY just ran there from getting off the plane and to my hotel. He took my hands as if we were going to exchange vows or something, and asked, “Are you ok? You’re safe?” I smiled and said yes, that I was fine. He said, “Good”. His left arm came up around my shoulder and pulled me into him REALLY close and then he rested his arm on my shoulder. Then his right hand was still holding my left hand. He was squeezing it so tight, so I did the same thing back and he squeezed more. Which is why my face has the most ridiculous smile on it because that was funny to me.

On a side note, before I post the photo, Peter smells… EDIBLE. Literally. If God had his own Cologne, it would be called Peter Facinelli.

Ok.. The photo.. I don’t like how I look in it, but I like the photo. Does that make sense?

So, after that, we all go in and take our seats in the auditorium so they can start calling people for autographs. Gold First.. Then Preferred.. Then General Admission. So, I am in line with the girls I will be sittin with all weekend. FanOfBones and companion are in line in front of me. My other 2 girls are in back of me. We’re just talkin away, having a good old time. We step in the room and I about faint. No joke. This is the first time I am seeing Billy Burke. Let me just tell you, there isn’t a photo or a film that does this man justice. He is SOOOO handsome.

FanOfBones steps up and gets her autograph and asks for a hug. She was so cute because she was terrified she was going to look silly. She did an AWESOME job! Anyway, I step up and I told him I missed his WHOLE Q&A and he says, “would you like me to recap it for you?” I laughed and said no, but that I did have one question. He looked up and said, “what’s that?”. I asked, “Did you really canoe down to Atlanta” (with a huge smile on my face) he leaned back in his chair and chuckled. He said, “No, I didn’t and you are the only person that has asked me that” and he put up his hand for a hi-5.

Then we moved on to Peter’s table. I was texting Sherie this WHOLE time trying to get her on the phone so she could hear Peter. She lives in Australia and he was scheduled to be there, but had to cancel because Nurse Jackie was picked up for a second season. Great for him, bad for Aussies. As the line moves closer and I step up, Peter goes, “look at you texting away” I told him what I was doing and he said, “Get her on the phone, I’ll talk to her” Told him I couldn’t. I asked for a hug and as he was coming around the table, I told him that I had flown down from Cincinnati, Ohio to meet him and Jackson and was very thankful he didn’t cancel on me too. He thanked me for coming all that way and hugged me so HARD.. That I felt HIS body shake and he cracked my back. He felt it and pulled back and said, “Are you ok?” I laughed and said I was great and thanked him for coming down. He said, “No, really thank you.” I took my calendar after he signed it and started to walk away and he called out, “Hey, come back”. I turned and of course he was talkin to me, which made me blush terribly. I just said, “Yeah?” He asked, “Would you like me to personalize that for you? Since you came all this way?” I was shocked. They weren’t really doing that, timing wise (and to keep them from writing so much), but since he was offering I said that it would be great. He asked, “What’s your name sweetheart?” Told him, he asked how to spell it. I told him the right way. He laughed and signed my name with a little heart. (see both autographs below)

Then we had a break and I went down to The Palms restaurant to eat. Ok, $85 for a steak.. Ridiculous! So, I had a baked potato and gumbo and water. Ms_Monkey_Man came down to sit with me, along with Aimee and Leonor. We were still waiting on Angel to arrive at this point. We hadn’t seen her at all yet. It turns out, she went to the wrong hotel. Which sucked for many reasons!!! FINALLY.. She got there and she was very upset and totally understandable. They go up to check in and we join them a bit later for the Friday Night concert. The Twilighters were on stage when we got there. They weren’t bad. I LOVED the song ‘Cake’. The guy that plays Edward described it as a song about why “Team Edward rocks and Team Jacob sucks” EVERYONE laughed. The song is great. Then Adam (Creation Entertainment founder) introduced Billy and Peter.

They came on stage and Peter started playing the keyboard. The lead in the band just looked at Peter like he was crazy for touching his stuff. They introduced them and left the room.

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The music wasn’t bad at all. I thought that Peter and Billy had left so I told Angel that I was leaving, but I wanted a photo of myself with the Twilighters. We did that and then left.

I came back to my hotel and took an AMAZING bath in this tub.

Then I went to bed.

Turns out, 10 minutes after we left, Peter and Billy came back to introduce the next band and Billy ended up playing guitar and singing La Bamba and Peter was running through the audience taking photos with everyone.

*shakes fist at that sky* WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah.. Well. .it was still a great day

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Comment by Alison Genet on July 15, 2009 at 9:10am
I love that Peter was going to talk to Sherrie on the phone...Sherrie where were ya???? Probably asleep (time zones). I am so glad you made it in time for the photo op. Great picture, Peter is hot and you look great....and he is holding your hand, priceless.

Great blog! Do we get day 2 tomorrow? I hope so. You and Monkey are doing a great job blogging about TwiTour. I hope I can be as informative about Comic Con. xoxo
Comment by Jacksons Girl (adoptive TwiMom) on July 15, 2009 at 9:17am
yes.. Day two.. later today, tomorrow morning at the latest
Comment by Zhaan King on July 15, 2009 at 9:25am
Awesome report! I loved meeting you!!! Your picture with Peter is gorgeous! Your room looks much nicer than ours!
Comment by O~*~ClaireBear~*~O on July 15, 2009 at 9:31am
OMG i love your blog. i read every detail twice!!! your pic with peter looks SOOOO good!!! ahhhhhhhhhh i WISHHH i could have been there with you the whole time. and the hotel looks great!!! damn damn damn i wanna meet them all SO bad! you lucky woman!!!! love you <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Comment by SherieheartsRob on July 15, 2009 at 9:55am
Alison, no i wasnt sleeping, it was 11am and i was WORKING.. Stupid work... If Crystal had of told me that it was running late i would have cancelled though.. Because she said it should be only about half an hour and she texted me and hour later..

I was very upset to say the least and i nearly cried when i spoke to Crystal right before she took that amazing looking bath!! Oh well, maybe one day ill speak to Peter.. =(

Lets go Day 2!!! Wohoo

Comment by MRS. E. CULLEN on July 15, 2009 at 10:39am
OMG i can hardly imagine what it would be like he look so GEORGEOUS. I iwsh i could go to the Minneapollis one but its just gona be him no one else from the cast. Does sound like it was worth the trip. Great pic by the way. And you look good I mean look at your KEN DOLL at your right. LOL.
Comment by Jacksons Girl (adoptive TwiMom) on July 15, 2009 at 10:43am
Are you kidding me? None of the other cast? it is gonna be Peter Facinelli, Gil Birmingham, Chaske Spencer, Bronson Pelletier, Christian Serratos, Edi Gathegi and Catherine Hardwick. TOTALLY worth the trip
Comment by Wicked Faery on July 15, 2009 at 10:49am
No WONDER you picked Peter as your fave - how sweet!! I bet Sherie is just kickin' herself right now - lol - did you find out where she was when you were trying to call her? Your pic with PFach is absolutely gorgeous, and I love that he's *not* wearing the green hoodie he wore in LA ;)

Can't wait for Day 2!
Comment by Frances on July 15, 2009 at 10:57am
great pictures!!!! LOVE the one with peter!!! he is sooooooooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he almost doesnt look real, lol.
Comment by Jacksons Girl (adoptive TwiMom) on July 15, 2009 at 11:47am
Wicked Faery- yes.. she was at work.. couldn't answer. I had no idea she was going to work or i woulda told her NOT to go.


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