Jacksons Girl Hits Twi/Tour Atlanta 2009 (Day Two, Part One)


I meant to show you all this in the first blog…

That is a “replica” of what Jasper’s war papers might have looked like. It was the best and CHEAPEST thing I bought all weekend. They had all kinds of other things too like Dr Cullen’s original medical license, the prom tickets Bella and Edward used, etc. OBVIOUSLY, they are not real, but it was super cool to look at.

Before I get into all of this, I wanted to make sure we are all on the same page. As some of you know, I write fanfiction and I started writing one a while ago about Kellan and a girl named Paige. I had it set in my mind that I was going to print this story out, give it a cover and hand it to Kellan. I had been planning it since I bought my tickets to the convention. I did. I got a cute little report binder and printed out the story by chapter and slipped a cover into the front of it. This will come up later in this recap and even MORE on Sunday’s recap. Here is the cover “art” that was on it…

Everyone with me now? Ok.. Good..

So, I woke up SUPER early on Saturday and got me some room service. It was very tasty. $30 tasty? Not so much, but it was very good. I was getting everything ready for the day and attempting to twitter all at the same time. Horton Hears A Who was on HBO and that distracted me for about an hour. Finally, I was ready to go and I was feeling happy..

I took our hotel’s car service over to the Westin, where the convention was held, and headed up to Monkey, Aimee and Leonor’s room. They were chowin down on some good food when I rudely interrupted. I was texting Angel back and forth about her coming up to the hotel room and storing her… uh… stuff.. As the ladies were getting ready. On a side note, Aimee’s I-Pod mix, is just absurd and in the best way possible.

We all head downstairs and get in Kellan’s Photo Op line which is already starting to get MASSIVE.

As we are standing there, I start taking random photos and we are all talking about what pose we want Monkey to do. I have printed out a copy of my story to give to Kellan and Angel is now reading the latest chapter that is in that binder. Her face is doing the most amazing things as she reads each part of the story (did I mention it was a naughty story???). When she finishes, she is just like, “Wow!” and hands me the story back.

The line starts to move towards the room. As we get closer, we start to get little peeks of him through the exit door of the room. A few minutes went by before we were actually in front of that door, but when we were and it opened, I finally got to see what I have been waiting for.. For months.. Kellan? NOPE! It was Monkey’s FIRST reaction to seeing Kellan. It was flippin priceless. Seriously, the girl is dang lucky there was a wall. That was the first and LAST time Monkey was starstruck that weekend.

We step up to the doorway of the room and as we do, we start taking photos of what is going on inside. They said no cameras IN the room, not no cameras on the OUTSIDE of the room (that rule changed later). There were some SUPER cute poses. One with 2 girls and 2 fake diamond rings, which Monkey told you about. There was another with 2 girls where they each grabbed one suspender and tugged on it like a game of Kellan tug-o-war. He just crossed his arms and looked at the camera like, “oh yeah..” SO adorable.

As we got into the room I met one of the volunteers (one I would be attached to on Sunday). I asked her where we put gifts as I held up my story. She said that she could take it for me. I just looked at her and the look I have her must have spoke volumes. I said that it was very important that it get to him because it was done JUST for him. She said she would personally give it to him if I wanted. I nodded yes and handed over my story. I was just thrilled of the possibility of him having that story, for many reasons.

So, the line is moving up and we get into Kellan’s direct eyeshot. He keeps looking over towards Monkey and Angel (who are right in front of me). We start paying attention to the fact that he is even looking over there in one or 2 of the actual photos. Whoever’s photos those were.. SORRY!!! We decide it is Angel’s hair that got his attention the first couple of times. Then, as we get closer and she is pretty much facing him head on, his eyes weren’t exactly on her hair. They were on her tattoo. As we wait to move forward in line, a girl that was a few people in front of us, asks Kellan about this picture…

He completely denies it being him because his “… waist isn’t that small. Whoever that body belongs to is solid” and that his isn’t quite that good. It is an absolute denial. He says that his publicist showed him and he was impressed with the body and the photoshop skills. Sorry all.. I know how badly we wanted it to be him, but you can seriously tell it is photoshopped.

Anyway, Monkey went up first and got the best hug EVER. She then asked if he would stand behind her for the pose and he smiled and said, “Absolutely”. A couple more things were said and then the pose happened. SWEET GOD… the pose! When they first got into the.. Position.. Monkey’s face was in total shock. Then just before the camera flashed, her face changed. I think it had something to do with the noise/breath Kellan let into her ear. (I am laughing just thinking about it..)

Then Angel and her sister were up next. They each hug him and Kellan turns to Angel and looks down at her tattoo (which is across her chest) and says, “nice hair” (laughing again now). It was the funniest thing I had seen in a while. Next up was me. I started to ask Kellan for a hug after he smiled at me and said hello, but we got interrupted by someone. Then I went to ask after the photo was done and we got interrupted again. NO HUG!!! Side note, though.. During the photo.. His hand was on my butt.. LOVE IT.

Next was Kellan’s Q&A in the main auditorium. He was introduced by the Hillywood Show. They are really good. Kellan came out to a ROAR of applause and hundreds of flashes going off all at once. Even though we weren’t supposed to video, I got it anyway…

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So he sits down and starts getting asked questions. They started doing this thing where you had to submit questions PRIOR to their Q&A and then they chose what questions were good enough to ask. Kinda thought that was rude, but I understand the filtering.

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The one thing that annoyed me was the SAME questions he has answered a billion times being asked when some of us actually submitted original questions that were REALLY good. Anyway, he talks about what superhero he’d want to be (Captain America) and that he appreciates all the candy and cereal that he is given (so do his room mates and friends), but that he cannot possibly eat all that candy. I think that was his way of asking us to stop sending him candy and cereal. Let’s get him something else from now on, shall we? He gets a gift from a girl in the audience and it has stuff in it for his dog.

He proceeds to take the dog bone out of the box and put it in his mouth. He turned to the crowd and had this adorable look on his face. As soon as my camera was up and ready, he had removed the bone from his mouth. Someone yelled out to do it again and he said, “What? No, you guys are taking pictures.” DUH! You had a bone in your mouth silly man! Of COURSE we were taking pictures.

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The next question gets asked and it is the Rob/Kellan flip off question. (for those of you that DON’T know, IN the baseball scene when Rob and Kellan collide after trying to catch a ball, Kellan says something to Rob that makes him flip Kellan off. Yes, it is still in the movie, go watch it) You can actually hear collective annoyed groans in the audience. Monkey pretty much says that she will answer the question for him and he smiles and walks off the stage to go over and have her answer it. I DID NOT KNOW that it was Monkey at the time.

Kellan walks over and puts the mic in her face. You hear her ask him, “You want me to say it?” He said yes and to go on and say it. She asks, “Are you SURE you want me to say it?” He smiles and tells her that if she starts it, he will finish it. To which she says, “PU” and he smiles and turns back toward the stage as he says, “SSY”. It kind of takes everyone by surprise and I am laughing my head off because I had heard this all before. Then Kellan looks out at says, “You know, another name for a cat” Then it’s like 600 light bulbs went off in people’s heads all at the same time. The roar of laughter and catcalls was just absurd.

Then comes the first of MANY touching moments that I witnessed from Kellan this weekend. Someone submitted a question that was something like, “Who is your hero in life?” and without one delay he answered, “My mommy”. Yeah, everyone in that room did the same thing you just did, “AWWW!” Then he starts to talk about how she raised all the boys and how strong she is and that she is at his house right now, planting flowers in his yard to make it look pretty. He stopped talking for just a moment because his voice got really thick with emotion, as he turned his head to the side, you could actually see the tear streak on his cheek. He wiped it away and sniffled. Us coo-ing at him probably didn’t help, but he got himself together and finished the question.

Ok, so one of the questions that came through asked him how he stayed in shape with all the traveling and what not. He said he really likes to just run and do pushups which are pretty easy to get done when on the road. BLESS Melissa and Monkey for yelling out for him to do them because not only did he do push ups, he did the most amazingly erotic pushups, that I have ever seen. Don’t believe me? Here.. Watch the video…(no, its not mine. mine was too jumpy)

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After that and one last statement about the photoshopped picture he mentioned in the photo op room (Yes, he took it upon himself to put to rest the question on whether it was him or not. The verdict? STILL NOT HIM), the Q&A with Kellan was over. Later that day would be the autograph signing with Kellan and Ashley for the Gold Pass holders. I had Preferred Pass, mine was on Sunday.

Part 2 of Saturday coming soon..

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Comment by KirstyMarie Pattz on July 18, 2009 at 12:02pm
Oh i can't wait to read more!!! Its getting me excited for him been in the UK in September :D
Comment by Jacksons Girl (adoptive TwiMom) on July 18, 2009 at 12:07pm
then just wait till you read my blog for Sunday...
Comment by Melissa (Missy) J. on July 18, 2009 at 12:36pm
omg! sounds like soo much fun! hehe i bet he lurved your fanfic! haha
Comment by KirstyMarie Pattz on July 18, 2009 at 2:09pm
Omg i'll be looking out for it especially!!!! And i love how Angel reacted to ur fanfic so can only imagine his reactions!! haha
Comment by Jacksons Girl (adoptive TwiMom) on July 18, 2009 at 2:10pm
most people react to it that way.. i hope he enjoyed it
Comment by Emily Thompson on July 18, 2009 at 2:21pm
that waz really cool exept the one picture of kellen lutz that was kinda showy 4 a 12 year old
Comment by Carlisle's Beloved on July 18, 2009 at 2:36pm
You know how to LIVE. Good post
Comment by Jacksons Girl (adoptive TwiMom) on July 18, 2009 at 3:00pm
Emily- it's not really kellan..

Alison- perhaps i should put up a warning?
Comment by Jacksons Girl (adoptive TwiMom) on July 18, 2009 at 3:06pm
btw.. part two of this.. will post very soon
Comment by Jen Petrich on July 18, 2009 at 3:15pm
Like I commented on Monkey's blog about Saturday's events....I WANNA GO!!! I'll behave...I promise!!! Can't wait to read the 2nd day of your events!!


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