Jacksons Girl Hits Twi/Tour Atlanta 2009 (Day Three, final day)

Sorry it took so long.. I had to make it right..

Before I start this, I received several messages asking me my Twitter account so that you could go back and see my tweets (you’ll have to go back to around July 10th, early). Ok, no problem. Http://www.twitter.com/Jacksons_Girl . You can also follow along by going to my profile page here and watching the widget I have on that page. Either way, happy to have ya..

On with the show..

As most of you know, I didn’t actually attend the TwiTour convention today, I volunteered. So, my call time was at 10 am, but I didn’t get there till 10:15 am. Why? Because I didn’t realize until about 10 till 10 that our hotel’s driver didn’t start driving till NOON that day. So, I walked. As fast I possibly could. I get there and I am sent to see the woman that runs the volunteers and everything else, Valerie. She, is amazing.. But do not mess with her. She does not play games, ok? Anyway, she is still in the Sunday Brunch/Auction thing with Kellan, Ashley and Catherine Hardwick. So I get to go meet up with the lady that is just under her (Antrice), in the photo op line. She asks me if I can walk the line and let people know the rules for the photo ops today…

1.) Before reaching the entrance/exit to the room, please put away all cell phones and cameras. You will be asked to do so if you do not. You will not be permitted in or near the doors if you do not.

2.) For timing reasons, please do not ask for hugs. You will have that opportunity when you get your autographs later in the day.

Those rules sound mean, but they REALLY do need to be said and enforced. Why? Well the camera thing is obvious. When people are coming out of the exit door, people’s flashes were going off at the same time someone was trying to get their photo taken. This was the last day of the con. If your picture got whited out because of someone else’s flash, wouldn’t you be upset if you couldn’t get that photo, that you just spent a good amount of money on, retaken? Also, with the hugs, some people, didn’t know how to stop. They would hug, then hug again, then talk for a bit, then hug again. Not only did that make things run late in the photo op room, that caused things to run late for their Q&A as well. For some people, that Q&A was the only chance they had to see their stars. Holding them up and causing them to cut their session short, is fairly rude to those who could only see the Q&A. Get me?

As I was doing that, I met some wonderful people. I answered as many questions as I could and if I didn’t know them, I found out. The first photo op up for the day was the Kellan & Ashley duo photo. That line wasn’t too long, but when Kellan came in I got a chance to see him. He was looking INSANELY gorgeous in all grey with a grey newsboy hat on. Yummy! So, I snuck away and got something to drink so I could tweet that (no cell phones when you are volunteering unless it is to get a hold of someone with creation). When I went back to the line and started giving my speech again. Antrice asked me to go through the line one more time and then head to the auditorium because they needed help on the doors. I told her no problem, but before I walked away she asked me to come with her really quickly. We went into this locked room and I filled out a folder with my info on it and she gave me a yellow volunteer lanyard and a pass that had my name on it.

After that, I headed for the auditorium and helped control the door. People were just walking that hadn’t paid for anything. We put a stop to that real quick and kicked those people out. This lady kept coming up to me ALL morning, asking me questions about Creation and volunteering and websites (yes, twifans.com was mentioned several times). I had NO idea who it was. I figured, promotion is promotion, right? Anyway, I was at the door through Kellan and Ashley’s Q&A and it was SUPER funny. Although, I could have used a little less information on Kellan’s dog’s poop, but it was still super funny. At one point, Ashley had to get up and remove herself from the panel and Kellan was left alone to field questions that also pertained to Ashley. So, in his best “Ashley voice” he would answer for her. SO funny! At one point a girl asked him about the cut in his hips and if he had a scar there. Everyone was just like, what? So was Kellan. He said, “What did you just ask?”

Girl: “You know, that V you get by your hips when you work out?”
Kellan: “Show me”
Girl: “No… you know right here (she makes the V motion by her hips”
Kellan: “Where is that again? Show me..” (cheeky smile)
Girl: “The V- in your hips that you get when you work out a lot. Sometimes it looks like you have a scar there in certain photos. Do you have one? And what is it from if you do?”
Kellan: (has a devilish look on his face) “No, I don’t remember having a scar there, what did you do to me last night?”

The WHOLE crowd went nuts over that comment. I was standing at the door laughing hysterically trying to check people in. It was super funny. Just before it ended, Monkey and Melissa came out of the room and headed to the photo op line for Kellan so that they could get their photos retaken from yesterday. The Q&A ended and it was time for Kellan’s photo ops. I wasn’t told to go down there to help so I stayed on the door. All of a sudden I heard my name being shouted over HUNDREDS of people, waving me down toward the photo op room. I was told to stand inside and watch the entrance door until the main girl doing photo ops was back. Little did I know, that it would be long enough to witness one of the most heart warming things, I had ever seen.

So I am in this room and it is literally me, Chris (the photographer) and Kellan. No one else from creation, no one from Kellan’s camp. Nothing. I felt very out of place as he danced around the room and talked to Chris. I suppose he hadn’t seen me or was just trying to keep it professional, I don’t know, but when he started to dance towards me I just kind of held up my hands in case he bumped into me. I was trying REALLY hard not to laugh because he was just being so ridiculous, shaking his butt and bopping his head around. Just silly. He turned around and smiled at me with this HUGE smile. All I could really do was smile back and say, “Thought you were going to dance all the way through me and out the door” He laughed and said, “Nah, I was just having fun.” To which I replied, “Nothing wrong with that.”

A few moments went by and the exit door opened. They were bringing in those people with special needs and smaller children first. They had been doing that all weekend, but I hadn’t been in the room to see any of it. They were bringing people in, one at a time. The first girl they brought in, was blind. She had her golden retriever with her as well as her mother. Kellan looked a little confused. I assumed it was because A-she was blind and wouldn’t see the photo and B- she had just taken her photo with both he and Ashley. So I respectfully tried to keep my attention elsewhere, but I was listening in on the conversation. I know, I am a horrible person.

Kellan: (looks at the mom, slightly puzzled)
Mom: “The photo is for me to have, and the experience is for her. You are her favorite and she wanted to be able to, well, see you her self”
Kellan: (just nodded yes and turned to the girl) “So I am your favorite huh?”
Girl: (giggles shyly) “Yes, you are really funny and sound so handsome”
Kellan: (you could almost hear his heart break) “Do you mind if I do something really fast?”
Girl: “No”
Kellan: (takes the girls two hands and places them on his face so that she could ‘see’ him and feel what he looks like) “How do I look to you?”
Girl: (feels slowly around his face as his eyes shut. She giggles when she touches his beard) “You are very handsome Kellan”
Kellan: (smiles)
Girl: “Oh! You have dimples” (this causes Kellan to smile more)

They take their photo which is really really cute and Kellan asks if he could take one more and the girl smiles and says yes. He asks if he can do one more thing, since this photo is for him. She of course says yes and is blushing deeply. He turns her to face the camera and he stays turned to the side, he wraps his arms around he and kisses her cheek just as the flash goes off. He tells her thank you and even hugs and kisses the mom. As they leave, another round of people come in but you can just see that Kellan is DEEPLY touched. Several kids come in and take their photos with him and when one comes through that touches his heart, Kellan holds of a finger to signal Chris that he wants a copy of it for himself. I found this EXTREMELY endearing. Just before I got pulled out of that room, I watched (well, I tried not to watch, by talking to Chris) Kellan ‘freshen’ up if you will. Deodorant check (great tummy!!), chapstick application (remember that for later) and a little cologne (no, I don’t know what it is).

I left the room to go BACK to my post at the door, but worked the line once more. Explaining the rules. I left out the hug bit this time because Kellan was going to hug you whether you wanted to or not (EXCEPT ME!!!). I went over and talked to Monkey and Michelle for just a bit and then continued working the line as it started to move. As I got to the door, I had several people come up to me, thanking me for being so kind and helpful. I told them thank you and that it was part of the job. They started to tell me about some of the other people they had come across that day that were just rude. As I explained to them, the people that are volunteering here are just that, volunteers. We are not paid and we rarely get breaks. We are expected to know everything, even though we are not trained. There are very few of us and a whole lot of them. The one woman (who was there with her husband and 3 daughters) then replied, “Well, then, why are you so nice but they are not?” I smiled and giggled a little and told her that I had only been doing this today, some of them, had been pulling 16 hours a day since Thursday. That, and I work in retail so this was nothing compared to Christmas season. She laughed and thanked me again.

The unknown lady came up and started asking me a ton of questions again and a guy was with her this time, with a rather large camera. He was snapping photos left and right. She walked away for a few moments and I overheard her say to someone that she was with CNN.com. This made my inner 12 year old leap for joy. Monkey had walked up to me at this point and we were just chatting about how she was going to leave (Aimee and Leonor had already gone) and I started to pout. I didn’t want it to be over. I was having so much fun with everyone. Well, as we talked, the Cnn.com lady came back out and was asking about official numbers and what not. I didn’t have that information, but I knew that Valerie would. Monkey agreed to take her to Valerie. That was the last time I would see Cnn.com woman. Monkey came back about 10 minutes later. Apparently they had interviewed her as well, also dropping the twifans.com name.

At one point, I was down in the Green Room. The Green Room is a room on a whole other floor that, unless you were working or a guest, you were not allowed is because this is where the guests were kept/relaxed between events. I was basically guarding the room because it had some very important things in it (Ashley and Kellan for one) and I was trying VERY hard NOT to eavesdrop but when they start joking around he is annoying her to the point that she throws things at him, it is hard not to watch and laugh. I was sitting on one of the other couches and Valerie came in and thanked me for staying. Kellan said something to her about annoying her next and she said, "Don't even think about it Kellan" He laughed and kept pestering Ashley. I already got asked this by Monkey, but I will say it here so there isn't any confusion. Is there a romantic vibe at ALL between Kellan and Ashley or is it just friendly? Well, here is the answer. NO. There is NO romantic vibe at all. I was sincerely hoping to pick up on one, but it is so very much brother and sister it is almost annoying ha ha. So, as far as I could tell and I m a pretty good judge of these things, there is absolutely NOTHING romantic going on between Kellan and Ashley.

The day moved on and we had Subway for dinner. Catherine Hardwick was up next for Q&A. I got the LOVELY task of being camera Nazi. Basically, anyone caught recording was to be asked to stop. Now, I know most of you are thinking, “But, you recorded!” Yes I did.. That was on Friday and Saturday. I wasn’t ‘working’ then. Now that I was working, that was the rule I had to enforce. Well, Catherine got asked a question about the kissing scene and rehearsing it and it was like someone set off a beacon asking everyone to record at once. I got most of the people, but not all. She was talking about how Rob and Kristen literally would have stink contests to see who could gross the other one out more. I thought that was funny. Then someone asked her what it was like working with Heath Ledger on Lords Of Dogtown. I know it was my job to tell people to stop recording, but I turned my back on this one. I had to.

So, her Q&A is over and it is about that time to start autographs. The gold pass holders that were asked to wait till this day, preferred and General Admission ticket holders were getting their autographs from Kellan and Ashley and everyone was getting Catherine’s… AT THE SAME TIME! Kellan and Ashley were stuck behind a curtain so that a riot didn’t ensue and Catherine was on the other side of the stage.

Ok.. Time- 4:05pm. Kellan’s plane, is leaving at 7:30pm. Which means he needs to be AT the airport by no later, than 6:30pm. Sounds like everything is going to be ok, right? NOT SO MUCH! I was asked if I needed to get my Kellan and Ashley Autographs in person. I really wanted them to be, but for timing sake and because I was thinking of the fans that may not get to talk with them if I took that time, I said no. So I ran with Antrice to our little room and grabbed my calendar and ran into the room and placed it on the table.

Kellan and Ashley don’t even take their places till 4:30 or 4:45pm. I am walking around and giving out everyone’s tickets for the autographs and Valerie comes to me and asks what I think about moving Catherine’s table to the back of the room. The decision is made to do that because there was WAY too much going on in the front to keep people separate. So the table gets moved and they start calling people for Kellan and Ashley’s line. I am still handing out tickets for Catherine. A few…disagreements ensued, but all was handled in the end.

As things were winding down for Kellan and Ashley, I was heading back up to the front to put down my tickets and sharpie. Kellan came walking out in the front of the stage and was looking rather stressed. I told him to travel safe. He put on the warmest smile and grabbed my hand for a quick squeeze and told me “Thanks, babe”. I just smiled back. He walked across the front of the stage and waved to everyone that was still left. I thought that was sweet, he could have just ducked out the back. After that, Kellan was gone.

I was asked to watch their table as there were tickets on them and some items that needed to be packed up. I did so and proceeded to grab me a bottle of water off the table because I was very thirsty. NO, it was not one of theirs. It was unopened. So, one of the other girls and I pick up the stuff that needed to be kept (tickets, markers, etc) and head down to the Green Room. We knocked on the door and who answered? Well, it was lil miss Ashley Greene. Se was just in a plain t-shirt and jeans, no shoes. Marlow, her dog that really likes to lick people, was running around sniffing everything. The room wasn’t as big as I thought, but then again, it was full of all sorts of things for them to snack on and all the gifts they had received from fans. I noticed there were 2 boxes in the room with presents in them. These were “fan” boxes. They contained the gifts that they wanted to keep. I was actually touched to see just how MUCH they keep. And to answer the question that just popped into some of your minds, Yes, they do read the letters they are given. They may not keep them all, but they are read. At least from what I saw.

Anyway, the other volunteer and I came down there to put the stuff away from Kellan and Ashley’s autograph line and grab chocolate for Catherine. Well, it just so happened to be the exact time that Ashley needed to get out to her car. It only took us about 5 minutes to do it, but we ran Ashley to her car, making sure she didn’t get mobbed, which there were some fans still about and could have happened. She thanked us and we told her to be safe and then she was racing off towards the airport.

So, we go back up to the main hall and hand Valerie the bag of chocolates and she proceeds to dump them out in front of Catherine. Catherine just stars laughing and everyone got a kick out of it. There really wasn’t much to do after that, but walk Catherine out, which the large man that was playing security did as myself and Shannon (aka DSouthie23 on twitter) joked around and talked about our other obsessions and what not.

Then we all headed down for the green room to start packing things up. Did I mention that a hurricane decided to blow through and it was storming like nobody’s business outside? Yeah, it was insane. The rain was going sideways. Not good for me, I had to walk to my hotel. I didn’t end up having to walk, no fear, my girls took care of me. Well, we were packing up the fan stuff and all of Valerie’s belongings and there was SOOOO much food and snacks left that she told us all either to take it or it would be thrown away. Well, we are rummaging through stuff and right where Kellan’s script was found earlier in the day, was also his chapstick (yes..I took it). I was all giddy because I am fairly certain that NO ONE saw me do it.

As a little side note, there was TONS of candy not taken TONS. Also several very large boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. People, lets get him something other than those things. He even said himself in his Q&A on Saturday that he appreciates it and his family and friends love us for it, but there’s no WAY he can consume all that. So, for Kellan’s sake, please stop getting him those things. What he DOES like, is things that are creative. When we were looking for something for Valerie, I started looking through his fan box (1-to see if he had my story in there & 2-because I wanted to see what he was keeping) I noticed that he REALLY likes creative things. Like, drawings and artwork. Things that people really took the time out to do. At this point Antrice comes over and says, “It’s not in there girl” I said, “Yeah, I know. I don’t know where she put that lid” She laughed and said, “No, your story. It’s not in there.” I just looked at her and tried not to look crushed. She smiled and said, “Don’t you know I took care of you. It’s in his carry-on. He’s got it with him now” I just smiled REALLY big and told her that I owed her. She told me it was no big deal, that she was a fan too. In general, most of the volunteers, ARE fans, but ya gotta stay professional when ya work.

So we FINALLY get all the things done that needed to be done and it was just about time to part ways. Valerie and I step out for some air and a drink (Patron, people. Tequila is the way to her heart. NOTE: We are both well over the age of 21 and were not driving anywhere). We start talking about things like how some girls tried to steal Kellan’s sunglasses and they were asked to return them or go to jail.

They returned them and then they were escorted out of the hotel and their passes taken. Good for them. That was rude. I know, you all are thinking, but you took his chapstick. Yes, he left that and wasn’t anywhere near the building. The sunglasses were on the stage on Saturday and he walked over to sign the banners and they took them then. See the difference? No? ok, just humor me then, will ya? Somewhere in there, I got a VERY special gift for Sherie (she knows what it is…) since she wasn’t able to talk to Peter Facinelli on the phone.

It was now time to say goodbye and it was harder than I thought, but I had just spent the last 13 or 14 hours with these ladies and we got very close. There were almost 1000 people there that day and there were only 5 (FIVE!!!) of us running the show. Yes.. I said FIVE. We got VERY close VERY quick. First to leave was Valerie. We all hugged her and said goodbye. She told us she loved us and would love to have us volunteer again. I told her I would in a heartbeat. Then I said goodbye to Antrice, which I love that girl for life, let me tell ya!! Then Heidi was kind enough to drive me to my hotel, thanks girl!

I stayed one more night in Atlanta and then the morning I was leaving, Monkey came to my hotel and I offered her a little Kellan DNA. Yes, she was the first and ONLY person to put her lips to Kellan’s chapstick. I will close by sharing the photos of that magic moment with you. Thank you all for following a long and reading. It was a blast. Can’t wait to do it again.

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Comment by Twisuz on July 26, 2009 at 2:41pm
I remember a lot of the Q & A moments! That was awesome, I am checking in to working a couple future conventions. :)
Comment by Melissa (Missy) J. on July 26, 2009 at 6:00pm
sounds like so much fun!
Comment by KirstyMarie Pattz on July 27, 2009 at 2:30am
Wow that was so worth the wait.. I loved the part about how Kellan was with the blind girl and her mom, that has got to be 1 of the sweetest things ever..it brought tears to my eyes reading ur account of it!! Thanks for sharing!
Comment by Jacksons Girl (adoptive TwiMom) on July 27, 2009 at 6:25am
Monkey.. you want it off.. you take it off LOL
Comment by berglund on July 27, 2009 at 6:57am
is that photo from him in atlanta? the lainey gossip one?
Comment by Jacksons Girl (adoptive TwiMom) on July 27, 2009 at 7:05am
berglund- no it was just to show what sunglasses I was talking about


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