Jacob and Nessi fun time! (where i act like i'm serious, but this is really just for an over obsessed jacob fan like myself)

MMMMMMMK, so this is actually a comment i left my friend when she asked people a bunch of questions (and i suggest you go talk to her cuz she is AWE to the SOME!) and the question i chose to answer was What will happen to jacob and nessi.
Enjoy me being a lamo!
but seriously, i thought it was pretty darn funny if you know that i am a very weird person. It is kinda long, but worth the read.
i think at least.
mmk hear goes

first one is unrealistic (aka, what i WANT to happen)
and second one is my REALISTIC version (what probably WILL happen)
sorry, this is gonna be long.

Jacob will, of course, live happily ever after with nessi until...
he meets me.
cuz i go to forks for a cool trip thingy (which i actually AM doing this summer =P)
and i go to la push and take pictures. like LOADS.
while in la push i find out that jacob black IS real just like i suspected. so i get all nice looking and schtuff and head around to find my mystery man.
and i find billy. wow... that isn't how i pictured it.
he tells me that jacob (and nessi) are in town and billy doesn't mind showing me where they are!
how perfect is this?
so we find them and jacob takes one look at me and gasps...
all of the balloon strings to renesmee have been CUT WITH SCISSORS and he is now attached to ME.
and nobody expected it cuz nobody knew that they could imprint in the first place,
what makes you think they would know that you can REimprint right!?
right. i thought so.
so yay for me! my dreams are coming true, but wow, i must say, i was worried he will re RE imprint again!
don't worry for me because that my friend, is not an issue.
you can only imprint twice.
2- ME.
so i am the second and most perfect person in the world to him.
just like i knew i would be.
and "what about 3rd times a charm lindsey? 2 is a pretty stupid number to end on right? RIGHT?!"
except for the name renesmee...
i'll let you ponder that for a quick second.
one mississippi...
now on with my tale.
oh wait, there is only one more thing to add!
the FREAKING end.

ohk and now for the realistic version.
oh wait! i just told that one!
ohk i was kidding.

jake and nessi live all happily ever lovy dovy after with cute, weird and annoying nicnames that make everyone want to throw up like SCHMOOPY.
oh, and sure, why not throw in a kid there!
but you wil have to take that one up with stephenie, cuz i sure don't know if nessi can have kids.
hahahahahaha, i just thought of a better ending.

carlisle does some research and finds out that RENESMEE CAN'T HAVE KIDS!
so ha in your face.
so jacob has kids with me.

how realistic is that?
yeah, i thought so.

much love!
<3 Lindsey

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Comment by Melissa (Missy) J. on January 27, 2009 at 5:33pm
haha that was funny....you should do more of those and make a weekly blog or something....


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