please!!!!you know that you prefer Jacob!!!(girl 2)
nooo you know that you prefer James!!!(girl 1)
girl 2:Jacob!!
girl 1:James!!!!
girl 2:please choose Jacob!!
girl 1:c'mon!!!is too best James!!!
girl 2:what have of "too best" James!!!?
girl 1: you know!!the poor boy/vampire had no education!He did not know that eating people is wrong! he can change! But Jacob can not! And intervenes between the love of Bella and Edward !!
girl 2:But Jacob is trying to do nothing!He fell in love with Bella! Is not the fault of Jacob! And James can not change because a vampire crawler crawler is forever..!And James attempted to kill Bella!Jacob NEVER try to kill Bella!!
girl 1:yes!but he attempted to kill Bella because had no education!!
girl 2:oh c'mon!!!he can try!!!!!like Carlisle!!
girl 1:no because when he change to vampire and he see too many people that he can't resist to eat them!!
girl 2:but he can try to don't do that again!!!and he try to do that??noo!!!!!he still eating to the people!!!
girl 1:uugh ... you dont understand my theory ...
girl 2:yes!!!!I understand that you cant invent another excuse!
girl 1:isnt an excuse!!!
girl 2:yes sure...
girl 1:uugh.. PLEASE CHOOSE JAMES!!!!
girl 1:HOW YOU CAN SAY IT!!!!
girl 2:¬¬........CHOOSE JACOB!!!!BYEEE!!!
girl 1:JAMES!!!
girl 2:JACOB!!!

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Comment by Morgaine Chya on April 28, 2009 at 3:29pm
Ever since I saw James hanging from the rafters in the boat house (in the DVD extras), I compare all other mens bodies to his. OMG, good thing they didn't have that shot in the movie. Fainting females would have littered the floor.
Comment by STUPID LAMB :) ! on May 3, 2009 at 8:47am
I WOULD HAVE TO PICK JACOB because james is an evil vampire and im not for bad guys at all :)


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