Josh Hutcherson says Kristen Stewart inspires him to “still be me” even with fame

Josh Hutcherson starred in Zathura with Kristen Stewart. In a recent interview with the Baltimore Sun, the Hunger Games star says that his interactions with Kristen since hitting the Twilight big-time remind him that he can still be himself, and doesn’t have to change with fame.

Jennifer has expressed being apprehensive about taking on the role and how it would change her life. Was there any of that from you? What advice, if any, did you receive from your “Zathura” co-star Kristen Stewart(“Twilight”) about dealing with that?
For me, it wasn’t even a decision. It was understood from the beginning that if I got the part offered I was doing it. I love the story so much, I love the character, that I wouldn’t want to not do a movie that has a great story, great character, just because of what it could do to me socially. And on top of that, as an actor, in the profession, if you become successful you become known and every actor wants to become successful, so in one way or another hopefully at some point you become well-known. At the same time it is a life-changer, and I hate being treated differently than other people, and that happens a lot in this business especially. So it is tough. As far as Kristen goes, it was cool because I worked with her before all the madness happened with “Twilight.” I haven’t really talked to her a lot since, but the times that I have, she’s still the same, and for me that kind of gives me reassurance that I don’t have to change. I can still be me.

And with all the Twilight/Hunger Games comparisons, it’s a nice change of pace that the Sun asked a little different question.

Many people have made “Twilight” comparisons. Hopefully this is a new question at least: If Peeta had to choose between being a werewolf or a vampire, what would he choose?
Considering Peeta’s like me, and I would probably choose vampire, I would say vampire. I think that the transformation you have to go through from a person to a wolf, I feel like that’s very physically taxing. It would be very tiring. And vampires are just cool.

I thought you would say werewolf. Peeta’s kind and reserved but once you flip the switch he can turn on that other side of himself.
That’s true. That’s true. There is that element.

Care to reconsider?
I’m sticking with vampire. I’m standing behind my choice. [Laughs.]


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