Julia Jones talks Leah and Breaking Dawn with the Examiner

The Examiner got a chance to talk to Julia Jones while she was in Boston to promote for the release of Breaking Dawn part 1, she talked about her character leah and Breaking Dawn ...

Here’s an excerpt from the interview :

Julia Jones came into the Twilight franchise in the third movie Eclipse. The first two films, Twilight and New Moon were monster hits at the box office. She talked about what it was like coming into an already established franchise, Julia, “It was surreal because there is just no way to know what you are getting into because it is such a unique thing. When I was cast, it felt huge, but I had no idea what that meant in the ways my life would change. It was kinda scary, but that subsided once I got to set and met everybody. They were like hey this is the deal we are all in this together. We kinda operated like a family.” On the differences the second time around, coming in for Breaking Dawn, “It was easier in a lot of ways because the big thing was you already had found your character. You already gotten into her, played her before so there was a lot of confidence. The most scary part was when you’re first doing the film, you’re terrified of the fans. They all have this idea of what this character is like so are they going to accept you or reject you or hate you for ruining their favorite characters and their favorite books. That was a fear. I remember watching Eclipse for the first time before it came out and I was very nauseous because I realized, wait this is coming out, fans are going to be able to judge this. What if they hate it? As an actor you get a script, you get a character and you make it your own. When you’re playing a character based on a book, a wildly popular book, you’re playing a character that belongs to the world. That’s daunting.”

Her character has changed from its Eclipse time to the Breaking Dawn stage, on her character’s development, “When she first comes in, she’s just so angry and sort of raw. It’s almost a state of shock where she can’t process anything. She’s just turned into a wolf and what is that all about and she just lost the love of her life and she’s so alienated, it just comes out in anger. I think in Breaking Dawn, she kinda works through that. She sheds some of her anger. And hopefully you start to feel for her and it becomes justified anger. It was so rewarding because she’s such a great character to play. She just has so many layers and that’s a challenge to play a character that is so miserable and awful and unpleasant. I don’t personally have that much anger, well I do obviously if I can draw from it, but I don’t express it in my own life much. It was hard to learn how to do that. It’s funny, it helped that she physically had this scowl on her face because that can actually make you feel mad.”

I asked her if she had read the books prior to being cast. Julia, “I read the books back to back in a week and a half right when I was cast. One of my best friends is a big Twilight fan and she actually told me about them and how they were being made into movies and she told me the character would be perfect for me. In that scary period when you aren’t sure if people are going to like this, the fact that somebody I knew, a big fan, thought I was right for it, it was very calming.” On the casting process, “You get a phone call like that, asking to audition for something that’s a cultural phenomenon, there’s just not a thought in the world about not doing it.”

Read the rest of the interview HERE


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