Julia Jones talks the Relationship between leah and Jacob in Breaking Dawn

In an interview with Cosmo Magazine, Julia Jones talks about the relationship between Leah and Jacob in Breaking Dawn, and also her relationship with Taylor Lautner.


How did you get involved in the Twilight saga?
The casting director called and I went in to audition for the director of Eclipse, David Slade. About a week later I auditioned again, and then a month after that heard that I'd gotten the role - but that I couldn't tell anyone for another month.

Were you a fan of the books before you were cast in the films?
I hadn't read the books when I auditioned, but as soon as I was cast I read them all in a week and a half and became a big fan.

What was it like to be the only girl in the werewolf-pack?
It was like being the only girl in a family with six brothers. They are all so energetic and fun and loud and they can be very silly. 

What’s the relationship like between Jacob and Leah?
Jacob and Leah have a very close bond. It's a little like family but it's also a partnership. In Breaking Dawn, when Jacob lets her join his pack, he's giving her an opportunity to stop feeling the pain of being around Sam all the time. I think her gratitude for that and her ability to understand his pain over Bella gives him strength as well. They would literally kill for each other.

In the novel, Leah is quite protective of Jacob. Are you protective of Taylor?
I actually do feel protective of Taylor. He's so mature in a lot of ways that it doesn't seem like he needs protection but every now and then I'm reminded of the fact that he's still pretty young. I adore Taylor so it makes sense that I'd want him to be happy and safe.

Can you tell us a bit about the CGI technology behind the wolf transformations. How does it work?
There is a whole team of visual effects people whose job it is to make the wolves look amazing. We got to spend a lot of time with them and it was very exciting for me to learn about that part of the process. To do the transformations you have to get cyber-scanned, which is kind of like getting an MRI except you're standing. This provides them with a three dimensional digital image of your body, which they can then manipulate into a wolf.

Was there a divide on-set between the vampires and the werewolves?
There was a bit of separation because of our shooting schedules. The wolf-pack rarely worked at the same time as the Cullens. But there was much less of a separation on Breaking Dawn for me and for Booboo. This time I spent almost all of my free time with vampires.

What was it like to work with Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner?
At this point it's bizarrely normal. When we go to work everyone is focused on their roles and the scene so you're not thinking about them as heart-throbs - they feel more like colleagues. I am reminded of the fact that they're huge movie stars pretty much all of the time besides when we're at work.

Do you think it’s funny to see Rob and Taylor portrayed as heartthrobs? What’s it like to walk the red carpet alongside those two?
I don't think it's funny - I totally get it! At events you can always tell when one of them has arrived because the fans' screaming hits a pitch I didn't know was humanly possible before Twilight.

And lastly, which side are you on: Team Edward or Team Jacob?






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sweet n beautiful julia


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