Heaven, Hell or Nothing. Who Cares.
Written By Samantha N. Szczyrbak

The Human Psyche is filled with a vast amount of unanswered questions. One of the most popular is where do we go when we die. Some people believe we are reincarnated other’s believe we go to heaven or hell, and other’s believe we go no where. We as a species are preoccupied with death, we rationalize it with pretty places and familiar faces. We spend our whole lives preparing for the unstoppable. No matter what death will come and as much as I know that is a hard truth to face it is in fact the truth.
In my aspect I was put on earth for one reason and one reason alone, to live my life. I refuse to waste this precious time preparing, following rules and obligations. I do not know what waits on the other side, but what ever it is we will soon find out. Why be so preoccupied with it. Instead why don’t we enjoy life, enjoy your friends and family while they are still here to enjoy. Show them you love them, never let them doubt it. Because when there gone you’ll wish you had.
There is no since in arguing over who is right and who is wrong, simply because there is no way of knowing. We should take the unknown as a blessing. What if there is nothing on the other side, What if when you die you are simply gone. Tell me would you want to know something like that, No. That is the soul reason for all these rationalization. We try to make death easier to except by imagining golden gates and loved one’s, but the simple truth is, death is never easy. No matter where you end up it will always be hard. Does it really make it easier to except a loved one’s passing with heaven in mind. No it just numbs the pain for a brief moment.
So live your life, while there is one to live. Don’t fill your head with silly questions that will never be answered. Don’t prepare your self for death because in the end none of that will matter, all that will matter is what you did with the life you had.

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Comment by Melissa Connelly on September 12, 2010 at 11:29am
For real. Haha.


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