Kellan: „… I always just wanted to come to Berlin, we went through Frankfurt and I love the greenery ... And I came to Berlin and just all the buildings and the Berlin Wall we went to … and I did a lot
sightseeing, we went to a castle … what is this castle called?”

Us: Sanssouci in Potsdam?

Kellan: “Yes, Sanssouci, that is so cool! And we don’t have much history like that in L.A., like nothing ... but nothing we can really walk through. We went there and I had a headset
on and learned all the history which is fascinating. And I love
technology so I messed up a little thing and it turned to German and I’m
like “oh crap” and I’m still listening. I used to speak a little
German growing up with my grandparents. So I started picking up on some
of the words and I love language but again I couldn’t make out the
sentences, I was just like “Oh that means that” but I couldn’t even
repeat it. But it’s really neat to see that places and it’s
fascinating, so beautiful, the rooms are exquisite and yeah, I love it
here, the people are really nice, the fans are great. I went to the CK
Fashion Show last night and I’m glad to be a part of that brand. They
had a great show and the fans came out and gotta watch the Germany –
Spain game. (DON’T MENTION THAT) But it was really fun being with so
many german fans. (AND THEN WE LOST) … and in the 70th minute everyone:
“Oh, shhhh!”

Us: You jinxed it!

Kellan: No! No no no!

Us: Do you like football / soccer?

Kellan: At first I love American Football. ‘Cause I used to play it. I was never really good with my feet so I never really played soccer growing up. But then I worked in Africa when
they won the Rugby world cup and I really got into Rugby and Soccer
over there. And since then I am a die hart fan. It’s like the most
manliest sport – I know females too – but toughest sport out there
Rugby and Football or Soccer and it’s just crazy how much they run and
what they can do with a soccer ball. I love it!

Us: What do you want to ask your fans?

Kellan: Well my biggest thing that I love talking to fans, and that’s why I got a Twitter and I use my Twitter for my charities and it’s @KellanLutz. It’s a way because charity is
right near my heart, because I had a lot of people helping out my
family growing up, my parents separated, we didn’t have much money, I
had 6 brothers, one sister, a big family, a lot of families helped me
out. … And I had bigger brothers who taught me how to be a big brother,
you know. And to love. And you really get back to kids and kids are
our future. You can really help them with their problems, their anger
issues, and their depression with not having a father. My dad wasn’t
really in my life, 'cause I lived with my mother a lot, so I can rely
on these kids. And I love games, I love kids, I love having fun with
kids. I am very – I don’t know what it is, I guess it’s just … but I
really learned by working with these kids you had a hard bad look on
life that they can find hope. … When I ask fans (on Twitter or
elsewhere), you know, they always wanna know more about me, but I’m
always interested to learn what they’re like. I do charities in their
hometown, I do conventions, I go to places where I don’t know much
about. [...] And this is interesting and you find your heart into it. So
I ask the fans “What is it? What is it in Germany you are really
supportive of?” so I can educate myself on and, you know, find heart
into it and help in any way. Cause we are a union together in this world
and we can make it a better place. [...] If someone does little that
means everyone’s doing a lot and we can change this world! It’s very
cool. It’s cool to hang out with the fans and see what they care about.

Us: You should go to Hamburg.

Kellan: I want to!

Us: It’s a really nice place – sorry to you guys. // Cologne is cool too!

Kellan: Cologne, yeah?

Us: Anyway, you’re doing a lot of stuff with PETA like care for dogs and so on

Kellan: Peter…? Oh PETA, yeah! Not Peter, okay. I thought what do Peter and I do with dogs? That’s a secret, come on! Nooo… yeah I do. You know, for me again, I’m no crazy … but I do love that! I
adopted my pets. I adopted Kola, who is near to my heart, she’s the
love of my life, my dog, she’s a Shepherd Husky, and she is so cute
like no other! But she’s so loving and I missed her and I’m so blessed
to be working right now and love my job to act and I love doing
something which takes me around the world, you can see the world and
learn about it, but I miss my dog and she is too big to travel with. So
I can’t wait to go home in a couple of days and sleep in the bed with
her. She’s like… she’s such a girl! She’s like happy when she sees me
and then she gets pissed: “You left me!” and then I’m like unpack my
bag and be in my bed and chill down… and then I adopted this little
Chihuahua, his name’s Kevin, which was on my street running around,
which was a little street dog and we took him in and now they’re
attached, which is really nice. But yeah PETA, you know what, people
can do whatever they want in their life. They can buy a pure bread, they
can buy an expensive poodle, they can buy a pure bread golden
retriever or pit bull or whatever. But if you can, why not adopt? You
know these dogs are gonna die. … But if you can, and if you have it in
your heart and your financial stable and have enough time to give them a
long and happy life? Why not adopt? It’s sometimes you get the best
friends in months, or you’re about to because they feel. They feel, my
dog knows when I’m sad and happy and they’re so thankful. [...] A lot
of my friends have adopted dogs and they’re their best friends because
it’s so appreciating to give them another chance. It’s very endearing.

read the rest HERE

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