Kiowa and Tinsel hang out in Cincinnati for the New Moon dvd release!

It was no surprise to anyone the Twilight universe that there would be a handful of lucky stores across the US and Canada to be chosen to have special guests appear at the mifnight release of New Moon. What WAS a surprise, and mostly unknown, were the locations that were chosen. Early in the day on Friday, March 19th, most people were aware of who were making appearances and in what city, but that information stayed pretty quiet on the locations till several hours before the events were to start.

I hadn't planned to try to find Tinsel and Kiowa, but just before noon, I recieved a text message revealing the exact location that they were going to be in for the dvd release party. It sent me into overdrive. I started making phone calls to the store, texting people the information and speaking with our very own Alpha, Alison, on tweeting through the event. This was going to be awesome.

I got to the TriCounty mall around 7:40pm on Friday night. I had already pre-ordered one DVD from Target and had no intentions of purchasing the one from FYE/Suncoast. Well, once there, I didn't want to take the chance of missing out on anything special so I went a head and ordered the dvd. I was then directed to the floor above, to Suncoast video. Once there, I realized just how awesome this was going to be. There were already about 100 people in the store and the event didnt start for another 2+ hours.

Right around the 8:00pm mark, they had us all line up and started to hand out these green bracelets. No one knew what they were for, but there was talk about autographed DVDs. I was confused because I wasn't told anything about any of this. So through several people asking and one of the official people swinging by our part of the line this is what we found out:

* event will start from 10pm and end around 12:30am, earlier if they can help it because Tinsel and Kiowa had been up since 4am.

* the first 300 people in line got a green bracelet and were guaranteed an autographed copy of the DVD, if you had pre-ordered. everyone else got a regular bracelet that guaranteed them a dvd and to be at the meet and greet with the first 300.

* once Tinsel and Kiowa got there, contests and giveaways would be going and they would be judging

So, the wait began. I met several awesome people whilst in line (hey ladies) and of course told them about Several people came around checking our bracelets and even taking questions for the Q&A that would be held. Then the moment was here. THEY, were here. We were told they had arrived and were in the store and then they were introduced. We greeted them with VERY loud screams. Think about it. An empty mall with almost 600 people in it, screaming. Yeah, Loud. Not sure what it would sound like? well, I videod it.

Find more videos like this on Twifans

Once they settled in, they started doing the Q&A. They shocked me becaues for one of the questions, they chose mine. EEP! My question was, If you could play any other character in the series, who would it be. They called out my name and asked where I was, so I stepped up in front of them. Tinsel said that she would love to play Jane. That the character is so evil and cruel, that it was a complete departure from who she is that playing that character would just be amazing. Tinsel then handed the mic over to Kiowa who smiled a little and said he wanted to play Felix so that he could toss Edward around. Everyone laughed pretty hard at that.

On a side note, the people running the event were under the impression that it was Tinsel's birthday on the 20th so they had gotten a cake for her and made punch and cookies and all that, but as it turns out, her birthday isn't till the 25th of march. Well, Tinsel made it a point to ask if anyone had a birthday that was that day and several people screamed, but I think she could only hear the little girl up front. Tinsel then sang Happy Birthday to her (by name). Tinsel has a wonderful voice. Very pretty. She tried to get Kiowa to sing, but all he did was scream into the mic. He did that alot. It was very... um.. well.. special.

Anyway, some other questions were about how they were discovered/got started in the business. Tinsel was in a couple of commercials, like ProActive (just like Jackson Rathbone) and Kiowa was actually recommended by Stephenie Meyer herself. At one point they were slightly tired of being all the way up front so they started to walk the crowd and answer random questions.

Kiowa was asked how much Jacob (Taylor Lautner) weighed. He chuckled and said that Taylor started out weighing like 135 or 140 and then after gaining the muscle for the part in New Moon, that he was now like 170 or 175. Tinsel was asked how long it took do do the make up for Emily's scar. She said not long at all. That the first initial plaster casting of her face took a while, but they made a mold of her face and scanned it into the computer, then after that, all she really had to do was makeup and hair as usual and put a what is essentially a green piece of sticky paper on her face and then they just did CGI work on the computer to make the scar. I honestly had no idea about that, but thought that was awesome. Below are photos of them out in the crowd. Notice Kiowa sitting on a railing. That railing, was hanging over an almost 20 foot drop. NO ONE MADE HIM MOVE! He was worrying the heck out of all of us. Anyway, here are some photos::

After that, they walked back up front and started doing the costume contest, trivia contest and giveaways. Then they started the meet and greet. I got out my New Moon book for them to sign, but then I was told they weren't signing anything, but we could step up, chat for a moment and take their photo. Ok, that just seemed random and weird, but who am I to complain right?

So the line starts moving and I get up to the front. I have had 2 hours of sleep in the last 27 hours, my brain was on meltdown. I had SO many things I wanted to say, but I failed in an epic way when I approached the table. I said hello and that they were awesome and thanked them for being there. I had other things to say, but my brain died.

We circled back around and began to wait for midnight to happen. We were ALL tired and our feet were KILLING us. Tinsel and Kiowa finally get through the whole line and they say their goodbye's to us by thanking us for such a surprising turn out and for being so kind and welcoming them to our world.

Then at 12:04 (yes, they forgot how to tell time) the store let us in 15 at a time to get our DVDs. They were soooooooo slow. There were some people who didn't even LEAVE that place until almost 2am. I was already home by then and started watching the special features.

With emails exchanged and DVD in hand, I left Suncoast video in the Tricounty mall in Cincinnati, Ohio with some awesome memories and a great movie!

I will see you all, June 30th, for the release of Eclipse

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Comment by tabatha on March 21, 2010 at 2:16pm
great reporting
Comment by seekingbecca on March 21, 2010 at 5:46pm
Comment by JoJo Cullen on March 21, 2010 at 6:55pm
Very good reporting, it's like we were there or something. Thanks!;)
I love Kiowa's hair. Why can't they have his hair like this in the movie.
Comment by Alison Genet on March 21, 2010 at 9:07pm
Awesome as always Crystal. I am watching the video now
Comment by Jacksons Girl (adoptive TwiMom) on March 22, 2010 at 4:59am
you all are quite welcome. Glad that you enjoyed it.


seekingbecca, welcome to fandom. If you have never been that little girl that was a fan of anything or a fan of anything enough to make you scream like that, then I guess you wouldn't understand that specific 12 year old. There were 600-650 people there that night that all felt the same way she did. Bless her for having the lungs to express it.
Comment by Gena Nicole Metrakos on March 23, 2010 at 7:00pm
awesome story, thanks for sharing it :)


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