Kiowa Gordon Dishes On Being A Werewolf And A ‘Comic Book Nerd’ ~ Interview with TheFablife

We hopped on the phone this week with Twilight Saga star Kiowa Gordon, who is best known for playing Jacob Black’s werewolf BFF Embry in everyone’s favorite uber-franchise. Did you know Kiowa scored the role (out of thousands) at an open audition, after Stephenie Meyer - his friend from church - encouraged him to give it a go? That should tell you how much talent this kid’s got tucked away in his back pocket.

Kiowa - who will be at Comic-Con this weekend! - was gracious enough to gab with us for a while about shooting those barefoot werewolf scenes (they have special foot padding!), his musical aspirations with his band Touche and his favorite lady character in the Twilight Saga. Hint: he likes his real-life girlfriend best.

TheFABlife: Are you touring right now with your band Touche?

Kiowa: We’re just easing up on the touring right now because we have to look back and think about what we’re doing and just start out fresh right now.

TFL: So are you taking a break musically or are you kind of reassessing everything? Your band is still working together?

KG: Yeah definitely, we’re just reassessing things and we’re still going to go strong.

TFL: How has being in the Twilight movies impacted your musical career with Touche?

KG: We have played shows and Twilight conventions in LA. There seems to be a really big following there and they love it and they want to support me in what I do too. So I let them grab a hold of it and see what they can do with it. It helps our fan base and our publicity a lot. We actually went out a day before the Eclipse premiere and they were all camped out there, like crazy fans do and we came out and played a little acoustic show for them. It was pretty cool and it was really magical.

TFL: Do you find out that Twilight fans are limitless in their support? Like if you were to start painting, they would probably support that too?

KG: Yeah, definitely. Actually one of our pack brothers Alex Meraz, he actually does painting and he sells them at the Twilight conventions he goes to.

[Ed. Note: I am a huge Twi-nerd and I did not know this tidbit. But here's a pic of Alex Meraz painting! Unrelated: he is a hunk.]

TFL: I know your cast is super musical. Rob had a single on the first soundtrack, Billy just put out an album, Kristen and Nikki play music and now you’re in a band. Who would you vote most musical in the Twilight cast?

KG: I would say Jackson.

TFL: Oh of course! Jackson is in 100 Monkeys. Fail on my part.

KG: Yeah definitely Jackson. He’s a great guy and his music, I like it.


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