Kissed by Robert or bitten by Edward? Part I. A fanfiction. (Warning - romantic content)

Hi! This is my first fanfiction. It's very rough and was written within the space of an hour or so but I'm far to lazy to go over it again. This is part 1. It involves an anonymous fan and Robert Pattinson. I hope you enjoy :) All feedback appreciated!

Kissed by Robert or Bitten by Edward?

I was shopping for a dress for my best friends birthday party when he came bursting into the shop. The way he rushed in made me look up immediately to see what was going on and when I did I almost swallowed my tongue. My heart bounced in my chest and my blood almost ran cold. Robert Pattinson had just erupted into the shop and was striding toward me. He stuttered around his words and he flustered around his movements.

‘ Please help me,’ He finally spoke.

Was I dreaming? No. It was then I heard the faint but definite hum of multiple screams coming from outside the shop. I looked at him in shock and confusion.

‘ They’re going to kill me,’

The screams came louder and out of the shop window I saw at a group of least thirty girls running up the street screaming blue murder. Groupies. My eyes widened at the sight. I bit my lip and tried to think fast. I searched my surroundings before quickly grabbing a black beanie hat from the white, faceless mannequin head and pulled it over his fluffy hair before pulling the aviators from my face and pushing them over his nose. I swallowed and looked around again. I pulled off his red chequered shirt and threw it under a clothes rack, leaving him in a white vest while I tugged a black leather jacket from a nearby coat hanger and dressed him in it. He submissively went along with my actions. The screams grew louder and I saw the first line of groupies approach the shop… and then pass by. I exhaled my held breath. I inhaled sharply again when I saw five girls push into the store and look around. I instinctively pulled him closer to me by his forearms and pretended to chat. I eyed the girls from over his shoulder. One of them, a short, flushed looking, 13 year old girl in a black ‘Team Edward,’ T-shirt shouted at me in a hoarse, desperate sort of voice.

‘ Did R-pattz come in here?!,’

I put on a mock shock face. Well, it wasn’t completely fake, I was in a state of utter shock.

‘ Robert Pattinson?! No! He is here?! On this street?!,’ I gasped.

‘ Yeah,’ She nodded not look entirely convinced. ‘ He was having a book signing at Waterstones just around the corner,’

‘ Oh what?! I can‘t believe I missed it,” I said in real disappointment. Then I realised he was standing in front of me wearing my sunglasses and my heart tried to leap out of my chest.

‘ Yeah. He must of continued up the street,’ She said in utter despair.

‘ I told you! Now we’ve probably missed him completely,’ Another girl cried at her.

‘ I thought I saw him come in,’

The girls voices drained off as they left the shop. I heard them tell the stragglers that he wasn’t in there and the last of the stampede passed by. I exhaled my held breath and dared to look at him in the eyes for the first time. He was smiling at me.

‘ Thanks for that. You literally saved my life,’ His well spoken Barnes accent was a little too much for my senses and I began to feel heady.

‘ You’re welcome,’ I said in my broad Northern accent.

‘ You’re a quick thinker,’ He smiled. ‘ And…,’ he looked down at his ensemble. ‘ would make a very good stylist,’

I smiled and just about hid a little desperate sound that tried to creep up out of my throat. Straight after the desperate sound, a little scream wanted to follow suit which I also managed to swallow back down. I pressed my lips together and looked up at him. I couldn’t make out his eyes through my sunglass which somehow added to the surrealism of the event.

‘ I look notably cooler than I did before I came in,’

A closed mouth laugh bubbled from my lips and without my permission a broad smile began to grow across my face. He looked down on my face without speaking for a second. I tried to stop it but my smile continued until my teeth were showing. I couldn’t help it, I was beaming. It was Robert Pattinson! The man I’d had daily (or nightly) fantasies about.

‘ How can I pay you back?,’

I shook my head and bit my lip. ‘ No need,’

‘ Come on. You literally saved my skin. Do you know what those girls would of done to me if they’d caught up with me,’

Yes. I did. I knew very well. And it’s your own fault for being so utterly perfect. ‘ They did look very… determined,’

Robert smiled. ‘ Listen, there is a great coffee shop not far from here. Why don’t I repay you with a hot beverage?,’

I don’t know how I didn’t hyperventilate right then. I focused all my energy on staying upright and not hitting the floor. Be cool, I told myself. Be cool. Yes, you’re being asked to go for coffee with Robert Pattinson. Breath. This is potentially the most crucial moment in your life. Stay calm. Stay cool. Otherwise you will regret it for the rest of your life!

‘ I’d like that,’ I managed. I didn’t think I sounded overly stuttery.

‘ Great,’

‘ You may want to pay for the jacket and hat first or put it back,’ I smiled.

The most velvety smooth laugh I’d ever heard emerged from his perfectly formed lips. I licked my own and coughed through my dry throat. I swallowed hard while he picked up his shirt and paid for his new clothes. I stepped outside into the warm, early summer day on Oxford street. He followed closely behind me. As we passed the shop window I tried to check my reflection. How did I look? I wore my denim shorts and a black floral print vest. I worse tan leather cowboy style boots and my freshly manicured hand clung to the handle of my oversized tote shopping bag. We both paused outside the shop. He removed the hat and tucked it into his jeans pocket. He looked like he was going to say something but over his shoulder I noticed a second wave of groupies coming, stampeding around the corner. I gasped and grabbed him, pulling him towards me. With his tell tale messy hair now on clear view they’d surely see him. I pulled him into my body and wrapped my arms around his neck hugging him tightly. The girlie charge rushed passed us, completely ignoring us. I watched them disappear. The screams lingering behind. All of a sudden the fact my body was pressed against his hit me and I’m sure I would of fell down if I wasn’t supported by him. I pulled away feeling a little embarrassed.

‘ I’m sorry. I, erm, there were more screaming, crazy girls,’ I flustered over my words. I looked up and saw he was smiling broadly at me. Before I could speak again, Robert leaned down and pressed his lips against mine. Electricity jolted through my body. I pulled away.

‘ I’m sorry,’ He smiled. ‘ You just looked so adorable,’

‘ Wow,’ I breathed. The situation beginning to get a little too much. ‘ Well, you’ve just realised one of two of my life fantasies,’

‘ What is the other one?,’

‘ I wanted to be kissed by Robert Pattinson and bitten by Edward Cullen then I could finally decide which one was better,’ Oh my God. Really? Did I really just say that?

Robert smiled an amused grin. Then his face went all serious. ‘ You want to be bitten by Edward Cullen? Where?,’ He spoke in the serious, American voice of his Twilight character. My heart rattled against my chest. I could barely speak. Blood rushed to my cheeks. I took my finger and pointed to my neck. My eyes were fixed on his gorgeous mouth. His lips stretched into a knowing smile. With a slow, sensual movement from his hand he brushed my hair away to reveal my neck. He placed his hand on my right cheek and brought his face closer to me. I saw his mouth open and then felt his lips on my skin. My heart thumped faster. Then I felt his hard teeth press gently but firmly into my skin. I closed my eyes and dragged my teeth over my bottom lip.

‘ So?,’ He asked. ‘ Which is better,’ His bumbling British accent back again.

‘ Hmmmmm,’ I pondered.

‘ Well, hang on, I didn’t get a chance to do the kiss properly,’ He put his hand back on my face and started to move in. I pulled away quickly.

‘ You may be Robert Pattinson, but don’t push it,’ I smiled and wagged my finger.

After that he walked us to the coffee shop. Every step felt like I was walking on a cloud. The part of my neck where he’d bitten me pulsated. He stopped in front of a quaint looking shop with seats outside. He opened the door for me and I went in. The coffee shop was quirky. With mix-matched furniture and amusing pictures hung up on the walls. We sat down, he asked me what I wanted and then he went and ordered. Our drinks arrived, mine a cold lemonade, although I could of done with a stiff drink.

‘ So, do you normally go around biting girls on the street?,’ I asked him with a smile.

He burst out with a crazy, slightly embarrassed laugh. ‘ No, not at all,’ He took a sip from his drink. ‘ Although, I do often get asked to bite girls on the street,’

I laughed. ‘ Yeah…,’

He smiled. ‘ Not just you. No, I seriously get asked everyday. You were pretty tame compared to the usual. Once this kid came up to me and asked me in such a desperate voice ‘ I need you to bite me,’,’

I shook my head. ‘ Wow. So, I’m not the only one then,’

‘ Er no. Definitely not,’ He took another sip.

I looked at him, draped over the chair. God, he was sexy. We chatted so comfortably. I was amazed to find that he was a little bit shy. We were in the middle of an interesting conversation about blues music when I noticed the clock hanging on the wall over his shoulder. Had it really been 3 hours?!

‘ No! I don’t believe it!,’

‘ What?,’

‘ Oh my God. I don’t believe I’m saying this but… I have to go,’

‘ Hot date?,’

‘ No. It’s my best friends birthday. She’s having a party and it starts in about an hour,’

‘ Well if it’s ok with you and your friend, could I be your plus one?,’

‘ You want to come to my friends birthday party?,’ I said in disbelief.

He nodded. ‘ If it’s ok. I mean, it’s be a bloody shame to waste this amazingly cool outfit,’

I smiled and bit my bottom lip. ‘ Yes. Yes, it would. One more thing though, I need to go home first to get dressed,’

‘ Ok. I’ll drive us,’

After giving him my address, he’d called us a taxi. When we pulled up to my house I ran up to the door. It had taken us 45 minutes to get from central London to my house and I was so late. I told Robert to wait in the car. Behind my closed front door I almost collapsed. For a moment, I pressed my back against the wood and closed my eyes. How could this be happening? After regaining some of my composure I hurried upstairs. With all of the distractions I hadn’t actually bought myself a new dress so I quickly scanned my wardrobe. I opted for my favourite dress. Have you ever had an item of clothing that was made just for you. When you put it on, it completely enhanced your figure and no matter what the occasion you felt comfortable in the knowledge that you could rely on that piece of clothing? Well, that was this dress for me. I pulled off my clothes and pulled the black thigh length dress over my admittedly curvy body. Rushing over to my dressing table, I grabbed my make up bag and applied my foundation and blush, swept some black eye shadow over my eyes to create a sexy smoky look and slicked on a nude lip gloss. Happy with my 10 minute artwork, I tipped my head over, ruffled my hair about and then flung it back. Good. Lastly, I stepped into some sexy black heels and grabbed my clutch. I picked up my keys, dropped them in, spritzed myself with some perfume and ran back to the front door. I paused for a second, composing myself. Think sexy. Think cool. I opened the door slowly and stepped out of my house as seductively as I could. The car was still there. I half thought he’d be gone when I emerged and I’d realise it was all some kind of weird hallucination. No. He was there, sitting in the back seat of the ticking taxi as real as ever and his eyes were glued on me. I walked as sexily as I could toward the car trying to appear completely nonchalant at the same time. Like I just naturally exuded sex. Yeah, right. I got in and felt his eyes burning through me.

‘ You look amazing,’

I looked at him square in the eyes. ‘ Thanks,’ God, I could of drowned in those eyes. Those eyes were familiar to me, I gazed at them many times in pictures, movies and interviews. I couldn’t believe I was looking at them in person and that they were looking back into mine. They were beautifully shaped, very defined inner corner, almond shaped, intense grey-blue surrounded with long black lashes and framed with his thick but groomed black eyebrows. God, it was unnerving being so close to someone so beautiful. He ran a hand through his thick, trademark brown tresses.

‘ So where are we going?,’ He asked, his shy-cheeky smile dancing at the corners of his mouth.

‘ Oh. Erm, 24 Violet Hill, Clapham,’

The taxi pulled off and we were on our way to my best friends birthday party. I couldn’t believe it. She was going to flip out when she saw who my date was. We were quiet for the first couple of minutes. I sat with my hands at either side of my thighs trying hard to control my racing heartbeat. My stomach did somersaults when I felt a strong arm slide around me. I exhaled my held breath and swallowed hard. I leant into his embrace. I wouldn’t normally have been so forward with someone I’d literally just met but this was my fantasy man! I could feel his slender, piano fingers touching the side of my waist. Amazing how the slightest touch from this man made me feel more than any man had ever made me feel in all of my 25 years. My skin tingled. We talked a little over the 20 minute journey but mostly just enjoyed sitting so close. The thought did pass my mind about him being a big superstar and thinking he can get any woman he wanted and that annoyed me a little, enough to make me pull out of his embrace slightly but he pulled me back even closer so our thighs were touching. Then I realised.. he can get any woman he wants and he wants me.

The car pulled down the side of my best friends flat. My stomach did a few leaps at the thought of the carnage that I was about to unleash.

‘ You do know they are going to go mad when they see you don’t you?,’ I asked when we were out of the car and the driver had been paid.

Robert smiled with one side of his mouth. ‘ I’m used to it. Don’t worry,’

I cocked my head and smiled before walking to the front door of the building. Robert followed me, his head hung low and his hands in his pockets. The way he walked was so endearing to me. I pressed the buzzer.

‘ You’re late,’ Said the voice through the intercom.

‘ I know, I’m sorry. Something happened,’

‘ It’d better be good,’

I looked over my shoulder at Robert and smiled. ‘ Oh, it is,’

She buzzed us in and we walked the two flights of stairs to her flat. She was waiting at the door for me.

‘ Happy birthday!,’ I called and wrapped my arms around her.

‘ What.. the.. f***..,’ Was her response.

Robert gave a tight smile and a small wave. ‘ Hi. Happy birthday,’

She looked at me and then back to Robert. ‘ What’s going on?,’ She said dumbfounded.

‘ Can we come in? Or are you going to make us stand out here all night?,’ I asked her.

‘ Of course! Come in, come in! Bloody hell. You can hang your jackets here. The drinks are on the dining table. Help yourself. Jeysus,’ She stepped back, her mouth still slightly gaping and we followed her into the living room where the party was already in full swing.

‘ Where’ve you been?!,’ a friend cried out, as she rushed over to me with a big smile and her arms out, pre-hug. ‘ Who’s thi….,’ As she got close enough to recognise the gorgeous creature behind me she stopped mid way just like she run out of batteries. ‘ F****** hell that’s Edward Cullen,’

Robert put his hand out to shake. ‘ Call me Rob,’

She took his hand and shook it her mouth open like my best friends was still. She’d already started making her way round the party guests informing them of the celebrity arrival. One by the one my friends faces turned to check whether what the birthday girl had just told them was true, each one gaped. The party literally paused while everybody gazed on at the international superstar that had just walked in the room. I felt the embarrassment creep up, starting at my feet and inching it’s way up my body. Lord knows how Rob felt. Thankfully, the gaping session was interrupted by our closest male friend.

‘ Come on, mate lets get you a drink. What’s wrong with you lot? Ain’t you ever seen a international superstar before?,’ He gave a cheesy smile then approached the drinks table and offered a relieved Rob his choice. He took a beer before being guided to the sofas where most of the boys where sitting. Literally every female in the room swamped me and showered me with a million questions. Between the gaps I saw glimpses of Rob looking over at me with an amused smile on his face.

‘ Slow down! Bloody hell, let me get a drink first and I’ll tell you everything,’

After the initial gawp fest the party went relatively smoothly. Apart from my extra ditzy blonde friend continuously asking him for the number of the shirtless one from Twilight. Rob and I barely got a chance to talk. He was always surrounded by people chatting to him. He didn’t seem to mind. He’d look at me every now and then and that look made me feel like there was only me and him in the room. I watched him standing by the fireplace talking to two of my male friends. God, his profile was breathtaking. After a few drinks my friends I were dancing to our favourite song. I wound my body around, moving my hips and shoulders in time to the music. I raised my hands above my head and moved to the rhythm of the song. I felt hands around my waist. The look on my girlfriends’ face told me exactly who it was. That and the fact his touch caused a fire inside me. I bit my lip instinctively and brought my hands back down to touch his. I turned my head so I could see him in my peripheral vision. He pressed his lips against the side of my face and we slow danced together. I turned to face him. With his utterly stunning face so close to mine, the days events began to get a bit much. I broke from his grasp and left the room, heading for the roof terrace. I needed some air. How can this be happening. Yesterday I was laying in bed watching Twilight and the next day slow dancing with Robert Pattinson in my best friends living room. I gripped the wrought iron railing and let the cold London air wash over me. The breeze gently blew the hair away from my face. I tilted my head back and let the cool air caress my neck. I could still feel where he’d bitten me. It throbbed.

A warm touch on my hand sent a jolt of electricity through me. I turned my head to see him.

‘ Why did you run off?,’ Rob asked in a soothing tone.

‘ I don’t know.. I…,’ I turned to face him. His fingers ended up in my hair. ‘ This is just so, this is just so…,’

‘ Huhuh?,’

His other hand slide around my waist and pulled me into him. He pressed me so close to him I could feel my curves pressing against his hard body. I began to feel heady as my body was overwhelmed with sensuality.

‘ This… can’t be real..,’

His face was close to mine now. His lips almost touching my own. ‘ I think it’s only fair that you let Robert try his kiss again, otherwise it won’t be a fair comparison,’ He mumbled. I brought my dangling arms up and wrapped them around his neck. Then his lips were on mine. Soft at first, he kissed me. Slowly he teased my mouth open and our kiss became more passionate. The world around me spun into nothingness. The floor beneath my feet dissolved. It was only me, him and our kiss. His fingers intertwined in my hair, his hand gripped the back of my head pulling me even deeper into him. His tongue teased mine and our kiss went from passionate to furious. His hands were on my back and inching down to my bottom. My fingers pushed through his thick hair. Our kiss became hungry. He moved his lips from my mouth and pressed them against my neck, kissing over where he’d bitten. My skin ached for him to bite me again but he didn’t. His lips came back to my mouth. His hands dared to finally grasp my bottom and there he pulled me into him. I could feel every bit of him. Desire sprung through me, starting down there and invading my whole body. I was almost gone with sensuality. I pulled away from his embrace, gasping. If I hadn’t of stopped, I think I would of let him take me right there. We looked at each other with desire burning in our eyes. His seriousness changed with a cheeky smile.

‘ So, now you have we’ve had a fair trial, what is better? Being kissed by Robert Pattinson or bitten by Edward Cullen?,’

I stepped forward and back into his embrace. ‘ Kissed by Robert Pattinson,’ I followed my words with a slow and sensual kiss. I broke away for a moment. ‘ I wonder what being bitten by Robert Pattinson is like?,’

He smiled into my kiss. ‘ Will you come back to mine and find out?,’

I pulled away again. ‘ No,’ I’m not a groupie. ‘ I’m staying here tonight,’ Although every nerve ending in my body was begging me to change my mind, my self respect was too high for its own good. I would not be a groupie, used and thrown away. Not even by him.

‘ Ok,’ He smiled. He reached out and pulled me back into him by my hand. ‘ I have to go soon,’

My heart sank and I immediately felt like a fool. He’d wrapped my arms around his waist. Dropping his head he kissed my hair. ‘ Thank you for saving me from the Twilight stampede,’

‘ My pleasure,’ If only.

When he left I was barraged with a second round of questions from the girls. Why on earth didn’t you go with him, we saw that kiss on the terrace. I buried my face in my hands. Oh well, I’d had the best kiss of my life. And the best bite.


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