As if Robert Pattinson getting hit and attacked this week weren't enough, now we have Robsten haters attacking them—with suspicious pics conveniently added for that extra-special, fake drama touch. Yes, yes, we've seen the shot of Michael Angarano supposedly leaving Kristen Stewart's house after hanging out together. And we're not making any big fuss over it for multiple reasons. For one, timing's a little shaky. The pic was taken yesterday, and we have footage of Kristen arriving at Joan Jett's hotel at 12 and staying until 6.

We don't totally know the deal with Splash News, if they are a Radar reporting false Mikesten stories, but if their dish was totally accurate, what in the heck did they need to clear up? Something's just a bit off here—and it's not Michael's blatant imitation of Rob. If you ask us, this screams staged, or just plain as desperate as it gets. Remind you of any wacky photos from the past?

We told you Pattz and Stew weren't going public anytime soon, but just for all of you, we checked with our Robsten insiders to find out what the deal is. And it ain't pretty...

For Oregano.

"[Michael] isn't in the picture like that anymore," 'fesses Deep Twi.

Not enough to make you all sleep this weekend?

Well, we pressed our studio sources for M.A. dirt. Have they had to factor him in to any plans like they used to?

Lucky for us, we're told that Michael's presence there is nothing like it was a year ago.

"There's never a mention of [Michael] at all anymore. There are no signs of him being around like he was when he and Kristen were actually dating. Ever since Rob and Kristen have gotten more serious, Michael's slowly been more out of the picture and factored out of studio-related plans. And that has not changed."

So there you have it. We told you all it was going to be a long summer. And don't think this is the last you've seen of Michael. Just at the time when an ex seems so out of the picture, well isn't that when they come crawling back—for closure? He and Kristen do live in the same city, after all.

But did it take them long enough to publicly meet up? If M.A. was still Kristen's main man, like some of you are so concerned about, they would have been together (and caught by the 24/7 paparazzi tail) the moment she got back to L.A. Instead she was shacking with Rob.

It's not brain surgery, people. If you were Kristen, who the hell would you chose?

Ted Casablanca just gave us the latest =]


Hellooooooo ROBSTEN, but as if we didnt know what already ;)

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Comment by Taty Bernardes on June 20, 2009 at 11:25pm
i'm confused too.....


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