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Kristen Stewart

 After a year of unsuccessful auditions, the nine-year-old Kristen Stewart told her mother she wanted to pack it all in. It hadn't been her ambition to act; she had wanted to be an archaeologist. But she lived in Los Angeles, where an agent saw her sing in a school play aged eight, and so inevitably the notion was put to her. She was interested initially. Her parents were crew members, and she had spent time on film sets where there was a feeling that: "we were all in this together, and we were making something worthwhile". She takes one of many deep, meaningful breaths. "And then I would see a kid walk around and people would be like: 'Shhh, that's the actor, don't talk to him.' And I was like, I want a job, I want you guys to talk to me like I matter!"

It's not surprising Stewart wasn't tying down all those roles. I can't imagine her having made a convincing child star in the twinkling insincerity and too many teeth mould. She's just so socially awkward. She bounds into the hotel room, in her Led Zeppelin T-shirt and black jeans, clasping a glass of milk, and rather than sitting opposite me, she perches on the next chair, so close I have to check our knees aren't touching.

She's renowned for being moody. I've read whole interviews about her dislike of being interviewed, and she certainly has nervous tics. Her leg sometimes twitches like a piston, and she says "do you know what I mean" 18 times in the course of the interview. But she seems to be putting her all into being understood as genuine, and that, in itself, is completely endearing.

Anyway, her essential traits were not going over very well in the child actor market. She would go to auditions for commercials where she had to dance with the product. She pulls a face. "And in those situations I became really like a pompous nine-year-old. I was like: 'I don't want to do those auditions any more. I feel silly.'" She asked if she could ditch the final one, and her mother said:"Kristen! You have f****** integrity! If you make an appointment, you go. I'll fire your agent tomorrow.".....

She realised how big Twilight was going to be before it even came out, when she and Robert Pattinson, her co-star and rumoured boyfriend, were mobbed by 6,500 people at a comics convention. Did that make her nervous? "Oh my gosh. It blew my head off." She's talked since then of feeling trapped, unable to go for walks, stuck in hotel rooms. She says it's not always like that though. "I mean, if I walked out of this hotel" – Claridge's – "obviously I'd be screwed. But in London, I am perfectly fine, unless I have a trail of parasites behind me. ". The paparazzi are at the hotel entrance when I leave. "But I'm good at evading those little twits. Once I lose them, once no one's trying to make a buck off you, you know, I'm fine – I know at this point that there's a buck to be made, which is weird considering I'm just walking down the street with dirty hair."

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