Kristen Stewart Interview With Timeout New York!

In this new interview Kristen Stewart did with Time out New York, she dishes about Twilight, Rileys and hanging out in strip clubs.

You seem very attracted to roles in which you play someone who is defiant, constantly fighting for something—emotionally, physically. What is Mallory fighting for the hardest?
I think she’s just trying to survive. She’s had a rough upbringing, which has taken something from her on a really basic level. It’s hard for a young girl in the normal world, but put her on the streets…she doesn’t realize that she does actually need people, that she needs to have a capacity to trust, accept and love other people. She sees and tastes that with Doug, realizes she can have it, and she’s not dead yet.

You shot this film between Twilight and New Moon, before Twilight had even been released, and you were still very young. Did you feel ready to play a runaway stripper at that point in your life?
I think I was 16 or maybe freshly 17 when I first read [the script for Welcome to the Rileys]. I was really intimidated, and I’m really glad that the film took the time that it did to find its legs, because I wasn’t in the position to play the part [then]. I wouldn’t have jumped into it as much. I would have been afraid of it.

What changed, besides getting a little older?
In order to play it right and not be a total fraud, we went to strip clubs and I talked to girls in, like, really gross bars. [Director] Jake Scott gave me all these really great books and recorded and transcribed conversations and stories from kids who’ve grown up on the streets.

Did you talk to girls who had grown up on the streets, or were you just in the clubs?
I didn’t go talk to runaways at shelters. I didn’t meet anybody that was under, I would guess, 25? I mainly just talked to girls who told me funny stories. We didn’t really delve into their histories, but the books and stuff that Jake provided me with were really right on.

What was the best book?
Gosh, it’s sort of funny to tell people this—there was this one in particular that there were a few things that were perfect and pictures that were really beautiful and heartbreaking, just strange. It’s called Raised by Wolves. It’s so good. This guy basically endeared himself into this world of street kids in Hollywood.

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Comment by Katina Mae on October 31, 2010 at 10:32pm
What a cool cartoon pic of Kristen. I can't wait to see the movie.


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