Kristen Stewart to LA Times: "Breaking Dawn will change people's minds about Bella Swan."

While promoting Welcome to the Rileys Kristen spoke to 24 Frames (LA Times) about Bella in Breaking Dawn:

"This one's really good. This one really goes there, finally," said the actress who plays the iconic Bella Swan of "Breaking Dawn." "This one is like the forming of a family. You see everything really come to fruition because I feel like [Bella] has sort of gone through an accelerated growth period."

Because their child is half-human and half-vampire, Bella’s pregnancy is riddled with complications -- all leading up to a dramatic birth scene, in which Edward tears open Bella’s stomach with his teeth to save their baby.

There has been speculation about how the graphic scene will be depicted on screen. Stewart acknowledges it's a "crazy concept," also describing werewolf Jacob's hearing "vampire teeth against vampire skin" during the childbirth scene.

Just how that will play out on screen, though, has yet to be determined. "I've seen the script," which tracks closely to the book, she says. "But it depends on how they shoot it."

Stewart, who was speaking to 24 Frames to promote her new independent drama "Welcome to the Rileys," said she thinks her "Twilight" character has been misunderstood. “Bella’s criticized sometimes for being, like, you know -- I don’t know, selfish and overly emotional and silly and frivolous and annoying and young,” said Stewart. “That’s sort of like a very judgmental way of looking at it."

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Comment by Lindy Rosa Bella on October 19, 2010 at 6:29am
She's right. Bella is the lynchpin of the story, people need to stop being so judgmental (like that's ever gonnna happen cuz there are tons of morons) and have some respect for her. She's pretty damn brave for what she goes through and she keeps going for it and pushing through. It's HER story. It's what she got thrown into, out of her control and she tries her best. She's only a 18-year-old girl. That's pretty tough. She feels like it's all her fault because of what's going on around her, when really, it's not because she has no control over it. She keeps getting bashed and it's not right because she's the most important character. There's also jealousy mixed in there. People are just jealous of her situation, which is extremely petty. Breaking Dawn is really going to be great. There's so much leading up to it and it's very satisfying, like Kristen said. It's like the big Rising Action. And what I love is that Bella comes out on top. She comes out as the star, because she really always has been. She's just like any other teenage girl. There's just been this part of her that's been BEGGING to break free and it finally happens. Breaking Dawn is going to slap everyone in the face and say, "Seeee, look at that! Bella has been the strongest one of them all. " I can't wait.


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