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I know this was already done before, but one more time couldn’t hurt. Due to recent Kristen accusations our fandom has divided into two parts. This drama has caused us nothing but pain, confusion and hate. And while some of the fans turned against their idol without any official proof, me and other loyal die-hard Kristen fans are staying with our girl till the end. Below I will list some of our “proof” against US Weekly’s article. -> Scans: we made it pretty clear that the scans suggesting Kristen is with Rupert are photoshopped a.k.a. fake. Still, for people who aren’t as convinced here’s why we think so (scans may not be listed in order): 1) In the first photo (the cover) Kristen’s ear is somehow cut and we believe Kristen has two ears - we’ve seen them, so have you. [link:] 2) (On the same pic) you’ll notice half of Kristen’s face looks like a mask - it doesn’t match the other half. More about this below. 3) In the second pic that shows Kristen hugging Rupert there is something terribly wrong with K.’s nose - unless someone broke it we call it F.A.K.E. [link:] 4) The third photo is the most absurd of all - there is a mirror sticking out from Kristen’s head! Surely, that would’ve been painful? [link:] 5) In all of the photos mentioned above there are more unusual things - Kristen’s hair for instance, which is brown since she did “Breaking Dawn” reshoots, but there it somehow turned black. And you know who has black hair? - Rupert’s wife! Another thing is her skinny, bony even, arm - Kristen may be fit and slim, but she certainly doesn’t look like that. [FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ABOUT THE DIFFERENCES AND A SHORT TUTORIAL ON HOW THE PICS WERE MADE CLICK HERE:] -> Other important details: you know what they say - details make the whole picture. 1) The most important thing many of the people seem to have missed to put under consideration is that on July 17th (when this all happened) Rupert Sanders was in LONDON. We have this information from fans/friends who have met him there. 2) Something suspicious is the paps’ position of shooting - we have never gotten candids from this close, and yet the quality is low. How convenient… -> “Official statement”: what made most of the people turn against Kristen is the article People Magazine posted in which Kristen makes a public apologize to Rob and everyone involved in this situation. But this sounds more suspicious than anything else! First of all, no one with a clear mind would make a statement through a magazine, especially a magazine such as this (which has written many false things in the past and obviously continues to do so). Kristen has said number of times before that she does not really say the things written in magazines, nor does she know the people who claim to be “sources”. Second, it does not sound like Kristen at all! Don’t get me wrong, I love her, but she is such a private person. It took 3/4 years for us, the fans, to hear the small magical word “boyfriend” and still, Kristen continued to be that private. And now, all of a sudden , we get “I love him, I love him, I’m so sorry.” This is not her style. Even if she had done what she’s been accused into, she would never use such words to apologize. Last, but not least, Kristen has said many things about hating cheaters and that she could never be one. And it’s not just words - with her actions she has proven that she is honest at all times, even when it gets awkward for her. That means we can trust her, don’t you think? One thing that pleasantly surprised us all is the support she got from other celebrities, fans and people who work in the media and know a thing or two about the Hollywood press. [You can read some of the tweets here:] It’s strange how normal, unattached to Kristen people say she hasn’t done anything, while some of her biggest fans no longer fancy her. Even haters who have no reason to say something nice for her think that the rumors are fake, for their own reasons of course, such as her being too shy etc. I’m sure I’m missing lots of details, and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. The important thing is that Kristen didn’t do anything - we strongly believe so, and ask for you to stay calm, continue your support towards her and wait for a real statement. Even if something happened between her and Rupert, it’s her private life we’re talking about and it’s up to her and Rob to decide what to do. This should not change your mind about her - she’s still a great young actress, who has proven to be a great person as well. People make mistakes, guys, learn to forgive. Contrary to what fans believe, their idols aren’t perfect. Surely, you have done many things you regret, but your friends and family have forgiven you. Do the same if it turns out this whole rumor is true (which we highly doubt). Thanks for reading this and please reblog so more people that don’t follow me see it - Kristen needs us in times like this. It’s easy to be with someone when everything is okay. The real friends stay when things are tough.

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Comment by Alter Ego on July 26, 2012 at 1:55pm
I agree that it should be a private matter between the parties involved. But, when she made a public apology, she made it a public matter. She gave the ins for the media & the fans AKA the public to ridicule & question her actions. At this point major outlets are reporting that Rob has now moved out of their shared home. I think it's purely delusional, if some hardcore kristen stans say that this whole spectacle was a PR stunt or the pics were photoshopped etc...But it's just my opinion. My apologies if I hurt your feelings about this matter.
Comment by Alter Ego on July 26, 2012 at 2:21pm
I'm really sorry to break your heart but this does not seem like photoshop:
Comment by Twilightdreamlover on July 26, 2012 at 9:15pm

Honestly, I don't know what to believe anymore...I am just totally devastated.   I also don't understand why I haven't seen more of a reaction on this site.  I've been away for a long time, and came back to see what other fans were saying, as well as to get more inside information.   So I guess the lack of a reaction means that most of you guys believe these photos are fake.  But then, why has Rob moved out of their house?  don't know if I can even go see BD 2 after this....  : (


Comment by Estefany vega on July 27, 2012 at 1:58am

just like twilightdream lover i'm not really sure what to believe at this point. i don't know how its gotten to this point, if it is true yes it is very much so messed up but lets not put all of the blame on poor kristen, it takes two to cheat he also knew very well what he was doing! if it is true and im not saying it is or isnt i KNOW Robert and Kristen can pull through this. we've seen them fall in love and just the way they are around each other.Their love was and IS very real!!! we've just got to believe in them! Now if this is just some scam which iam still on the edge about. i can believe it... i mean have we stooped so low as to believe US weekly.. since when have we believed them!!! on my part i have never believed them so whats different about this time! maybe they just got better at making up stories. i still dont believe that what US said is completly true.. 

Either way this story goes i believe in ROBSTEN 100%  and nothing can change that! 

All i hope for them is to come out of this stonger! 


Comment by Sarah Cullen on July 27, 2012 at 1:31pm

Well, it's pretty obvious that she's a cheater who doesn't deserve Rob.... and this doesn't seem photoshoped to me or to any sane person...

These are high quality pictures of the cheater who seems to enjoy it :)

 P.S. She did to Rob what she previously did to Michael

Comment by Gia on July 27, 2012 at 3:46pm
If it's true, so what? It's not the end of the world. She is not the first person to do this and she certainly won't be the last. Who knows why she did what she did? We hardly know the truth. You know, every story has two sides. I'm not saying that it wasn't a mistake, because it was, if it's true. And I am sorry for Rob and Liberty, but seriously guys, who are we to judge? Those who blame her just need to stop. And the fans that turned against her, shame on you. She always talked so nice about us and thanked us every time she had the opportunity. The awards that she won were always dedicated to us, thanking us for our support and loyalty. And what some of us do? Turn against her just because she allowed herself to be human and did a mistake. When she most needs our support, we back out. She knows what she did, she doesn't need reminders. The fans who turned against her for what she did, how are those called for stabing her in the back? Maybe cheaters? You're not better.
Comment by kristenlovesrob on July 28, 2012 at 2:21am

Im not going to lie, when I first found about this I was devastated HOWEVER the way the press/media has acted in the past few days towards kristen is absolutely disgusting and just so morally wrong. Kristen has admitted what she did was wrong, she has apologized and feels a great amount of regret for what happened-and this is the important thing-that she feels regret and wants to fix it/do something about it. When I read the statement she released I nearly started to cry, with how sad her words were and honestly despite the fact that she made a mistake, no one should be treated the way she has been treated in the past few days, she has and will continue to be hounded by the press, she will continue to have to deal with hate from millions of people and I cannot even begin to imagine what they would be like, to have all that sitting on your shoulders, to have so much guilt and regret and to have to face the public, it would be absolutley humiliating. Although I do feel bad for Rob and Liberty I personally feel awful for her too and I dont think she deserves any of this. Everyones make mistakes, everyone is capable of being unfaithful to their loved ones even if its just for a moment and anyone that doesnt think so is naive, she is so very young and young people make mistakes all the time, its just life and it could have happened to anybody, but unfortunaetley it had to happen to her and now she has to deal with worldwide hate and scrutiny, nobody deserves this and unless you've been in a position like hers before then you have no right to judge. No matter what happens I will continue to support Kristen and those fans that immediately turned against her after hearing the news, well shame on you, clearly you were never truly a fan if you could turn against her that quickly. We have all watched Rob and Kristen fall in love and it is very easy to see the connection they have, I truly believe that their relationship is strong enough to last and I believe they will be able to get through this together. I love kristen and rob and I hope they are both okay.

Comment by Rosalie Cullen on July 30, 2012 at 10:08pm

okay let me ask you something....if these pictures were photoshop then why did the little SLUT said sorry in public anouncement?

Comment by catherine on August 6, 2012 at 2:51pm

to me I think that their relationship was private...lets keep the breakup...(if there is one) private also its no of our business....that is their private life not ours ...if kristen did do that...well she is STUPID!!! or on drugs..because Rob is a really nice guy..(for all we know)


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