Kristen's hair got the nod from Joan Jett to do Runaways

We all were shocked when Kristen trimmed her beautiful hair as Joan Jett for the movie Runaways. We thought she was pushed to do it because we heard rumors that Joan is not that keen for Kristen to play the part... Well, we are wronged. Because it was Kristen's hair that nail her to do Joan Jett.

Rock 'n' roll legend Jett revealed exactly what sealed the deal to keep Stewart on board:

"I asked [Kristen], 'Are you going to cut your hair?' And when she said yes, it really gave me a sense of comfort that she was very committed to becoming me. Then I burned her a bunch of CDs, all the
studio records, she could hear the onstage banter, hear
the audience yelling...It was for her to get a sense of who I was, and
who was this person was she was used to seeing pictures of, of black
hair, heavy makeup and a guitar. [Kristen] got that."

It is not only Kristen, but Dakota also was affirmed by Cherie Currie.

The adoration was mucho mutual when Cherie Currie first met Dakota Fanning. C.C. filled us in on those deets:

"We met for lunch. [Dakota] actually came to The Roxy where I just did Cherry Bomb for a benefit. She actually came sick to see that. She was really cute because she goes, 'I watched you up there and I realized I have my work
cut out for me.' I thought, 'Thank you, Dakota!'"

But how Fanning got her hands on the script is too weird, as Cherie Curry revealed to us:

"When we went to lunch I said, 'How did you get involved with this film?' And [Dakota] says, 'You're not going to believe this, but I went to school and one of my girlfriends had these temporary tattoos and I
picked out a single cherry and put it on my shoulder. When I got home
and showed my mom, my mom was holding a script and goes you're not
going to believe this, but you're supposed to play a girl who has a
cherry tattoo.'

"Dakota just thought that was a sign," continued Currie, amazed all over again telling the kismet tale. "Then she read the script and she said there was absolutely no one else on the planet that could play
this role. I said, 'Why do you say that?' and she said, 'What are they
gonna do, get a 26-year-old to play a 15-year-old?' I thought, how wise
beyond her years [Dakota] is."

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Comment by angelaopao on March 11, 2010 at 9:35pm
i agree!!!
Comment by tet_d on March 11, 2010 at 10:01pm
kristen is really a true actress who go to "great" lengths to do justice to the character she portrays.
Comment by TheBookQueen on March 12, 2010 at 12:29am
Wow that is deff fate,

Kstw is great!
Comment by jules smith on March 12, 2010 at 6:42pm
love it


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