KStew & Charlize Theron Are Enemies In Real Life, Believes Body Language Expert!..Yeah..um..really???

Based on hollywoodlife.com report:

Kristen plays Charlize’s arch-nemesis in their upcoming fairytale flick, but this rivalry isn’t just acting for the silver screen — are you shocked?
Don’t expect Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron to become besties. HollywoodLife.com noticed some awkward tension between the Snow White and Huntsman co-stars at Comic-Con on July 25, so we asked our top body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass to take a look. It turns out we were right!
“Kristen is angry and doesn’t want to be there,” Dr. Glass says. “Charlize is leaning away from her, and Charlize’s hands are clenched. They don’t like each other. Charlize’s feet are inward … she does not like Kristen. When your feet point in the direction of someone it means you like them and that’s not the case here.”
Charlize will play the Evil Queen in the upcoming Universal flick and we told you she’s already getting into her “mean girl” mindset. Charlize jokingly said “I’m ready for it, b*tch” when talking about the film at Comic-Con. Dr. Glass believes Charlize, 36, carries herself with a lot of confidence around Kristen, 21, who looks more timid and unsure.
“When Charlize has her arm around Kristen, Kristen looks nauseated,” Dr. Glass reveals. “Charlize doesn’t smile, her eyes are miserable. Kristen is insecure around Charlize, very intimidated because her arms are rounded. Charlize is pretty confident.”
Filming is in full-swing in London and we just hope these actresses aren’t actually at each other’s throats! But you’ll have to wait another year to see this tension unfold, the flick doesn’t hit theaters until Jun. 1 2012!

Do you believe that?? I've seen all videos and pics(1 , 2) of SWATH's Comic Con, and all I have to say: that's SO untrue!

Yes- Kristen was awkward.

Yes- Kristen was more timid and unsure.

Yes- Kristen was kinda insecure.

But that's our KStew!!! She's just SO shy person, and people are always so amenable to misunderstood her! She didn't know them, she didn't work with any of them before. She hadn't started this project then and i don't think she knew the cast all that well then and she's just not as comfortable as she is with the twilight cast like with Rob and Taylor.
And, of course, Charlize was confident! She's older and more experienced on that stuff. And all that "I'm ready for it, b*tch" and "oscar winner" thing? She is a hard joker who probably is like this all the time. Charlize was wise to get of the way all the obstacles that could interfered in her relationship with Kristen and set a bond between them.


What's your opinion twifans?

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Comment by Emily on August 18, 2011 at 7:59pm
I think they just want to make it seem that kristen has problems with everyone first it was that she wasnt comfortable around rob at the award show and now its this. They need to leave her alone -.-


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