“I will love you always, don't forget that, I will see you soon.” Was the last thing he said to me before he took to the seas, It had always been his dream to ride the waves. I didn't want him to leave, but I had to let him do this. “If you ask me I will stay” he had said but I couldn't just banish the dream he has had since her was just a child. The times we sat and the beach and he would tell me stories about how he could fly, and how he was feeling. So I come back to this beach, and remember how it used to be. But really i’m torn up inside, I miss him, I need him! It gets harder every day, I love him more than I can ever say. I haven't had a letter since november, But when I do I can hear him read it out to me out loud “I’ll be coming home tomorrow” was what it said in the last letter. But its been five months I cant help but wonder...


I feel empty more than ever as I see the boats come in and out of the docks hoping that its him, with the smile he had every time he saw me. But its hard to think of how I will ever move on, he has been gone a whole year now and I cant seem to get over the feeling that I will never see him again.


The ring on left hand, had all the meaning in the world, but if I was to get over him I couldn't keep my loving possession.  The tears ran down my face, as I remembered the time he got down on one knee and spook the words in his velvet voice “Lilly August Fawn will you marry me” I boat came into the docks but I didn't care any more. “Yes!” I cried at the memory, I slowly slid the ring of my finger and throw it into the rippling waves, calm and relaxed interrupted by the ring engraved inside ‘The Girl Who Stole My Heart’ which had sunk to the bottom. Then I ran off the deserted pier and sat under the tree, tearing my heart out. Then the man who docked the shaws spoke “I think this is belongs to you?” I didn't look up at the sailor, my face buried in my hands “No its not, its the girl who stole a heart of a man that never came back when he said he would!” I sobbed “The girl who is lonely and dying inside” I didn't know why I was spilling all my feelings to this guy! “Well you look like the girl who stole my heart, and i’m not going anywhere.”

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