Letter to Mr Mickey (Paper Magazine) - Stephenie Meyer Mention

So I don't usually share my personal magazine readings, mostly because I hate when magazine publications get too popular and I can't stand them anymore, but alas here is a quick excerpt from one of my favorite magazines, PAPER MAGAZINE. Keep in mind, Mr Mickey really doesn't make sense, and likes to torture and make fun of people.

Dear Mr Mickey
I've been obsessed with vampires for months now, thanks to the Stephenie Meyer Twilight books, and subsequently with a Balenciaga vampire look I'd like to affect for an upcoming costume party. Wouldn't you know, three days before the party, I find out of my besties is pumping an YSL vampire look. Besides being nervy and rude, I feel a little bit betrayed. She knows that costume parties and vampires are my favorite things in the world, and she up and stole my look! Am i makin this a bigger deal than i should be? What should I do? Signed, Blood Sucked by a friend

Dear BS'd by an F,
It's hard in a way for Mr. Mickey to relate to this problem, because when you get to be as big as MM is, you can't really have friends, just rivals and subordinates. But MM is trying to imagine if Carson Kennedy or Michael Musto purloined Mr Mickey's look for a VIP fashion occasion. Hmmmm. There's enough alcoholic-housewife looks to go around, but still, in your case, this sounds very shady since you babble on constantly about your love of vampires. I think you play the victim, call your friend and ask the backstabbing b** if it's true that she's planning to rock an YSL vamp for the party. If she admits to it, you should remind her that you had already planned a Balenciaga vampire look, and who does she think she is, trying to shake her (BLANK (see below) ) on your corner, as it were. You should tell her that if she wanted to rock a vampire look, all she had to do was call you and talk about it. Then you could have risen above it all and said, "Why don't I play Queen B VAmpire in my Balenciaga, and oyu and another friend can be my back up girls in YSL and Givenchy?" Then It's Diana Ross and the Supremes, rahter than Madonna vs. Kylie. THis way, you're working the look together and no one is being sneaky. But since she went behind your back, she needs to change her costume immediately or she will be socially shunned foerever!! It's not like she did something forgivable- like sleeping with your boyfriend. The B tried to snatch your look!!

- Ok so It's just a mention of Twilight, but i find it UNBELIEVABLE that twilight is EVERYWHERE. Sorry for the offensive language anyone...

again here's the source - my lovely paper magazine

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Comment by Cali Twilighter on February 9, 2009 at 2:56pm
Step off my look B!tch!!! lol
Comment by Jess (Team Hexagon Love) on February 9, 2009 at 3:00pm
hehe, silly girls
Comment by Alison Genet on February 9, 2009 at 4:53pm
OME she needs to step off!!! LMAO. loved it


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