i copied and pasted this from my livejournal the LFACC was in july.

Heya at the weekend i went to the London film and comic convention where Alex Meraz, Justin Chon and Peter Facinelli were attending. They we're all meant to attend both day's but as you probably saw on peters Twitter he left his passport at home so ended up only attending Sunday. I wasn't bothered about peter not being there on thee Saturday as i was crewing the event anyway.I was sat at the same big table as Alex and Justin it made me very happy. I made it my mission to walk past them as much as i could (lol) it was cool i saw them lots throughout the day.

On the sunday i arrived at the convention to find out that Peter would now be doing 3 lots of photo sessions as he missed one the day before and lots of people transferred their tickets over. Peter was VERY busy thought the day. First event of the day for me was the Peter Facinelli photo shoot. I said i quick hi to him and he said hi back, we didn't have time to talk as their were so many people. :(

Next we had the Peter Autograph. I chose a picture of him as Dr Cooper cause i love him as him more so My Friend got her's also the same picture saying 'Death 0 - Coop 1' he added the 'BOOYAH' by himself lol It's our favorite quote., he then asked her if we got the show in the U.K. Which we don't but we should :(. He looked so tired.
Next up was Alex Meraz's photo shoot, he was sooo nice. Hugs/squeezes you a bit tight he squeezed me so tight he made me jump to which he said 'did i squeeze you too tight, sorry' i ended up with to pictures with him as i wasn't smiling in my first one as they caught me being squished by him ahahaha so i got 2 big hugs.

We then went over to say hi to justin who was signing autographs and got pictures with him he is all smiles like all the time i love it. Then we walked to the table next to his and got autographs from Alex along with more pictures, he commented on my T-shirt telling me he liked it... he is such a nice guy.. No wonder he's married.
Next up was the Twilight talk, this was soo fun we we're sat on the 4 row :) it lasted for around 45 minutes. Because our mic's we're sound bad (audience mics) the guys came out into the audience and went to the people asking the questions so we could use theirs as they we're working better. Peter spoke most followed by Alex and then Justin who didn't really get a chance to say much only when peter decided he didn't want to answer a question

Favorite Quote: "I will smite you with my compassion"

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Comment by Ashleigh - Plastic Tramp on August 22, 2009 at 3:33am
It's the LFCC not the LFACC jus so you know ^_^
I was there on the Sunday too =D
Comment by Amy Louise on August 22, 2009 at 4:59am
yeah they abbreviate it to LFCC but it's real name is the London Film & Comic Con which is why i put the name as LFACC, London Film Comic Con doesn't make much sense to me. Are you going to Collctormania in November? bronson's down for it at the minute and they are bound to add more of the cast.


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