"so i trotted into the bathroom".
The Warm Water Felt amazing against my skin. Ever since i was a baby i loved my bath time, it reminds me of jake, thinking about jake i was remembering the dream i had last night the way he touched me, every lick, every kiss- i was lost in thought when-
"Wash Your Hair And Hurry Up" alice screamed through the door.
Seriously this was my wedding day, she is acting like a total b**** ill take as long as i will god damn like thank you, she may be my auntie but f****** hell she was annoying.
i was in the shower for 12 minutes when i finally decided i should get out- picturing alices face all angry and vampire looking, not a good thing-i grabbed the deep navy blue towel from the hanger behind the door and hoisted it up around my self, i took a breath and opened the door.
i was overpowerd by the smell, i looked up to see alice sitting on my now made bed rosalie was by the juilet balcony doors my mum was standing behind alice with her hand on her shoulder and esme was nestled into the rocking chair in the far right corner- they all were smiling, for vampires who are al the same and beautiful ,their smiles were all different- then i took it in that my room was decked out with lillys my god every possible surface was covered 18 years living with vampires they still continued to shock me.
"common ness" alice said in a sweet tone, her shitty mood forgotten, as she dragged me from my room into my mums gigantic bathroom which was decked out with makeup bobby pins a straightner curling tongs and a pink saloon chair, she guided me- well more like forced me- into the low pink saloon chair.
"i can see that you are dressed ready for the wedding" she said eyeing my towel with a smirk playing on her lips
i just smiled and yawned
"rest nessie you have a big day ahead of you"
so with that i closed me eyes.

"DONT OPEN YOUR EYES" alice amost ripped my head off
"why not???"
"because im doing your eye shadow, and you will smudge it"
she started blowing on my eyelids.
"ok nessie, you can open your eyes now" she had an excited tone to her voice
JESUS!, wow i was flawless, my creme skin complimented the fresh flowers in my hair which was long and curly my makeup was brilliant my eyes held a light smoked eye effect but she had used browns, it looked amazing.
"Ali- this is so, i mean its goo-. Alice YOUR Amazing i said as our arms became intwined in eachothers waists
"im glad you liked it" she said in her pixie voice.
"tinkerbell with her magic" she said as she pretented to wave a wand.

alice dragged me by my elbow back to my room where esme roalie were they smiled wide wide smiles, "you look stunning darling" esme said. i can see why the dog fell for you rose said with a smirk then mum breezed into the room and started to sob.

"yo-yo-your gro-growing upp soo quic-quickly, im soo pro-proud of you- y-y-you look beautifull, i could barely understand her, she was a mess.

"OK enough sobbing bella your going to ruin your makeup.""everyone time to get dressed we will be leaving shortly" renesmee needs to get ready as well

they slowly all left me with alice who had layed out lingeree on my bed i put on the filmy white panties and the white corsett i struggled a bit when alice came in and eased me in, she did up the back then without any notice she neeled infront of me and hoisted my leg on her sholder she they eased a garter in place.

"ok let me get your dress, DONT MOVE." she warned with a smile

i turned to the side and pretended to run then froze she laughed then flitted out the room, she came back with a white garment bag, in 1 fluid motion she unzipped it and held the dress above my head to ease it down without recking my hair or makeup, it fell to the floor when i felt her hands doing up the backing

"there, Beautiful' she said

i walked over to the mirror careful not to trip on the gown, WOW! i looked really pretty, i loved Alice.

the dress was a strapples cinderella type it had diamonds encrusted along the corsette then fanned out and down to the floor, it was beautiful.

"ready" alice beamed
she took my hand and lead me down the stairs where all myfamily were waiting

Mum Dad Grandmar Esme Grandpar Carlisle grandpar Charlie and Nan Sue, Uncle Jasper Uncle Emmett Aunty Rosie And then my brides maid/ maid of honor Leah , and Claire Bear as my flower girl.

Everyone just looked at me and smiled and repeated your beautiful or you look amazing and there was even A -I even might be into you- from uncle emmett

dad took a photo of me leah and claire, then i had a photo with everyone

"OK its time its Time, lets go people into the cars"

i love you sweetie, you look so amazingly beautiful your so grown up i love you with all my heart see you there my dad touched my face and showed my what me thought

with that all my vampire family dashed into the forest headed for our meadow

there was a red carpet layed out from the cottage all the way to our meadow leah claire and my self walked at humans pace,

about a minute into the walk i started to hear guests and smelt a verry strong smell, MY Jacob.

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Comment by Lone Nelly on January 26, 2010 at 11:03pm
Hi Emily... I really enjoyed that... it was pretty good. It flows well and I be looking forward to read more. I have one comment though, and I don't mean to be an ass, but there are some punctuation problems - and it messes it up a little for me. Sorry.
I am looking forward to your next section.
Comment by EmilyJadeHaleCullen on January 27, 2010 at 12:32am
No Thank you verry much! i really suck at English so im terribly sorry i will try to be more punctual. xx tell your friends for me about my story and make me happy :) thank you again Emily
Comment by Rose Patterson on February 5, 2010 at 11:33am
Hi. like i said in ur previous chapter, its a good story and you have some brilliant ideas. But it is too much like Edward and Bella' story. Especially this wedding. Try change it a bit, add in some drama maybe.
Keep it up :) x


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