ahahaha I suggest you read this if you are Team Jacob, 'cause this is all JACOOOOBBB <33

ok, yes, I understand, "WHY ARE YOU TEAM JACOB? EDWARD IS SOO HHOT!!" yeah... meh, hes not for me. Jacob was there for Bella when Edward was gone. And some Team Edward people are probably like "WTFF EDWARD IS AWESOME!!! HE ONLY LEFT CUZ HE LOVED HER" I understand. But Jacob was always there for Bella. And when Bella wanted to see Jacob , Edward wouldnt let her. And then the Team Edward people ( Ima just call them T'EDs) are like, "IT WAS FOR HER PROTECTION!!" what was Jake gonna do?? Hug her? I mean come ooonn!!! HES HOT! she loved him but Edward was her lover!! So she ditched Jake for the 90 year old vamp, who is cold, solid, and hard. OK ..that last one sounded wrong XD. Now the T'ED's are probably still like "WTF EDWARD IS AMAZING IT WAS FOR HER SAFETY!! AND COME ON HE SPARKLES!!" Yes, Edward sparkles, but I don't like glitter, it sticks to me and it won't COME OFF. So Edward can just go sparkle some where else. And besides, Edward is cold, not hot. Jacob is hhot!! literally!! T'ED's are probably saying "IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT TEMPERATURE YOU ARE!! HES HHOT!!" well, SO IS JACOB, and Taylor Lautner has an ACTUAL 8 PAACK! and Edward's in New Moon, well, no ones really sure if they are real.
SO basically what I am saying JACOB IS AMAZING and Edward is....
and for what all you T'ED's are saying "..." well I dont care

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