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I was super stoked to see that people commented on my first official blog at TwiFans and just wanted to start of my newest post with a very sincere thank you to everyone who took the time to read my drabble. Writing is my passion, and warm and fuzzy feelings are always on deck when you know that people are out there reading your stuff. Thanks again, and I hope you continue to go on the journey with me as we start winding down to the final chapters in the Twilight Saga fandom (unless Stephenie decided to give us what we want which is more Twilight preferably starting with the completion of Midnight Sun)!

Before I get to the first part of this blog, I would like to take some time to address some of the comments made on the previous as I will continue to do on all of my blogs should I be lucky enough to get responses!

Tania (my first response!) said "Sometimes I wonder what it'd be like if actors with more brawn so to speak were chosen."

Also on the subject of acting, Stephani Johnson stated, "eat s***... rob and kristen can act. have you seen remember me. little ashes. speak or the runaways or panic room? those were good roles and i think the best performances from them both."

First, it's important, Stephani, to remember that what's good for one is Paris Hilton's singing career to another. My opinions are mine only and I have no desire to be the authority on anything (unless it's Buffy, then my voice shall speak for all:-)) so everyone is free to disagree.

While I'm not sure if K-Stew would have been my first choice for the role of Bella, I'm not saying she completely sucks. I do think they thought she would be great for the role because of her maturity and serious nature which I believe that Bella encompasses. That is something special in a teenager and very rare. I feel like Kristen translates that on screen pretty well. I also believe that Kristen Stewart is primarily drawn to roles that are major aspects of her personality to a degree. She gravitates towards things that are based on awkward, mature-for-their-teen-years, socially inept, etc., females and if that's what works for her, that's great.

The problem is that while Kristen ecompasses certain characteristics of Bella, Bella is still a bit different than that of K-Stew and so somewhere in the middle, they do not meet. Some of the tics that K-Stew has given Bella, like the constant blinking, heavy breathing, and a kind of blasé attitude is something that she does in every role and it distracts me because I know it's not uniquely Bella she's giving this too. I saw the Runaways. I was not impressed with her because I felt like she was Kristen Stewart in Joan Jett get up. Dakota Fanning, as always, was remarkable. I expected no less. She made the movie what it was, IMO. Cake Eaters was interesting but I could not get into it. I did see The Yellow Hankerchief and Speak and I thought she was exception in both films. The scripts were great for those films and it was wonderfully directed.

I thought she did a better job of Bella in Twilight. A lot of that had to do with the script, and Catherine's direction. I also believe Stephenie had way more imput as it was on a smaller budget and all that. In New Moon, I felt like she knew that this was not the best script and so she tried to over compensate by doing some stuff that just seemed ridiculous to me.

Robert Pattinson, on the other hand, is completely different. Before Twi-hards even knew of him as R-Pattz and he was just Cedric Diggory to those who even bothered to remembered, I spotted Pattinson's acting abilities whilst watching the extras on my Vanity Fair DVD (the movie directed by Mina Nair starring Reese Witherspoon) years ago. He was supposed to be Reese's character's son grown up. I saw some talent there and then and thought to myself, I'd watch out for him in the near future even though the bit was small) But what really caught my attention was when Pattinson had a done a BBC TV film in 2007 (but filmed in 06 so this was just a few short years after Goblet of Fire called The Bad Mother's Handbook. The movie was awesomely British hilarious. I'm an Anglophile so I might be bias but when I tell that you that Robert was funny and charmingly adorable as the nerdy rich weird kid who had a crush on a pregnant school mate, that's not even the half of it. He was so different than Cedric, and nothing like the small part he had in Vanity Fair (it was cut anyway and they used another actor who wasn't as good. So I already knew Rob could act as well as sing. I had the fortune, whilst visiting relatives in England a few years back, hear him perform at a local pub (singing beautifully, the song "Broke" by his friend Marcus Foster).

Robert as Edward Cullen does not surprise me. He has the depth and the classic looks (though, and I will get flamed for this, I believe while he is very sexy and attractive personality wise, he is fugly looking when he is not acting as any character) to pull it off. But what set Rob apart in his other films for me, including Little Ashes, is that he was much more comfortable in these roles because they are European. That is who he is. GoF, Handbook, and Vanity Fair were all on his turf. Ashes was about a Spaniard but, still, Dalí European and I felt there was something there that he could already connect to.

Robert was not even in America for very long before he landed Edward Cullen and as great as I thought he was in the few roles he had, he has not had enough time to cultivate himself as an actor to be able to pull of certain nuances that I believe would have made all the difference when it came to both Twilight and New Moon. I feel the European vibe that is Rob all over Edward and I think that effects the way he plays the character and why I sometimes get frusturated when I'm re-reading the series and Edward is saying something that feels distinctly American male 1900s but it doesn't translate to screen. American culture of course is completely different to that of British culture. Even in Remember Me, there are moments when I am distinctly aware that Robert is British and not American. And it's not the obvious stuff like when his accent falters a bit. It's more so in certain gestures and the certain ways that he plays the character. Some might say I'm being rediculous. But having actually been spending almost every summer abroad and having family from there, I can honestly tell.

But again, these are things that come with time. That does't mean that I don't appreciate Robert's efforts because I don't think anyone else would be right for the role with K-Stew as Bella. Those two have IT. The chemistry and passion for one another (Go ROBSTEN!) is too palpbable not to be drawn in. That's ultimately what saved New Moon. Once I got past the awful hair, makeup, and new spooky contacts those Cullens were wearing, I still felt that Edward and Bella were in this together and Rob and Kristen are totally responsible for that.



I can't imagine anyone who being on this site who has not read the books or doesn't have the New Moon Wally-World version (which has some footage of Eclispe that the other New Moon DVDs doesn't have at all), but incase you were living under RuPaul's wig or smoking the dro with Snoop Dogg, then I'm putting in this spoiler alert just in case, because I'm going to be talking about it right now. So click off if you haven't seen it yet!

Keep going!


As we are all aware, the two trailers have been released for the third installement and my personal favorite in terms of the book series. And if you are a crazy Twi fan like I am, you make no qualms about strolling to Wal-Mart at 12:AM on a very cold Satruday morning so you can have Ultimate Fan Edition of NM just so you could see the stuff for Eclipse. I have to say that I am very excited about what I've seen already though the tone of the movie concerns me a bit. In the scene they showed us where Bella and Edward are talking on her bed about her change, I felt slightly mystified at the seriousness of it. What I mean, is by the third book, both Bella and Edward while unresolved about a few things here and there, they are resolved about one another. And Edward has lightened his mood considerably. He hasn't fully gone all the way to his happy place, but he's definitely getting close. And I'm hoping that Melissa and Robert show this side to Edward because it's a very important part of Edward's progression and where he stands on his ideal about life and the afterworld and of course, his decision to change Bella. We have to see how Bella's love and her belief in him has given him a new outlook. And it is clearly reflected in the the third book. So I'm hoping there will be a little less constipation on Rob's part and some lightness in between.

Things I totally liked:

*Jasper's new hair. A vast improvement from whatever the hell they were thinking before.

*Make-up is toned down. I might be one of the few people who thought that Catherine Hardwicke's Cullens looked a lot better than that of New Moon. Those eyes were way to hazel, IMO and the makeup aged Rob a little. JMO.

*Loved seeing Riley and Company come out of the water like the living dead. LOL. That looked awesome, as did quick glimpse of the action scene.

*Am so loving Dakota Fanning as Jane and the Volturi. They looked great.

Short Concerns:

Bryce Dallas Howard. On the Imprint podcast (I believe Episode 19 or 20), the group felt she looked enough like Rachelle Lefevre to pull it off. I disagree. Those two have two different personalities. Of course I'll withhold judgement but the brief glimpse of her in that god awful wig, I just didn't see Victoria in her eyes. You judge for yourself, of course.

Well, that's all for now. See ya' next time. And remember to leave me some love...or hatE. Whichever makes you happy. Peace, Twi-Freaks!

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