Hi guys!!

I'm new to this whole thing ans when i say new i mean just joined today!! so really i have no idea what im doing!! but i guess ill soon find out?? lol

Now i know alot of people have been asking for good fanfics or suggesting some and i read someones post the other day saying she/he but im pretty sure it was a she said she wanted some so i thought i might put a few here for you?? now please tell me how i did on my very first post and if i did anything wrong?? and tell me if you liked it aswell?? oh and if you want more fanfic??

These are some of my faves:

Blood Lines by windchymes -

This is a Bella and Edward story takes place somewhere in eclipse im pretty sure and Edward has a secret that changes there relationship but in a good way and Bella gets pregnant but its a pretty normal pregnancy. There is no Renesmee but there is lots of Bella and Edward "fluff" as everyone calls it, this is the first fanfic i ever read and i fell in love with it!! oh and Edward and all the Cullens are vampires and theres werewolves but not alot.


Cooking with fire by In love with a crooked smile -

This one is a all human fanfic but it is halirious!! i really like this one, Bellas a Chef and Edwards a Fire fighter theres bumps along the road but nothing to drastict theres lots of humor but also alot of fluff and sex. There is a sequel to this one taht hasnt been finished yet.


Reassigned Identidy by Mk Marie -

This is a all human fanfic Bella goes into witness protection after giving evidence about a big mob boss Billy Blaque, Bella goes into witness protection with Edward who is a secret agent and they pretend to be husband and wife and fall in love but wont admit it too each other there is alot of fluff and funny bits in here and yes Jacob is the bad guy, i really enjoyed this one and hope theres a sequel soon.


Tales of a Charming Truck Napper by Mk Marie -

This one has just been completed and is another all human fanfic its got the whole gang in it except this time Edwards parenst are Edward sr. and Elizabeth, Edwars steals Bellas truck one day thinking he stole Jaspers truck as a joke Bella hates edward for it and trys to hate him but she cant resist his charm and they go on a bumpy but not too bumpy ride of there romance in this one Bella and edward are quite the pranksters and also have a love hate relationship with each other but there is fluff and funny bits in here aswell.


Distractions by Windchymes -

This one is set in New Moon when Edward has already left but dont worry its not all gloom Bella actually tries to find Edward cause she new why he left at times its quite suspencful and thankfully this story doesnt drag Edward does come back so there is some fluff in here but it is incomplete but close to being complete.


Arresting Developments by In love with a crooked smile -

This again is another all human fanfic. Edward and Bella are both cops and while there is a little bit of crime fighting theres also romance Edward and Bella start falling in love with each other but dont want to tell each other when they finally do admit there feelings they cant tell anyone else because of a conflict of interest at work. Emmet and Jasper are also cops Rosalies a lwayer type person that works at the cop place and Jacob is one of those people that work with the dead and gives the cops the cause of death (i cant remeber what there called). Thers alot of romance in this story and a few bumps along the way aswell.

So there you go i hope you enjoy them!! and please tell em what you think will be greatly appreciated!!

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Comment by Melissa Connelly on August 21, 2010 at 3:40pm
Thanks for the recs! I've been compiling a list of to-be-read fics so this helped a lot.
Since this is your first post, I'll give you some advice: always include pictures; they catch the eye. :]
Comment by BB Cullen on August 22, 2010 at 1:39am
Thank you!! i will defiently put pictures in next time and if you want more just tell me!!
Comment by Chazlin on August 22, 2010 at 9:05pm
hey im looking for a nice fanfic like about a couple years after breaking dawn or so....if you find one tell me please!!!
Comment by Brittany Franklin on November 6, 2010 at 6:58am
why dont u have a link for arresting developments
Comment by BB Cullen on November 8, 2010 at 8:21pm
Oh my gosh!! sorry @Brittany Franklin!! i didnt even realize i didnt put it there!! i will put the link here otherwise you can just go into Cooking With Fire because there by the same author!! Here is the link to Arresting Developments http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5600938/1/Arresting_Developments Enjoy reading it its a great story!!


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