Looking forward to New Moon, Eclipse, and Finally Breaking Dawn

Can't wait for New Moon to come out in the theaters, it's only a few days away! But when that's over, then I'll want to see Eclipse, and then Breaking Dawn!

It's so funny that there's another vampire movie out, and Vampire Diaries on WB. Does anyone watch that? I have watched True Blood and thought that was great, but, personally, I can't stand the southern accents. That's just me, though. Maybe I need to read the books to appreciate them more. It's so similar to the Twilight series, I wonder which came first?

Yesterday, my boyfriend asked me why it's called New Moon, he's not particularly a fan. He's obviously not familiar with the phases of the moon either. I'd rather not go into detail about the phases of the moon; or that after the moon's monthly rotation, it may stand in front of the sun, making it appear dark from the earth. Nor do I want to go into detail about all the religious connotations with the phases of the moon. Rather, I proceeded to tell him that in the book, New moon signifies the coming out of the wolves.

In fact, if guys were not into the first movie, I told my boyfriend that they may be into this one, and the last two, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn; because there's more action. I myself can't wait to see all the fight scenes. It's one thing trying to imagine the fight scenes in your head, but it's another thing entirely watching Edward and Jacob's sexy a**** show their muscles and strength as they fight left and right for their woman, Bella.

It definitely makes all the girls, including myself, want them more. Defending women is something men should do, not mistreat them. Sometimes men defend women, but more often there is mistreatment all over the world. On that subject, I wonder if Stephanie Meyer contributes to a charity that supports women's rights. I digress.

Back to twilight. I'm so glad that there is a huge following of this story. I myself love the idea of falling in love with mystical figures. Why not? All of us have our individual special talents and mysteries. If we focused on them more, we might appreciate ourselves more.

Signing off now.

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