I didn't hear mother beg after me anymore. I felt comfortable walking and listening to the music. I knew i didn't have any money so i couldn't eator drink.
I kept on walking along with the beat of the music. The house was out of my sight, long gone, and mother wouldn't yell or hit me anymore. That feeling was the most comfortable one, it felt like i was out of prison, no one controlled me.

The street was dark and the streetlights weren't on. I could only see one light ahead of me, i decided to look, i walked a little faster, holdig the cold out from my jacket. To pass the time faster i staret humming on the song i was listening to.
I raised my hands and tryied to warm them in my jack pockets.
It was cold and i didn't feel my feet anymore, i kept on walking, refusing to stop.
The light became clearer every second. Now i noticed it was a fire, it had spread from a lighter. With my cold, shaking hands i picked up my phone in the right hand and then dialing a number.

" H-h-hello? " i sutterd,my hand were still shaking and my voise was low.
" Hello, what's your emergency? " a kind female voise said in the phone.
" There, there i-is a fire he-here " i stutterd once again, i turned around from the fire, i could feel the heat behind me.
" What street? " she asked friendly.
" I-i don't know, i don't know the street " i chilled and felt the panic raise in my body. My hand were shaking harder, my knees shaked.
" Could you tell me how the street looks like? " she asked, now more serious than before.
" Well, it's dark, the streetlight aren't on, it looks almost like a parc " I said and walked a few feet from the fire behind me. The heat started warming up my back and i could feel my hands again, though the panic started crawling up my back, i was warm, i felt that.
" How long have you been there? " the kind tone was there again in her voise.
" Er, er, a couple of minutes, i don't know " i looked at the fire again, now it was worse, the flames got bigger and bigger. I smelled the smoke, i putted one hand infront of my nose trying to keep away the smell.
" We'll be with you soon, okay? Stay there you are " the female said in a hoarse voise, it almost reminded me of mother when she was angry with me.
" Yeah, sure " i answered but the line was already dead. I looked at the fire, it looked nice almost like a movie.

I heard voises coming from behind, i looked behind my shoulder seeing three or four men. It was hard to tell because of the darkness.
The men came closer each minute, now the panic was above my head. I looked at them, scared as hell. I closed my eyes hoping it would be a dream, i opened them again but no this was real, this was reality.

" Hello there, pumpkin " one tall man yelled and waved at me. I didn't answer them, i stood up, hesatating if it was worth walking through the fire, one way or another i was about to die. I took a few steps closer to the fire, imidiatley i smelled the smoke in my nose, not good, not good. I thought to myself.
" Naw, don't be like that, sweetie, we won't hurt you " the same guy promised, i took one step closer to them just to avoid the smell.
" Yeah, come closer " he said, he missunderstood why i took that step.
" My life is over " i whispered to myself.
The men came closer and closer every minute that passed.
" Don't come closer! " I said seriously and putted my hands infront of my face in difense.
" If you take one more step to the fire, we will push you into it. And that we would happily avoid, huh? " i said, i did as he said that i wouldn't do, took one step closer to the fire.
" A, ah, ah, watch your steps carefully " another man said and shook his head.
If you ran into them they would easily catsh me, if i took three steps closer to the fire i would die.
I thought that it wouldn't matter what i did so i took two steps closer to the men, facing the tallest one now.
" Hello there, honey, what's you name? " he asked and stroke one hand against my cheek, i sighed.
" Scarlet " i answered, it wouldn't matter if i died or got raped.
" Scarlet " he said " Pretty name ... Scarlet ... " he said to himself and took one step closer to me, his body was just inches from touching mine.
His breath smelled ciggar and alcohol. I wrinkeld my nose in disgust. He laid his big hand on my shoulders and took one step closer. The inches was gone, he luaghed silently.
" You're going to have a good time " the guy said who was holding his hands on my shoulder.
I was scared, it was clearly that he was stronger than me and could easy push, throw or whatever more he could do to me.
The guy slowly took my jacket of my shoulders, it fell to the ground, the Mp3 fell along with it and landed with a light thud
" Don't worry, i won't hurt you " he promised and stroke my cheek, again, i felt his hand on my waist pressing me closer to him.
" I won't hurt you " he said again, what point was there to resist?
If i screamed for help they would push me, if i didn't, well, i don't know what would happen then.
They guy pushed me to the other ones who started kicking at me, they kicked me in the stomack, the back, my legs, my head, everything the got to, they kicked me on. It hurt so bad, a crack heard from my back and i screamed out in pain.
" WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME? WHY, WHY? " i screamed, my back hurted, then another crack heard from my arm, then another from my stomach, another, and another, and another.
It got dark infront of my eyes and could feel my body anymore, i could still hear, hear the guys luaghing at me.

I loud horrible sound came out of the darkness. They stopped kicking at me.
Am i still alive? i thought to myself, hoping i was.

" Let her go!! " a male voise snapped at the guys, i heard them running away and i was grateful, the pain was still there, the darkness infront of my eyes, still there. I was grateful i was left to die, no one who kicked me, just me alone.
" What's your name? " an angelic voise said, i felt cold again, i felt he leaned over me, his breath was nothing like the other guys. His breath was sweet, almost watered in my mouth.
He picked me up in his armes. Cold, so cold. I thought to myselft.
" IT HURTS " i screamed out, wanting to move my body even tough it hurted so bad.
" I know, i know " he said. Then i felt the wind in my hair, the wind in my face. It didn't take long until he laid me down. I felt warm again.
" Warm " i mumbeld to myself.
" It's a bonfire " he answered and his sweet, beautiful voise was no way near me.
" IT HURTS, IT HURTS SO BAD " i screamed when i tryied to move, it was still black infront of my eyes, keeping me from seeing him, the pain was still there.
" I will save you " he promised and his voise was closer.
" This is going to hurt a lot more, okay? " he said, i didn't answer. Cold again, i thought. I felt him touching me cheek with his hand, cold, and then his lips were on my throat.
" Remeber, i'm saving you " he said against my throat, he felt his breath on my throat and then it burned.

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i will, i promise.


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