My life is a total disaster, it's like a hurcane. At first everything is good but then at the end it's a disaster.
I started thinking to myself that maybe i'm not ment to this life. My life sucks, when i think it's going to be different the next day, well, it just keeps on getting worse.

" Scarlet! " my mother yelled at me.
" What, mom?! " i yelled back and threw my bag out the door. " You say you love me, huh. You dont even suport me, you don't put food on the table. All you do is going down on the streets!! " i screamed at her. As i said, my life is a disaster.
" Mom, you come home drunk, almost every day. You always come home with a man " i saw on mothers face i hit a sesitive spot.
" You're a prostitud, for heavens sake. Sure, you make money but what do you spend them on? You spend them on licqour and cloths " my voice was high, and i could feel it burn a bit in my throat. I screamed everyday, at her, at mother.
" I don't want to life like you do, you could get arrested. How many times have you got arrestet, huh? Mom? " i said, not screaming but still as hoarse.
" Nine times " mother answered and a tear fell down her cheek.
" Exactly " i screamed, again. " If i keep living like this all i will become is a murderur. Goodbye, Mom! " i yelles one last time. I yelled for the last time in this house.

I went out the door, picked up the bag i threw out on the poarch. I took the bag in my hand and walked away from the house, seeing it for the last time.

" Scarlet! Scarlet! " i heard mother beg after me.
" Scarlet?! " she begged.

I couldn't stand her life anymore. I couldn't stand my life with mother. When she came home with a man last night, she was drunk. I saw her walk in with a bottle of Whisky in her hand, with a man by her side.
I asked her where she have been and all she says is.
" Stupid kid. I should have got that abortion. You'll never be something,all you are is trash " she screamed at me while punshing me in the face.
I took out my Mp3 from the bag, choosing a good song and kept on walking away.

To be Continued.
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Comment by Carra on July 13, 2009 at 3:54am
hey Izzzzy it is awesome good writing hope for you to continue it :D
Comment by Izzzzy on July 13, 2009 at 9:49am
Thanks for the comment, i'm writing the next part now. :D


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