I was useless. There was nothing I could do as I whirred hopelessly around them. "Edward, they're on their way." Blondie spoke from the kitchen. Good. But what if it's too late?
"Edward, do, do, you have any idea what's wrong?" My lips were trembling so much I couldn't even string a sentence together properly, my body shook as well, prepared to defend. But against what? Something unknown that was causing Nessie to writhe silently on the sofa, how?
"Erm, Jake I can't be sure. It's a ridiculous idea but the symptoms are here." He looked reluctant to say any more, but I'd be damned if I wasn't going to make him.
"Edward, imagine if it was the other way round, if I was keeping something like this from you!" I saw the bleak look cross his face and I felt a twinge of guilt, this was his daughter here, of course he must still be feeling the same blinding panic. And what if it had been Bella, I'm sure he must understand.
"Okay, but Jacob this is very hard to explain and we're not even sure..."
Just then a low gurgled scream escaped Renesmee's tight lips and immediately I moved closer to her though I knew I was useless, waving my hands in front of her trying to find something I could do, I spun and grabbed Edward tight on his shoulders, his skin was ice cold, but I was past noticing or flinching.
"Okay, whatever, explain later just do something now if you know what's wrong!" I spat the words at him, my vision was blurred by tears but I knew I could still see his mouth twist, still holding tightly to his words, trying to form them in his head.
"Jacob, if I'm right, if it really is what I think then there's nothing I can do,"
My knees buckled from underneath me and I felt the ground rise up to hit me, a blaring noise rang in my ears. Edward's voice came as if he was on the other side of a long tunnel, his words were all jumbled, I didn't care what he was saying any more.
"Jake!" Then I was off the floor and being pulled upwards with a sharp tug, landing on my feet with Bella staring straight into my face.
"Jacob, get a grip of yourself! He didn't mean it the way you thought. Just think about it, can you not see what must be happening?"
"Jacob," Edward this time, his voice polite and patronising. "We think, I don't know how this could ever be possible but Renesmee has baffled all of us, we have no idea about her species . We think she may be going through some sort of a transition, her symptoms are the same as we have all experienced when we became what we are. Carlisle thinks the same, he just told Rosalie. Listen to her heart, can't you hear it?" It sounded like a train thundering down a track, booming rather than the flutter I so loved. "Her chest is cold and when you came in I could see you were thinking of when you first saw her earlier, on the porch. She said she was burning." His tone was disbelieving.
"But wait," Bella interjected, she was still staring into my eyes, trying to keep me calm. They snapped up to address Edward. "Nahuel, I heard his heart, I saw the way he moved. And his eyes. He was definitly still half-human, he didn't transform."
"That's right, I remember. Bella, can you please contact him and ask him to come as soon as possible, within the next three days. We need information and definitly before she comes around from this, we need to know what to expect. He gave me his number when he came."
"But Edward, the time difference and he sleeps."
"I don't care, he'll understand."
Then Bella was away, sure footed and gliding to the next room, I wasn't sure if I could even find my feet let alone move like that.
"Now bloodsucker, what's wrong with her?" I spoke through my teeth.
"Jacob, we think she's becoming a vampire."
"That's ridiculous, she already is a vampire!"
"You know what I mean. A full vampire, like us I guess." I did understand but how could he be right? I don't know what I'd do. I mean I live with vampires all the time so I'm all but used to there scent now, but Nessie? She seems almost normal to me but would I feel the same when she was cold and hard like marble? When her scent would burn if I got too close to her.
"But what about the that guy, the one that stares alot from South America, why didn't this happen to him?"
"We don't know everything okay!" His tone was harsher now, the stress seeping through. Good. He could have just a glimpse of the pain I was feeling right now. "Bella's on the phone to him right now asking him to get the first flight over, he has a better knowledge of her kind than we do."
He looked at the floor, then to Nessie's body, then up at me. He looked torn.
"I need to ask you to do something."
Finally, I might be able to help! "What? If there's anything I can do that will save her," I gulped, I had to think pescimistically in case there was nothing that could save her. "or at least help ease her pain, I'll do it, you know I will."
"Yes I know you would do anything, that's the problem, you need to really think about this, would you do something that might risk your own life?" His face was solemn, as if this really was a grave question, it took no more than a heartbeat to answer.
"Yes! Now tell me what it is before I ram by foot so far up your stinking, cold,"
"Jake!" Bella growled from the other room. "It won't help anyone for you to lose your temper, now keep level-headed and just hear him out." She popped her head round the door with a cell phone glued to the side of her face. "He's only thinking of you, of course we all want Renesmee to be fine but it's not fair of us to demand this of you, you need to really think about this. Hear him out please."
"Errgh, How the hell can you guys stay so calm?! That is your daughter laid there you know! All mangled up and you're telling me to keep calm!" Why do I have to be the only one looking like I'm over-reacting, like I can't control my temper. I think I have enough reason right now! Renesmee's lying in pain, mute, she may as well be unconcious I wouldn't know the difference. And they just stand there talking normally as if she'd just tripped over. It reminded me of something my dad had told me when I was younger 'Just walk it off, you'll be fine.' Alright Renesmee your parents think you're going to be fine so jump up off the sofa and lets skip off. Yeah right!
"It's not the same for us Jacob." Edwards voice spoke unwavering again, but his eyes didn't leave Renesmee's face and his hand held her wrist constantly monitering her pulse. "Vampires don't show panic or fear or other weak emotions. We're able to put things in to perspective and see the bigger picture, of course this is killing me but I can see that if I just crumble what use will I be to her. Now please listen. I've already thought of a few theories on why this is happening to Renesmee when it didn't happen to Nahuel or, I'm assuming, any of his siblings.
One could be Renesmee's upbringing. She's been raised by vampires so that part of her body is taking over as the natural instinct and way of life."
"But hold it, that other family was raised by a father that was also fully vampire, he taught them to hate humans, to hunt them down and drink there blood. So surely compared with your fake vampire way of life they would have more chance of following this 'instinct'?"
"Yes I agree with you. That was one of my lesser theories. I also believe that there needs to have been a trigger, that sort of this shouldn't just happen."
"I didn't let her out of my eyesight for any length of time that whole night I swear! There was no way she could have been bitten. Anyway the burning just happened while she was sat with me."
"No that's not what I mean't. I know she hasn't been bitten, there are no marks and it would be in her scent. I mean't a different sort of trigger, maybe just psychologically. Some massive change in her emotions or mind-set would be enough to make her lose her grip on her human self."
She was finally happy. We had become a real couple, all of the pretence dropped because she was old enough. She knew that she would be with me forever.
Something warm hit my cheek and rolled down past my chin, I threw my arm up to wipe the tears with the back of my dirty hand.
"She was happy." I choked as I knelt down to my knees so that my face was next to hers, I kissed her cheek softly.
"Oh, I see." was all Edward replied.
Had he seen it in my head, the reason she was happy, that night in the woods? He must have done so why was I still kneeling here, why was he not dragging me up and trying to kill me right now?
"Because this just proves how happy you make her Jacob. I could kill you, believe me but why would I hurt her like that?" He sighed at the missed opportunity, then chuckled at my assesment. "I have always accepted that you too were going to become a proper couple one day, of course I prefer that then if she was like a normal teenager bringing a new boyfriend home every weekend. You're already part of the family, so I've given you my blessing. As much as I do begrudge giving my daughter away to the family pet!" I punched his arm, not so lightly either.
"Hey! I could rethink the whole not killing you thing! No I'm joking Jacob, you and her are meant to be together, all joking aside."
"This is so surreal. I came here this afternoon worrying for Nessie's life, I mean I didn't know if I'd already run out of time and here we are having a joke by her bedside, well sofa. But all the same I mean, this is wierd. Now I know there's a bigger chance she'll live I can't help being more optimistic." My heart pounded as I stroked her face gently. She would stay alive, she just needed to.
"Okay, so what was it I needed to do Edwardm no mincing words, just tell me."
"Right, well Carlisle and I have sort of always known this, ever since we were researching your species. Theoretically you are our mortal enemies, you are the only living creatures, that we know of, that can trump us." I continued stroking Renesmee's face and listened intently, he'd finally managed to start what he was telling me, I wasn't going to throw him off the path with stupid gloating. "So it is believed that your own form of venom may be able to stop the affects of ours."
"I didn't even know we had venom." I wondered aloud, forgetting my vow of silence.
"Well it's not exactly, it's your saliva but it contains a sort of 'anti-vampire' venom. Obviously for the protection of humans. But, now here's the serious part,"
"Oh yeah 'cause the whole afternoon's been a barrell of laughs up until now." I snorted.
"Well you know that our venom is a poison to you, so if it's too late and her venom is in the blood that you taste, I don't need to explain the rest."
"So what the hell are we waiting for?!" I jumped up, standing squarely in front of him. "Time's running out, while we've been mindlessly chatting the venom's had time to spread."
"Well if you were travelling here since last night at the funeral then you've already lost nearly 24 hours. If we go by the normal procedure for transformation she only has two more days until it would have covered her entire body and left again."
"Edward, shut up with your cautions, I know as well as you do that you want to me to save her, now tell me what do I do with my venom?"
"Bite." I recoiled in horror, of course that was the obvious answer but my mind had been so preoccupied I hadn't come to that conclusion.
"Okay," I gulped, geez what's wrong with me it will be over in no time, man up! "So where?"
"Well from the temperature, it's only in the main part of her body as of yet, her torso pelvis, upper arms. So I'd go with the way that would be quickest and from what I can guess the part with no venom yet. Bite her wrists."
I wanted to be sick. It was as if I was turning into a filthy leech and feeding on Renesmee!
I took a deep breath to steady my self then held her limp arm to my mouth, one swift bite, that's all.
My teeth snapped in and her blood swam in my mouth, I let it pour from my lips, there was no way I was swallowing it. Then the next, quick and easy. The iron liquid was warm in my mouth as I put her arm back down. How could they drink this stuff. I had to hold down yesterdays meal, but even then I wasn't sure I was doing such a good job. As the taste throbbed in my mind I could feel my head going woozy.
"Ew Jake, you're a mess, you did it then." I heard Bella breeze towards me. The image was all fuzzy round the edges, then I hit the floor, again.
"Jake!" Bella was over me. "The venom, what if it had spread further than you thought?! Jake can you hear me?!" Bella was screeching but it was just dull sound to me as I faded in and out.

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