"No fair!" I yelled when my hand slammed onto the stone surface for the third time. "You guys have freaky superstrength!" I pouted my lip like a child, I know how much of a sore loser I can be.
"Hey dude, you knew that when you got into it." Man that guy can be annoying! Emmet that is, Jasper had beaten me once and he twice.
"Yes!" Alice shouted from behind us, at the same time Edward hissed "Nice one"
"Ah" I moaned, "come on freaky twins, what is it now?"
"A storm, headed straight over the town. It's Baseball time!" Alice had a little glint in her eye as she told us, the others erupted in woops and cheers.
"Since when have Vampires played baseball? And in a storm at that." I snorted.
Edward laugh "We were human's once so we still like to play all the same games, we just can't play on a normal day, erm I'm sure you can guess why." His fist smashed down onto the rock beside us, with a huge crash it cracked down the middle and fell into tiny pieces in a cloud of dust.
Well okay I can guess why they couldn't play out in the open, what with the super speed and strength, babe ruth would have competition with that but the storm. Ah well I'll just roll with it.
"'kay I'm in. I'd love to see you playing baseball Bells. Or any sport for that matter!"
"Hey, I'm actually quite good I'll have you know. I'm surprised you've never seen us play yet."
"She's like a whippet this one." Emmett jabbed her arm.
The thunder rolled and crashed above us as I let the car idle. "Are we seriously playing in this?"
The sky was gloomy and surely there would be rain soon.
"Alice said it's not going to rain, we only play if the storm's going to stay away from us. And no one said you had to."
Boy he knew what to say to get me going, the next thing I knew I was out the car, door slammed.
"Game on.

Jasper was up to bat first, flitting the bat around in his hands like a baton. When the ball hit against the bat it sounded just like the thunder that was battling above us, only louder. I understood why there needed to be thunder now. He was round to second base in less than a second, Edward emerged from the surrounding forest and hurled the ball back toward the play. Jasper slid to a stop at fourth. "In." Esme shouted and no one contested. Okay my turn to do that now.
There was another almighty crack of thunder above as I stood ready to bat, feet apart chin up. Like a pro. If there's one thing I know about, it's sport.
Alice flicked her hand at her side and the ball shot toward me. "Strike one!"
Okay, shake it off. Her hand struck again. "Strike two!" Damn it!
She giggled and smiled teasingly. "Strike three coming up!" Emmet boomed from about a quarter mile away. I zeroed my eyes in on the ball, kept my focus as it came toward me and crack, connected. Shooting dirt up behind me I ran for first base, I couldn't see where the ball had gone but took the chance and carried on around the corner. "You're out." Jasper had struck the base before I was even half way.
"Okay, okay guys. I wasn't used to it is all." I shrugged and laughed it off.
Ness hadn't joined in the game, she was sitting on a rock laughing as I walked toward her. Her cheeks and nose were glowing in the cold, I hadn't realised how chilly it had gotten. I took off my thick plaid shirt and put it round her shoulders, taking her hands in mine.
"Why didn't you say you were cold?"
She shrugged her shoulders. "I'm not, or at least I hadn't noticed."
"Do you wanna go back? You can get ready for school tomorrow. If you still feel like going."
"Okay, that sounds like a good idea. It is getting quite cold."
"Race?" I lifted one of my brows playfully. "The edge of the trees. Then I'll come back and get you." I laughed, she was already off.
"If you can catch me!" She called backward.
"We're gunna head back guys, Ness is getting cold. See you later!" I turned and sped toward her, flat out. When she was younger I used to let her win, she knew that trick too well now and would never let me get away with it.
I passed her just before the fringe of the forest and turned triumphantly toward her.
"And the crowd go wild!"
"Yeah, yeah, you won this one." She said grudgingly as she climbed into the passenger side of my car.
"Nawr come on, I had to win something today."
I floored it across the dirt track toward the main road.
Nessie hadn't said anything since we got in the car, I looked over to her and she was staring straight ahead. I pulled over.
"What's up?"
"Nothing. I'm fine." She put on a false smile. Why did she think that would be enough to shut me up?
"Look I know you've been through alot today and yesterday but you're fine now, don't worry honey."
"No Jake, I know I'm fine. It's just that, well I was more concerned for you."
"For me?! Now you're going to have to explain that one."
"With what happened to Grandpa, I'm worried that time's passing you by. You hardly ever see your dad and you never know what could happen to him." She had a point, but there was no way I was going back to La Push and leaving her. "And when was the last time you saw Quil or Embry, or Sam or any of your pack. They're your friends and you've left them."
"Ness what did you expect me to do? You know I can't live away from you. Are you really so ready for me to go back home and leave you?" I felt like I may be tearing apart inside, what if she said yes. Even if it made her happy, could I really do that?
"See, home. You said it yourself, that's your home, where you should be. But you're right I could never be without you. We should both go, together."
"What? Are you serious?" Me and Nessie living together, with my dad and my pack around me, I could fly at the idea. But Nessie would be without hers. No I couldn't do that. "No Renesmee. I could never do that to you. I would not and won't ask you to do that for me."
"You don't have to Jake. I'm asking you. I would love to move there."
"But I don't think your parents would love you to." I mumbled looking down, I knew this was the sticking point. She pushed my hair from my face and looked into my eyes, in that moment I could have melted, I could have gone right now. Started the engine up and not stopped 'til we hit the La Push border, just to give her what she asked for. Then she was kissing me and all my problems melted away, I knew in the end I would say yes, just to make her stop worrying for me.
"Okay," I breathed in her ear. "we can move back." I was kissing up and down her throat as she mussed my hair. "That is if your parents don't tear me limb from limb before we can." I mumbled into her neck and she giggled lightly, her breath tickled my hair and sent wonderful shivers down my spine.
I gathered my thoughts again and turned to the steering wheel to take us home. Now I really wasn't looking forward to the Cullens' return.

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Comment by Laura S. on November 8, 2009 at 4:54pm
this chapter was really cute...can't wait til next week.
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that was awesome.. you dint let anyone down k
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that was so sweet and cool


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