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"Stop twitching Jake." I hissed at him with a sideways glance. We could hear that my family were going to come through the door in about 8 secoonds and his knee was bouncing next to me on the couch, nerves. We were about to tell my parents that we were going to live in La Push for a bit so I guess he had a valid reason.
"Sure sure, I'll try. May as well use the leg now while I've still got it ey?" Sure he's trying to make a joke but the butterflies re-started battering the walls of my stomach in response.
"Hey Ness, stop biting on your lip, you'll make it bleed." I hadn't even noticed I was doing it, but now he mentioned it I could taste an odd salty metal on my tongue.
The door clicked then and opened into the hallway. "Honeys, we're home!" Carlisle joked.
"Ness? Jake? Where are you?" Alice flew into the room. "I think we need to talk." Her voice was stern and her face crumpled with what looked like confusion mixed with betrayel.
"Yeah Alice, you're right but if you could just wait for everyone to come in."
She huffed. "But you do know he will already know right?"
Oh, I hadn't thought about that.
Just then Dad came round the corner, his eyes bore into Jacob's with such furious hostility, then they snapped up to me and I sucked in a sharp breath. "Is it true?" He asked, looking incredulous.
Mum came in next flitting to his side, followed by the rest of my family that had yet to learn our revelation.
"Renesmee, what's going on? We were laughing and joking then the next minute these two," She jerked her thumb toward Dad and Alice "went all serious and they wouldn't speak and... What's going on?"
"Relax mum, we'll explain. Just please listen and don't get angry."
"Pft." Alice made the mocking sound, she was right though, that was an almost impossible order. Dad still hadn't relaxed his expression so I quickly diverted my gaze away from his.
"I'm sure you all must have noticed Jake's not been himself lately but when we were back with his friends and family last week he was different, in a good way. He was happy, despite the sad occasion we were there for," Jacob squeezed my hand in encouragement. "and with Grandpa dying has it not made you see that people we care for are going to slip away eventually, Jacob's not spent any real time with his dad in ages and it's not fair on him."
"So you think it's fair to desert us?" Alice hissed, unable to control herself.
"No, not desert, you know that's not what we're doing. I suggested that we go and stay in La Push for a while and how could Jake say no, really?"
"She's right," Jacob began for the first time. "I do miss my dad and everyone there, but if Renesmee moving away is going to be too hard then, well forget about it."
Carlisle stepped forward. "Edward, Bella, I know this would be very hard for you but they've got a point, I give my approval."
"But La Push is so far away." Mum began to half-heartedly plead, I guess she knew it would be selfish to stop us.
"You know Alice is going to be on the lookout for your future constantly, so don't even try and do anything stupid." Dad spoke finally, begrudgingly.
"Darn, so I guess cliff-jumping is out." I laughed, trying to break the tension. Mum's eyes narrowed and she pursed her lips.
"You betcha missy. One dangerous move and I'll be down there like a dart to bring you back." Alice pointed one pale thin finger toward me.
Well that had been a whole lot easier than I had anticipated. Suddenly I came over all excited about moving now I had my family's approval.
"Ar I can't believe you're gunna go so soon! Can you not even leave us some time for a leaving party?" Alice must have seen a hasty departure, I was sort of glad about that, I really didn't want a party.
"Sorry. Can me and Jake please be excused to go pack?"
"Of course." Dad came over to me followed by Mum, they both almost suffocated me in a joint hug, then I turned with Jacob and we went out the back door.
Once outside my head was more clear to see the bigger picture, this was going to be awesome! A huge grin spread across Jacob's face and we both threw our heads back and laughed freely. We almost skipped through the little forest to mine, mum's and dad's little cottage first.
Jacob helped me throw all of my possesions into a huge suitcase, almost everything in my room was cast into the case. By the end it was so pack that I had to sit on it whilst Jake forced the zip to close. "You women and your clothes!" He tutted, ruining the facade by chuckling at the end. The atmosphere was so free I felt as though I could fly. I'm sure that would change later when the goodbyes were said and I was departing from my loving, yet slightly dysfunctional family but I didn't want to dwell on that, not when we were this happy.

Jacob's things easily fit inside a much smaller suitcase, he turned to smile smugly at me.
"Hey that's not fair, you do walk around half naked all the time. I wear clothes, therefore I'll own more."
"No one said you had to." He winked cheesily at me.
"Ooh what a line!" I collapsed on to the bed with him and sought his lips, he kissed back eagerly.
"Worked though didn't it."
"You must be a natural romantic." I joked between kisses.
There was a light knock on the door, we both sighed and rearranged ourselves to look more presentable. "Come in." He called.
It was my mum. She looked sheepish as she poked her head round the door frame.
"I'll just go pack my toiletries from the bathroom." Jacob excused himself to give us some time alone.
"Come sit down mum." She was looking awkward by the door. She skid over to myself and placed herself lightly on the corner of the bed, patting down the corners of the sheet and fussing unnecessarily.
"Renesmee." She breathed pulling me in for another hug. "I just needed to make sure this is what you want. You're not just going along with this to make Jacob happy are you?"
"It was my idea mum, he was reluctant, trying to keep on your good side I guess, but this is definitly what I want."
She looked as though she wanted to continue on her point but bit down on her lip instead. "Okay, honey, make sure you ring me or email me though, I need to know you're safe if this is going to work."
Jacob lumbered back in then, "I just need to get my bag, then I'll go again."
"No, it's fine, I'm done." She turned back to me. "Just make sure you're happy, I know he will always make you happy. But if he ever upsets you in anyway call me and I'll come kick the crap out of him, don't do it yourself, he has a very hard head." Jacob burst into loud laughter and Mum looked like she was trying not to laugh, she tried to make herself look annoyed with Jake whilst I looked on confused.
"Oookay." I lifted an eyebrow toward Jacob but he just wafted his hand saying "I'll explain another time."
Mum looked uncomfortable, as if she wished she'd held her tongue. "You wouldn't tarnish your spotless image that way, do not tell that story." She had her eyes narrowed, and quickly changed her expression back to the one of concern she had worn before.
"I'll go back now. Your dad's booked you a flight down there, it's not going to take long before it get's dark and we didn't want you having to sleep rough somewhere. See you at the house later."
"Thanks mum, see you in a bit." She rose gracefully and flitted out of the cottage.
"I think that's everything." Jake whizzed around the room checking. "Yep, I've got everything."
" 'Kay." My eyes were following the swirling pattern on the bedspread, interlinking with other coffee-coloured swirls.
"Ness, there is no way I'm going to let you go if there's any doubt in your mind. Remember we don't have to go."
"Jake, I'm not going to say this anymore tonight, so you make sure you listen good. I do want to go. With all my heart, I promise you. I was just worried about how they'll cope with it."
"They'll be fine, don't worry about it, we can come straight back whenever you want, even if it's when the plane has just touched down on the runway in Port Angeles, if you want to come back then we will. So, are we going to get this show on the road?" The huge smile returned on his face.
"Let's go." I smiled in return. He grabbed both cases in one of his ever-capable hands and offered his other to me, which I willingly linked with mine.
Jake reached down for his key in the plant pot next to the door step, locked the door then turned to take my hand again.

When we got back to the house everything was almost normal, Rosalie was sat with Emmet watching some sit-com on the television, Esme was in the kitchen, Alice was sat on one of the dining room chairs her eyes focused somewhere in the future, Jasper had on arms draped over her tiny shoulders. Mum was sat with Dad on his piano stool, leaning into him as he played some pretty tune. Yes, almost normal, the difference was the slight sag in everyone's faces. They all wore the same sad expression. I didn't know I meant this much to everyone.
They all began to converge on us when they noticed us enter the room. Esme came running into the room holding backpack. "Food for the journey." She placed the bag on my back.
Carlisle picked up some papers from beside him, "Here's your flight conformation documents." He put them with the food in my bag.
"Right, I guess we'd erm, better go." It felt as though there was something in my throat, I tried to cough it up but it stayed making my voice sound choked and strange.
"Mum, Dad, we'll ring you as soon as we get off the plane in Seattle, then again in Port Angeles."
"Okay, sweetheart and please remember to stay safe, you mean the world to us." That was it, the blockage in my throat seemed to move and the floodgates opened. Tears streamed down my cheeks. "Don't cry Renesmee, it'll be okay."
"I know it will, it's going to be perfect. I just, I can't imagine not seeing you all everyday." I sobbed into my dad's jacket.
I turned to hug my mum tenderly too. "Love you Renesmee darling, don't forget that while you're away." She sounded though she would be in floods of tears if it were possible, instead she sobbed, no tears staining her perfect place.
As I pulled away I wiped my own tears away with my hand, though it was no use as they were replaced with fresh ones straight away.
"Good bye Jacob, I know you'll look after her, I trust you as much as any member of my family here, well you are my family." Jacob and my father hugged briefly, then he was passed onto my mum. "Jake, I love you as well, of course you already know that but I wasn't joking about what I said earlier."
"You have absolutely nothing to worry about there Bells, and anyway if I ever did by any chance let any harm come to Renesmee then I would hope so much that you would be there to beat me to a pulp. I'd be counting on that, it would be only a small fraction of punishment."
"Well then, I guess I have nothing to worry about."
After what seemed like an hour all the hugging and kissing came to an end and me and Jake were heading out the door. Jake scooped me up in one of his arms and we turned to say our final goodbyes. The faces of my family were distorted in the pain of seperation. "I love you all, and don't think you've gotten rid of me. I'll be phoning round the clock, no matter about the time difference. They all smiled a little and I was glad that I was leaving with my last image of them being one of smiles, even if they were brief.
Jacob began loping down the driveway toward the main road and I exhaled deeply, wierdly I felt relief that the hardest part of the seperation was over with, no more goodbyes.
"Are you sure?" Was all that Jacob uttered without looking down to me.
"Even more sure than I felt earlier."
"We're going home, at long last." Jacob spoke breezily, his smile exploded onto his face as he pushed further, faster.

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