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The light was just starting to fade outside my window as the captain announced we would be landing at SeaTac airport in a few mintutes, I shook Jacob lightly on the shoulder, "We're almost here, wake up while we get on the next plane." He must have been exhausted, purplish shadows were beginning to embed underneath his eyes and his skin was drawn and tired-looking. I wondered when was the last time he had slept a proper night's sleep. He said he'd managed to catch a short nap whilst I was, well, recovering. None of us slept well the night before Grandpa's funeral, what with worrying. So I guessed it must have been that night in the woods, which seemed about a year ago to me right now.
"Hmm okay." He blinked his eyes tight, then opened them, yawning and stretching theatrically.
I stuffed the worn book I had been reading into the front pocket of my backpack. It was a well worn copy of Shakespeares 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' a hand-me-down from my mother. I loved all of her classics but this was my favourite, I'd first read it when I was about 18 months old,
in human age, the magic reminded me of Jacob's imprinting, the unsuspecting Lysander awakes to find himself completely and uncontrollably in love with Helena, only Shakespears version ended up with it all needing to be reversed, no one was really happy. I was happy with the magic in my life, it was definitly reciprocated.
As I got off the plane - unsure of my feet from the flight - the wind bit at my cheeks and nose and blew tendrils of my hair across my face, tickling my skin. The wind had gotten up here but at least it was still a bit warmer than Alaska.
We hadn't yet reached the shelter of the airport builiding when I felt rain spatter on my head and land in puddles on the ground, they appeared to be permanent which seemed very ominent.
"You okay?" Jacob put his arm round me as we walked through the automatic doors, the warmth swept onto me in a sudden rush making me shiver. I nuzzled closer into Jake's chest.
"Yeah. In fact I'm better than okay. I feel, perfect."
"Wow. I'm glad you do, really glad." His grin seemed permanently strectched across his dark skin, it was only slightly erased when he fell asleep on the plane but replaced by a look of ease and peacefulness.
We sat on the runway again as the fans whirred and the little lights blinked outside the window in the evening dark. It was only an hour flight from here to Port Angeles and I guessed we'd run from there to La Push. The plane grumbled to life and we were up in the air.

"Woah the rain's certainly picked up here." I pulled my hood up over my head as we exited through the airport doors.
Jake laughed, "Yup, it's the Olympic Peninsula alright."
"Where we heading toward?"
"Well there's a small bit of woodland over there, can you see?" He lifted his hand and pointed toward a patch of green not too far away.
"Yeah I see it. Wait, does Billy know we're coming?"
"Nope, he's away on a fishing trip at the moment so I couldn't get in contact with him, I think he should be home tomorrow though."
We were at the edges of the car park now and I stepped up onto the green surface. The grass covered my shoes and was sodden, soaking my toes and feet. The canopy of leaves above us shot strange shadows and shots of light to the damp green floor, I could hear the sound of the rain drip-dropping above. Eerie.
Jacob ripped his t-shirt and jeans off, kicked his shoes and moved far enough away from me to allow the tremors to take over his body and then after less than a second there was a beautiful red-brown wolf towering before me. He jerked his head backward, gesturing for me to jump on his back. I scooped up his items of clothing then climbed on, making myself comfortable and secure, leaning forward and placing my head in the small hollow beneath his huge shoulders.
The rhythmic light thud of his feet padding across the covered forest was comforting, I always felt safe with my Jacob-wolf.
Soon we were correaring from our straight track and the trees ahead seemed to be thinning. I guess Jacob thought it was dark enough to be inconspicuous.
My surroundings suddenly became familiar. My heart raced as I recognised the houses on the outskirts of La Push, I could here the tide pulling in and flowing back to my far left and quite in the distance, the red wooden house of the Black family. It would have not been visible without my heightened sense yet though.
Jacob barked a gruff but ecstatic sounding laugh at the obviously elated reaction that was happening in my head. My hand was twined in his fur so my thoughts could pass through to him without effort.
"Jake! Is that you?" A voice whispered, it sounded unashamedly excited.
Jacob skidded to a halt and I jumped off so he could phase back to his human form.
"Seth! Get over here brother."
We were stood outside the Clearwater's house and Seth had his head craned out of his window. In a flash he had leapt out and was stood in front of me, Jacob pulled him up in a huge hug.
"Ness, oh I've missed you too!" Now I was the one recieving one of his crippling hugs, good job I had the strength of a vampire in me hanging around with these guys.
"You too Seth, I really have." And I meant it, though it hadn't been long since we saw each other in Forks for the funeral, before that it had been months and months, maybe even more than a year, since I'd seen him or any of Jacob's pack. There was one exception of course, I hadn't really missed seeing Seth's sister Leah's sour face in those months. According to my mum she had softened but she still gave me a frosty reception and plainly detested any time spent in my company. It baffled me why she treated me like this when she had even started to like the full vampires.
"So how long you guys down here for?" Seth's eyes were eager but guarded.
"Erm, well, it's sorta permanent." Jake didn't want to make it official, still worried that I would want to go home by the morning.
"What?! Are you serious? This is going to be awesome! We can run like we used to, oh the guys are going to be psyched, can't wait to tell them." Seth became an excited child and his words blurred into one noise, Jake looked at me and rolled his eyes dramatically. Of course he was secretly exploding with excitement inside.
"Well I hate to end this reunion party but we've got to sleep man. Ness have you even slept a wink since that day after, well you know?" Seth raised an eyebrow and looked curious but didn't say anything, Jake had rang to let them know that I was fine after what happened that night but I bet he was still burning to know the details. Since Jacob had mentioned it I was suddenly exhausted and yawned right on cue.
"I'll take that as a yes." He laughed taking my hand. "See you in the morning Seth, and I know you won't be able to help ruining the surprise for the pack so I'll come see them all tomorrow."
"Night guys. I'll head back to bed now, I ran patrol til 5 last night so I need to catch up on my beauty sleep."
"Well you're not wrong there Seth." Jake laughed again showing his perfectly straight and gleaming white teeth.
"Oi Black, I'll have you know I'm a bit of a ladies man now if I may say so myself." He posed and then broke and laughed at himself."
"Alright I'll believe that when I see it. Now we really are going to go. G'night."
"Night Seth." I called behind me as we turned in the direction of Billy's house."
It wasn't a long walk from where we were stood, less than 5 minutes, so it wasn't long before we were in front of the door as Jake searched in my bag for the key that he'd thankfully remembered to throw in.
He turned it and pushed the creaking door inwards. He walked through the tiny hallway flicking the light on as he passed, as he reached the small sofa he threw himself down on it with a huff.
"It's good to be home."
"Agreed." I smiled and curled myself up next to him. I only just fitted in next to him.
"I'll go get you something to put on for bed, it's too late to be rifling through that monstrous case.
He stood up and walked toward his bedroom door.
"Oops." He turned back to me. "Rachel's in here asleep. It's a good job I can do quiet." He was back holding a handful of clothing. "Would she jump in my grave any faster?"
"Is she living here now then?"
"No, Billy did say she visits quite alot, most of the time actually, 'cause of Paul and all that." He rolled his eyes then threw the clothes at me. "Shall I step out while you change?"
"Doesn't matter. You've seen it all before." I smiled. He blushed as I yanked my top over my head and replaced it with one of his. His shorts came to my knees though they were alot shorter on him.
"You can have the sofa I'll doss on the floor."
"No you won't. It's your house, I can fit on here with you, I'm only a tiny person."
Jake lifted a blanket from behind the sofa then settled himself in. I squeezed myself in, in the little bow his body formed. He put his arms round me and we were both asleep in no time, perfectly at ease.
I woke up with a start as I heard the door click open, disoriented by my surroundings. The light was bright on my face from the window and I blinked against it, Jacob was still snoring with his arms securely cradling me.
Billy wheeled into the room and his eyes sprung wide with shock. He looked like he reassessed it as recognition hit him.
"Renesmee," He whispered noticing Jake still sleeping beside me. "You nearly gave me a heart attack!"
"Morning Billy." I felt slightly awkward, the embrace between me and Jack was obvious and the shorts had managed to ride up during the night, looking a lot shorter. I pulled the blanket up, accidentally waking Jacob. His eyes looked awake for the first time in ages as they spun around taking in where he was.

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