My fork scraped on my plate as I finished off my third lot of bacon and sausages making me wince.
I was fast keeping up with Jake this morning, I'd eaten nearly as much as him but a bit rarer, still I had more of an appetite for normal food rather than blood recently. I must be becoming more and more 'normal' I laughed internally.
Breakfast in the Black household was like a ceremony, most important meal of the day and you could tell.
The tiny table, fit for two at most, was crammed with a plate of bacon, another of sausages, a rack of toast and a big bowl of beans along with our own plates. We gathered, elbows touching limiting movement space, enjoying light familial conversation. It was so easy to be comfortable here.
"So what are you doing for education Ness?" Billy asked, I had given this a little bit of thought myself actually.
"I was thinking I could go to school on the reservation. I'm going to ring later and ask if there's a last mintute place."
"Oh that'll be nice. I wouldn't worry about it being full up though it's not an overly-busy school."
"Right," Jake piped up after swallowing a mouthful of sausage like an animal. "We're gunna go off and see the lads today, you ready Ness?"
"Yup, I'll just go grab my coat."
Outside it was still a bit cold but the wind had dropped overnight. The leaves were starting to turn dry ready for the coming autumn but the grass underneath us was still lush and soaked, it squelched underneath our feet as we walked toward the beach.
"Where we going? I thought we were meeting the guys?"
"We are, I can hear Sam's voice down there, can you hear it?" I concentrated my hearing toward the beach and sure enough it was Sam's voice I could here in light conversation with Embry I guessed and then Seth spoke, they must all be down there.
My phone rang shrill in my pocket, the caller-id told me it was my mum . "I'll follow you down in a minute, I kinda have to answer this." I smiled at him and waved him down to his friends.
I snapped open the small black phone "Hey mum. How are you and everyone else? "
"Ooh someone sounds chirpy," I hadn't even noticed but my voice did have a cheerful ring to it "Everyone's perfectly fine up here no mishaps as of yet. Alice says she's having trouble seeing you though because of Jacob so be extra careful," What does think I'm gunna be able to get up to in a tiny town like this, seriously? "Is everything still alright with you?"
Alright? Well I've got better words to describe it but I'll stick to the norm "Yeah everything's fine. I'm gunna email you tomorrow anyway after my first day at school and tell you everything"
"Your starting already? Wow they don't mess around."
"Well not exactly, I'm just waiting for them to ring back to confirm it so it's not certain." I had rang the Quileute High School just before leaving down here and spoken to a helpful, in the extreme,
lady with a sickly sweet voice. Basically she just needed to check numbers for my classes then ring me back and tell me it was sorted. She had practically bitten at the enquiry, the numbers must be very low here and a new student to add to their tally would be great.
I could here raucious woops and cheers down at the beach so Jake must be down there.
"I gotta go mum, talk to you soon."
"Okay, I'll look forward to your email, love you."
"Love you too, and pass it on to everyone else. Bye!" I closed the phone back up and pushed it back into my pocket. I turned my head to the left and right checking my surroundings for people before I began running toward the sea.
"Hey Vamp-girl!" Seth called from the huddle.
"Hey wolf-man. Wolf-men. Nawr I guess I'm outnumbered just a little." I chuckled.
Then there was a chorus of hi's and hey's, then a group hug ensued on me. Forcing the air from my lungs.
Today was a fun day, the word family really held great meaning toward these non-biological-linked brothers as they bantered and play-fought. The wierdest but most natural feeling bit was that I felt part of it. My second family, I mused.
Now there was only me, Jacob, Quil, Embry, Sam with Emily, who had joined us mid-morning and Seth, Leah hadn't come, she was at home ill. We were sat in a loose circle on the bare sand, it was late afternoon now and there was a chill in the darkened air, I had Jake's arms draped round me for warmth. Seth stood up as if he was about to make a speech. "I'd better get going now guys, I need to crash soon to make up for last night."
Sam tutted playfully, "We run a full patrol for the first time in months and you're exhausted. You're out of practice man. Maybe I should send you off into the woods til 5 every night." He challenged.
"Erm no thanks. I'll turn down that offer."
I was glad to hear that they weren't out every night til stupid hours, just the normal patrols, selfishly I was glad because it meant Jacob wouldn't have to and I could spend more time with him. Very selfish.
"Ha maybe he should check on his ill sister. She's be green alright, just like in those cartoons." They all laughed shamelessly at Leah's ill health. Except for Jake, he was looking almost sheepish and managing to glare at Sam at the same time. Good, obviously Jake felt bad for her and wanted Sam to stop his jokes.
"Why are you laughing at this?" I was confused but there was almost an amused tone in my own voice, she would definitly be joining in if the joke was about me.
"Sorry Jake, mate. I forgot the company." Sam seemed honestly apologetic though he stil hadn't wiped the smile from his face. This must be an inside joke, I wanted in.
"Explain please. Why would she be green and why is it funny?"
"Erm well," He shot a look toward Jacob then continued anyway. "She's not ill, that's why it's funny." More laughs from the lads, he sure knew how to tell his jokes. I waited for more explaination. "And she'd be green with," Now he was uncomfortable, why the hell was it so hard to just spit out! "envy." Okay so that did not enlighten me at all, what was there for Leah to be jealous of. "That's why she hates to spend time with you." I pictured Leah's bitter, puckered face then the way she looked at other certain people and it all clicked.
"She likes Jacob." It wasn't a question, I knew I'd hit the nail.
"You know I don't feel the same right, of course you do. I don't even like her as a friend let alone..." Jacob squirmed.
"I do know Jake." I chuckled and he breathed a sigh of relief. "Why should her feelings make you feel guilty. I'm sure there are many people that would be jealous that I get to spend every day with you." I was laying it on slightly thick and a bit too intense for the situation but I trully didn't care.
"And you're the only one who I'd ever wish to spend every day with." He leaned down and kissed me.
"Ew get a room!" Quil shouted.
"Shut it Atteara. If you guys hadn't brought it up there would have been no need for this public display." Jake called back playfully.
"Hey, it was Sam actually and he's meant to be the mature one." Quil shrugged his shoulders, disagreeing with the statement.
"Well, whatever. We're gunna go back now, Ness has school in the morning to get ready for."
"Woohoo." My voice held the sarcasm perfectly.
"We'll come by and get you for patrol, we're running a different course now it's just a general sweep 'cause we haven't had any fang-trouble round here in a while, no need for the old rigorous one."
" 'kay. See you tomorrow."
"Bye guys. I guess I'll see you tomorrow after the joys of education." I was alot less enthusiastic now that it was actually looming but school was one of the conditions of me being allowed down here, mum had made it clear on the phone last night that it was kinda manditory.
We walked up through the tiny winding path back up to the road and then across to Billy's.
"Ness you haven't hunted in a while are you sure you're going to be okay tomorrow?" Jacob asked me as we walked in the door. That was a good point, I bit down on my lip and thought about it.
"Yeah, I dunno why but I'm okay at the moment. The human food I've been having must have filled me up. I might go hunt tomorrow night though, just to be sure."
I could smell salt on my skin and my hair was in a tangle down my back . "I'm gunna get a shower and then early night I think, it's been a long day really."
"That's fine, I'll go open your case for you, stay away from the explosion zone."
"Very funny Jake. I'll go myself and get my stuff and I bet I'll live to tell the tale."
The hot shower water stung slightly at first against my wind-swept face. The relaxing water took away all my worries for the morning, which rushed back as I dressed in my pyjamas and packed my ruck-sack for the morning. Come on how bad can it be. Your first day will be over tomorrow and you'll soon fall into life here as normal. I calmed myself. I kept this thought running through my head, my new life here with Jacob, until I fell asleep.

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great ness
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Is there more to Lunar Rising? I have up to Part 15.
Great reading!


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