Heyy I sent an email out to everyone that I'm friends about this, if you you didn't get it the jist of it was that I am going to put up more of it every sunday so please come check it out if you want to keep up with the storyline. thanks for reading!

Bella. The day of Charlie's funeral.
"Hey mum, I'm just putting my dress on to go so I can't stay on for long." Renesmee's voice spoke on the other end of the phone. So sweet, I could just listen to her voice all day. The depression that had hung over me since that evening in the forest when I had heard the news had lifted slightly, I had snapped out of it yesterday running through the forst on my way home when I really looked at Edward, I mean really looked and I jsut saw how much my pain was hurting him. "I met like a hundred relative's yesterday I didn't know I had. Of course they don't know who I am, but I just said I knew you."
"That's nice Renesmee. So the actual service is today right?"L
"Yep, oh that Jacob here now, Billy said it's time to leave. See you in a few days. Love you!"
"Bye Renesmee, love you too." I spoke into the dead phone.
Creak. I can hear the old oak door to my closet opening behind me.
"Go away Alice!"
"How the hell did you know it was me?!" She might be one of the most graceful people I know but i could still hear her pattering footfall on the wood, and I knew Edward wouldn't have been stupid enough to try and irritate me this morning, there really was only Alice that would do that.
Alice was quickly ruffling through all my clothes, darting from one side of the stupidly large room to the other. I felt something hit my back, some sort of fabric.
"Alice, I can dress myself." I snapped. Maybe i ought to reign my temper in a bit, after all it wasn't Alice's fault I was so stressed out. But I knew i could do it, I was no longer a new born, not that i had ever really been one. I was nearly 6 years old now and I had been putting school off for way too long now.
Alice was now right next to me, thrusting the clothes at my chest.
"Bella, just play along! First impressions are so important. Just let me play barbie for once with no complaints." I zoned out, picturing innocent human faces, one mistake and who's would be lost for eternity to a 'mystery death'. Shaking the images from my head I took a fleeting glance down and my body, now fully sheethed in a tight cotton dress, just above the knee with black tights underneath and pixie heels. Well at least she hadn't gone too overboard.
"Right, let's go." I breathed deeply and left the room to sit on the bed, clutching a pillow to my face.
I waited out my minor panic attack, my heart should have been racing at 100 mph, threatening to break through my ribs, my palms should be sweating and my breathing should be beyond control. As it is, of course, the panic attack was only in my head.
Calmly, knowing my fragile state, Alice lifted the pillow from my head, grabbed my hand and whipped me upwards and then we ran together toward the main Cullen house.
The french doors slid open and I could see what looked like an orderly line up in the Cullen's living room. Rose's lips pulled up slightly at each side, her sort of smile. Emmet wore a huge grin from ear to ear "Alright sis, you ready?" I gulped. "Yep, sure, sure." Stupid werewolves, they hang around too long and you pick up all their traits!
Jasper looked stiff, his expression worried. He knew all too well how overwhelming school could be for someone who wasn't completely in control of their desires.
Esme looked proud, always the mother hen.
Carlisle, wore a mix of Jasper's hesitation and Esme's beaming pride.
Edward, well Edward was Edward, any expression he wore was enough to set my phantom heart racing. In my head I could feel the thunderous glug, glug of my imaginary heart, like a train coming down a track toward me, full steam ahead.
Edward held his hand out to me, glug glug oh, no that was wrong. Jasper hedged toward me, obviously remembering the sound of my old heart had made me feel sub-conciously thirsty and he had misinterpreted.
Edward stepped out ahead of me and brought the car round to the front of the house, he honked once, feigning impatience and i skipped out the door to meet him.
Once I was in the car I began to relax, to think maybe today was going to be fine, then i saw Jasper watching me from the corner of my eye and that thought evaporated. I couldn't help still finding myself completely mellow, I knew it wasn't my calm.
The school was just round the corner which gave me less time to prepare myself.
I felt Edward slip his hand into mine and give me a reassuring squeeze, "You'll do fine." he whispered. I didn't doubt my self control, I knew i wouldn't slip up. My qualms were entirely irrational, I couldn't tell myself why I was so nervous. Maybe fear of not being accepted, but I had never fit in, even when I belonged to the same species.
It wasn't raining as i stepped out of the car, but the clouds looked like they had the potential.
Students were walking huddled, wrapped in thick coats and scarves, it must be cold. I couldn't feel the difference but I pulled up the collar of my jacket and tugged it closer around me, it was the human thing to do.
Just as I'd thought we were geeted by many questioning stares. Some looked kind but most of them were just plain gawking.
The building before me had a sign on it 'Welcome to Belvedere High school." It hung in a close knit guild of ivy that crept up the entire side of the red-brick buliding, weaving in and out like an intricate pattern. The sign next to it had a huge picture of a stag's head on it, navy and red.
"Home of the Belvedere Stags." Then in a smaller caption it read "GO STAGS!" and "RED ARMY!"
Not meeting the eyes of any of the students, I practically dragged Edward up the path toward the safety of our registration room.
Jasper had to decided to play younger this time, he was a Junior and only Rosalie and Emmet were Seniors. So he stood at the front of the class with Edward, Alice and I waiting for the teacher to greet us. He was a balding man, with a rather large stomach threatening the buttons on his blue and white striped shirt. He wore a blue tie which was neatly knotted, and had a wirey mustache. He looked a friendly man, whistling a happy tune to himself as he walked down the aisle of the class. He stopped to sling his navy blazer over the back of his chair before he came over to us.
"Hello, I assume you are the new family?" he held his hand out to each of us.
"Yes," Edward replied curteously, "I am Edward Mason" Edward had decided to use his old name, Jasper and Rosalie were still the Hale twins, Renesmee was my younger sister and Alice, Edward and Emmet were adopted siblings.
"Bella Cullen." We'd made our hands look busy holding new books in our arms instead of bags as an excuse for leaving his hand unshook.
After the greeting to the class we took our seats at the back of the class, Alice and Jasper were the table in front of us.
"Hi, Bella is it?" A timid girl's voice came from next to me. I turned toward the voice, she had a mouse-like, but pretty, features, very petite. Dark bonde curls bounced on her shoulders.
"My name's Megan. I just wanted to say welcome to Belvedere." She added a sickly sweet smile to the end of her sentence, this made me smile involountarily in return. I had been so set on being part of the school's new reject clan, segregated because of our vast difference but here a girl sat before me with a smile with such put on friendliness it made me feel trully welcomed.
I drew in a breath through my teeth, "Thanks. This is a very nice school, not very big though." It's not as if my last school had been any bigger, actually I think they must have had about the same number of students. The campus at Belvedere is smaller, set out in blocks according to subject rather than the jumble of buildings that Forks homed.
Megan, she was a nice girl. As long as I was trying out the whole fitting in thing I may as well make an effort to converse. "Do you have english next?"
"No sorry," she chuckled. "If you saw me in English last year you'd understand, completely hopeless." She shrugged her shoulders while the smile stayed plastered in place. "Why?"
"Oh it's just I've got it next and I wondered if you knew anything about the course."
"Nope sorry, no clue." The bell rang then, shrill and demanding and my stomach lurched. Registration was over with without a hitch so why should first period be any different? Though i told myself this I was still reluctant to move.
"Bells, are you coming?" I looked up to see Edward had packed my things back into my bag and was waiting patiently beside my seat with my bag slung over his shoulder.
"Yep, sure thing." I jumped upwards and headed for the door with him, hand in hand.
We greeted tons of eyes stabbing in our direction as we headed for the english and modern foreign languages block. Edward chuckled every so often, I guessed he was listening to people and I envied his trick.
What's tickling you?
Just people's first impressions, they're always quite amusing. His beautiful smile made my dormant heart ache.
I caught my breath and turned to Jasper, "Right, is this our room?"
"Yes, Bella why are you so het up?"
"First day nerves I guess." Edward leant down and brushed my lips gently. "Love you Bella, see you outside here after your lesson." Then with one squeeze of my hand he was off to his lesson and I stretched one bone white hand out toward the door handle.

Thanks for taking your time, please keep reading and let me know what you think, i'm starting a group it will be called something like lunar rising, but please search that on groups and i'm sure you'll find it. Or you can comment here and i'll send you the link in an email.
As i'm only just about to set it up there probably wont be any discussions or comments, please please pleeease add something and let me know what you think and if i should carry on.
Love from Rosabella (ness) x

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i loved it so plz keep writing
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very good...please continue :)
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amazing.really beautiful.i can't wait to read more.you are really talented:)


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