Okay, here it is, the new Sunday Lunar Rising. (:

I laughed to myself at the strong sense of De Ja Vu. It was wierd how I'd hated high school with a vengence, how I'd never fitted in and here I was again. I'd made the choice to commit myself to an eternity of adolescence and made myself part of the very group of people that fit in that little bit less than me.
I'd been here before, walking down the aisle of boaring eyes, the male's gawking. It was strange to think of my self as beautiful, even now when this body had been mine for more than 6 years, the strange moronic look in their eyes told me they had one thing on their minds, lust. As I made the transformation into a Vampire everything about me changed, my skin, which was as pale as a ghost before, now was lilly-white with a pearly luminosity. My lips were still slightly unbalanced but more full and alluring, the men's eyes fixed on them as I graced down the centre of the room to hand the teacher my slip of paper. He took one approving look, signed, then pointed his head toward the back of the full classroom.
Jasper settles into the stool next to me, scraping the chair unnessicarily across the floor.
The boredom was virtually a visible aura in the classroom, post-summer blues apparent on the pupil's faces and the lesson was going perfectly, Jasper and I were comfortable enough in each other's presence that we didn't need to fill the time with pointless chatter so I was able to hold my breath and concentrate on Trigonometry. Well the lesson was almost going perfectly, a sharp breeze blew in the open window, sending papers across desks and each individual scent whipped around my face, I was quick to act though, holding my breath and concentrating on something else, I threw one weary look at Jasper, was he still struggling with his desires? His face showed no signs of pain, but I couldn't be sure.
"Jazz," My words were inaudible to the rest of the class. "are you okay?"
"Bella, I'm sure you're the relative new born around here!" he joked, then his face turned serious.
"I'm alot better with self control now, I'm just tired of being the week link in the family and certain events have made me realise that."
"Jasper I don't even understand myself why it's been so easy for me, don't beat yourself up over it."
"No, that's no what I mean't, I mean, sure that's enough to make I guy think but..."
He paused, and made it look like he was trying to catch what the teacher was saying, I knew all too well though that he could hear every single word the teacher spoke. He must have realised as his eyes returned to burn into me with such intent seriousness.
"Bella, that fall, your last real birthday, I disgraced myself more than I can even now bring myself to believe. I could have killed you and all because I couldn't muster up the strength to deal with this way of life like the rest of my family. I never want to lose control of myself like that ever again, I don't want to be a slave to this body.
"Jasper, you know I don't blame you for what happened. No one does, it's who you are."
"That's no excuse!" he hissed. "None of the other's took a snap at you! And they're exactly the same as me." His face was painted with shame at the memory, his eyebrows furrowing together in the middle and his jaw jutted out. "Look Bella, that's what happened, there's nothing I can do about it. But I can make sure it doesn't happen again, I've been trying, since that evening to control my thirst more than before, to be able to expose myself to humans without the whole shibang of everyone being worried about my reaction. Now I'm able to simply hold my breath and divert my attention. Sure it still burns like hell, but I know that will never go away.
"Wow." Was all I could say. "Jazz I had no idea, I mean, wow. You really have got an amazing mind, to see it with such perspective, with the way you once lived."
And that was the conversation for the rest of the lesson. This was only my second time through high school, even with my thinking skills I needed to concentrate on what we were learning.
Edward was waiting for me outside the classroom, along with Alice who skipped to Jasper's side.
"How was your lesson?" Edward crooned.
"Good," I breathed, happy just to see his face. His eyes were the goldest of golds. Amber in it's brightest as we had taken precautions for the first day back, well I say we. I had all but forced Edward to hunt excessively with me, just in case.
Walking into the rain after the first day of high school I felt oddly light, I was almost skipping in my beautifully graceful manner up to Alice.
"Hey how was your day?"
"Good, only..." She trailed off. Her little pixie face was all stressed. "I keep getting blips of vision. Not really anything but like something big I just can't see."
Nothing could worry me today, I was high on the success of my first day.

We stepped out of the shiny Volvo, a newer model but modest all the same compared with the rest of the cars in the Cullen's inventory.
The huge house was empty, Carlisle and Esme were on their way back already I guessed from an extended hunting trip.
Could this place really be my home? I wondered idly as my eyes scanned the demure looking manor house, big black beams criss-crossed on the white front, the back wall had, like the last house been replaced by a massive window. As Edward had told me when he first took me home to meet his family, 'This is the only place we don't have to hide.' It was our own solace.
The new scent that greeted me as I walked toward the front steps was a sweet delicate smell, the scent of vampires, untainted by the earthy scent of wolves or the flowery-delicious half-human scent. They had been away for quite a while so their's was getting washed away by the strong newer scents. This wasn't the scent of my family, the palet was incomplete without my best friend and daughter, they would be home soon though.
Still buzzing from my succesful day at school I couldn't keep the smile from my face, I finally managed to hold a straight face, I didn't want to appear smug with my acheivments, when Edward started to walk toward me, smiling just as broadly. My grin sprang back into place like a rebellious elastic band in return.
He wound his arm round my waist, "Just keep smiling" he whispered. "Enjoy yourself, okay? It was all done to make you happy, remember that." Then he reached for the door and his words suddenly made sense.
The hallway was littered with fairylights across the walls, we continued down toward the living room, where a huge banner read 'Congrats Bella, we knew you could do it! xx' in red lettering, beautifully scripted. I gasped in horror, and took a tiny step back, walking back into Edward's waiting arms.
"But, but, you promised, you said today was no big deal!"
"Well, we lied Bella." Alice chirped. "Of course knew you would be able to deal with it, but we know how hard it is and we just wanted to tell you how proud we are of you."
I couldn't speak, were there words of reassurance just to keep me from freaking out about starting school? Had they all been secretly worried whether I would commit a murder today?
"Okay, present time! And of course you won't protest because you wouldn't want to hurt our feelings when we've put so much effort in for you."
Alice hopped behind me and came back with a huge box, adorned by a riculous pink bow
Taking in a calming breath I tore at the ribbon and shiny paper to reveal a white cardboard box, with girly writing, Alice took it out and showed me every single piece and how it works, it was a vanity set, a huge white mirror with pink roses round the frame and matching tools, a hairbrush, hand mirror, jewellery box amongst other items.
Rosalie gave me some new clothes, a whole suitcase full. All fancy labels and designers ranging from jeans to pencil skirts and frilly tops, my face felt like it should be burning as I pulled out matching lingerie, black and lacy with red detail. Emmett guffawed, breaking the hard-kept silence, which I would bet was causing him physical pain. Suddenly he was doubled with laughter, followed by Jasper. "Did you see her face! Poor girl." He was gasping. "She looks like she's never seen saucy underwear before, bet you have fun Edward." I was seething and Rosalie snickered at her side.
"Well bro, have fun tonight, you can thank us later." He winked and punched Edward lightly on the shoulder.
"Just wait Em, she's still pretty strong. You know she'll get you back!"
"Okay, but it was Rose that bought them, just letting you know Bells."
I growled under my breath, then smiled wryly. "S'okay Emmett, coz you can break all the houses you want on your quest to be manly' but Edward's still got the girl who can beat your ass, hands down!" There, that shut him up.
"Right, my turn." Edward broke in holding back chuckles.
He pulled something out of his pocket, a velvet box and snapped it open.
Inside was a beautifully twined silver bracelet. It had loads of little ornaments hanging from it, there were hearts and a little wooden carved wolf. I held the wolf and looked up to him in awe. I had lost the bracelet ages ago on a hunting trip. It snagged on a tree an I had been heartbroken on my return home to find the bracelet missing from my wrist.
"I knew how upset you were when you lost it, so I went back to look for it. We were really lucky actually, it hadn't fallen far and the weather hadn't touched it. Shall I explain the others to you?"
"Edward it's beautiful! Thankyou so much, Jake's going to be pleased. Yes please do."
"Well, these hearts, they represent us, the vampires." He held one of the crystal hearts between his fingers. "Each of them is attached to another. And these two here," He held to the two that were slightly bigger "these two are for us." It trully was amazing and so clever.
"Next to our two is this heart," The one he now held was made from a stone I recognised as ruby.
"This is Renesmee, she's so different to us, she's half human, hence the red. But she is also part vampire, which is shown in the stone heart." Between the red heart and the wolf there was silver locket shape which read on the front. 'plus que ma propre vie', more than my own life.
I was choked, I didn't know if I could speak. I didn't have to as another present was thrust into my hands.
"This one's from the whole family." Alice's high voice chimed.
It was another velvet box, this one red. Inside it was a necklace with a long chain, the oval dangling from it showed the Cullen crest and the diamon heart which had been on my bracelelt before.
"When I found the wolf I knew the heart wouldn't be far and I couldn't let it go to waste."
He pulled it over my head where the crest and heart rested on my chest.
"Wow guys, thankyou, I mean seriously. I can't deserve all this!"
"Well it was about time you really became part of the family with the crest. Now we all wear it, to remind us what we are and why we're different. It will give you strength when you struggle." It was Jasper who gave me this explaination, apart from laughing at my expense he had been silent throughout my celebrations.
"And now for your last present, it's from Carlisle and Esme and they said they're sorry they're not here for you."
I held the thin, paper-covered cardboard in my hands and tore at it, underneath were plane tickets.
"Isle Esme." Was all Edward whispered in my ear.
"Oh you cannot be serious! When do we go!"
"Whenever you want they're an open departure."
"This weekend, please? Oh my god, I'm so excited, it will be just like our honeymoon, Isle Esme is so magical."
"They thought you might need a break and Esme knew this would be the perfect place." Edward's smile still never failed to dazzle.
"I'm so grateful, I can't wait 'til they get back." My eyes scanned the room, taking in the full decore of it, lights across all walls, bowls of flowers, just like at my disastrous birthday, were placed on almost every available surface. "You guys really have pulled this together quickly. So, what do vampires do at parties?"
"Well, it's not that different really." Edward stepped around me, "We could have some music though." He snaked across the room toward his piano, pulling me by the hand. He moved his hands lithely across the keys making an intricate melody that was upbeat, yet soft and so detailed that it seemed implausable for one set of hands to be playing it.
I looked up to see the whole family had gathered to listen and join in the merryment.
Emmet started up, "Guys, it's getting late, are you sure you don't want to go back to your house to get the most out of your birthday presents?" I punched Emmett in the arm, stifling his roaring laughter. "What? I mean't you could set your mirror up and beautify yourself!" Then the whole of the family cracked up. Edward was even chuckling at his jokes, whilst continuing his music.
Suddenly, Alice gasped, and Edward's music came to an abrupt halt.
"Renesmee." Alice whispered, "They're nearly here." My head went dizzy, so much I nearly lost my balance, a hard thing to do, even for me, as a vampire.
"That's it, that's what I've been almost seeing all day!" I was just about to scream at someone to explain when I heard a loud whooshing sound and the door swung open with a bang, cracking the glass against the frame.
"Help, someone help me! I don't know what's wrong with her, she just suddenly collapsed in pain and couldn't tell me any more. Where's Carlisle? Someone get him now! Jacob's pleading voice roared.
"Rose! get Carlisle on the phone Jacob, put her on the settee." Edward started in a flurry.
As soon as she was on the sofa Edward was leaning over her, inspecting. He pressed his fingers to her wrist and his eyes darkened.

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