Make a child Happy with Twilight Fans! READ IT PLEASE!

It all happened in a cold June morning, in a subway station in
Vienna. As always, every Monday I use to buy some magazines
about Twilight from the kiosk on my way.
Being late, I started running on the stairs, but fell over them.

All my books and notebooks were on the ground. No one
offered to help me and I started to gather my things that were
already trampled...The moment I stood up, a blonde brown
eyes girl, who saw my magazine on the ground, asked me in a
perfect Spanish what was written there about Kristen Stewart
and Robert Pattinson.

Amazed about the fact that someone in Austria speaks Spanish,
I answered her in Spanish too.
More and more intrigued that a little girl legs it alone at the
subway, not speaking German, I kept talking with her.
I just needed ten minutes to understand everything. She was
poor and her parents sent her to panhandle at the subway. She
was only 12 years old, she came from Madrid with her family 5
months before in Vienna after her dad's company bankrupted,
they had no money to live, their last money were spent on plain
tickets. But they didn't know living here is more expensive than
even it is in Madrid.

I went to their place - a three-room apartment that they were
sharing with four more people - and the three of them were
sharing a room. Actually, they were staying there unlawfully,
had no phone, no place to work, no relatives, just the three of
them - a family.

Marisa, the girl, told me she saw Twilight and a part of New
Moon (she's Team Edward). I gave them money to buy some
food, I went home and took some toys, clothes Bella
and Edward dolls I had. I was extremely happy. I burst into
tears when I saw her so ambitious to achieve in life....She
wanted so badly to go to school and help her parents. It was
the that I realized that each one of us can make someone happy.

We're ambitious, we have dreams and last, but not least, we
have energy, power, strength! In this world there are some
many kids without home or parents, who were abandoned in
hospitals, who not even dream of a better life for fear that they
will be disappointed again. Maybe we cannot help them with
everything, but we CAN make the be a little happy. Their
memories of us giving them some presents would be priceless.

I don't speak about all the people, but some of us have a decent
living. Also, some of us are Twilight fans, aren't we?
When you see poor kids on the street or on TV, what's the first
thing that crosses your mind?
Many of them are very affected by the lost of their parents,
some of them would rather die than steal. At the first sight,
some of them are hopeless. Wrong! We are their hope! We can
help them and this is why I want to launch this campaign: "Make
a child happy with Twilight fans!"

I am sure this campaign will have an ambassador in every
country, who can lead some charity events with the other
Twilight fans.

I am thinking that every ambassador of that country can go with
his aids to the kids and make them happy on behalf of the
actors. Everyone can donate clothes, toys, movies can be
promoted by showing them short clips about the actors.
Let's prove we can do this! Twi-hards, we can do this together!

Let's make a child happy!

The official website will be open soon !

Until then you can find us on facebook!

Make a child Happy with Twilight fans

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