Michael Welch Tweets to clear up some mis-quoting for a good cause!

I thought that this little story was funny...AND while you are reading this, think about donating to Michael's Thirst project!!! (instructions below)

On Saturday 4th December 2010, said:

Hey . Let’s clear something up. Many of you have probably seen this article.


Guys, this has literally happened to me one or two times, which is why I
said, “on ONE or TWO occasions.” The guy asked me about A SPECIFIC
instance and that’s what I came up with. You read this thing and you
picture sea of crazy-eyed screaming women with face paint, stampeding
over a hill to get themselves a good grope like some perverted version
of Braveheart. This is not the case.

I’ve met THOUSANDS of you over the years and I can’t remember this
happening more than two times. One really drunk woman in San Francisco
tickled my nipples, and another really drunk woman in a different city
felt me up and squeezed my butt. It was very uncomfortable and
everything I said was true. But I was talking about THEM not YOU.

E! just needs little controversies to build a bigger audience so they
can charge their advertisers at a higher rate, I don’t hold it against
them. Being mad at E! for something like this is like being mad at a
shark for eating fish. It’s just what they do. And I'm still grateful
they ran my Thirst PSA, which was the whole point of the interview in
the first place.

You KNOW I love you ! Keep doing your thing, don't ever change! :)

Now how can you donate straight from Michael:

Hey everybody. If you would like to donate more than $5 to our campaign, there is a way to do it!

Here's how... go to the website () and subscribe to
give through "Michael Welch's 5 buck club." It's really important you do
that FIRST so you'll be eligable to come with me to Africa. After that,
go back to the homepage and click the "donate today" button on the top
right hand corner. Enter whatever amount you would like. On your
donation review page, BEFORE you donate, click "add special instructions
to the seller," and specify that you would like your donation to go to
Michael Welch's 5 buck club.

Thanks for the enthusiam thus far! You're making a big difference in the world! :)

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Comment by Bella Black+LHJake on December 5, 2010 at 4:22pm
I know someone who 'lightly felt up' Kyle (the guy who plays Jacob in the Hillywood Show's parodies) at a convention, and she's STILL mortified at her behavior and unable to forgive herself -- she doesn't know what got into her but she wasn't drinking. So sometimes it seems these women lose control and do things they normally wouldn't do.


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